Best Video Slot Online

Slots are the ultimate thrillers when it comes to betting and winning. So, if you wish for some excitement that can take you away from mundane routine life, you need to tighten your belts and hit the spin button in online video casinos. The huge range of best video slot online games from NetEnt video casinos will enthral you to the hilt since they are the best of the lot.

Best Video Slot Online: What Makes A Game The Best?

There are thousands of video casino online games. However, not all are considered as the best. Certain games such as games from the pioneer of online slots, NetEnt video casinos, have that extra oomph, the added zing and unique features that make them very enjoyable and profitable to play. Every game from this company is unique and caters to a special kind of players. If you are very fond of antiques and ancient treasures, you should try out Egyptian Heroes. If poker is your favourite way to gamble, you have an excellent option in the form of Kings of Chicago. Every game comes with a theme and every theme is so well done, animations are perfectly executed and sound effects so genuine that you cannot help but be taken in by the charm of these games. You actually cannot grudge the fact that these games are some of the best video slot online among these available online in the slots category.

So, go on and indulge in the best video slot online games. They are fun, they are immensely entertaining and they are good for your pocket. Risks are low and payouts can be huge. If luck shines on you and you get hold of the progressive jackpot, half your life is made!

Best Video Slot Online: Rules

The best video slot online games come with the same rules as the regular games. However, there is a little twist. You begin normally. Choose the bets that you place, choose your lucky paylines and keep your fingers crossed as you spin the reels. Every video casino online slots game comes with three rows and five reels. As you hit the slot spin icon, located at the bottom of the screen, your fortunes begins to roll out in front of you. Wait for the reels to stop and check out for winning combinations. You have struck gold if the winning combinations turn up on your selected paylines.

You begin to bet low since bets are available from as low as £0.01. The total amount that you bet depends on the number of pay lines that you have selected for the game. Also, when you bet in the best video slot online games, you do not bet in pounds or pennies but in coins. These coins have a different monetary value range. So, while you can choose a coin and bet £0.01 or £1. Every game has a maximum number of coins that you can bet per pay line. If the game has 9 pay lines, each pay line can take 10 coins, then the total bet that you can place by choosing all the coins ranges between £0.9 and £90. The best video slots online games give you a wide level of flexibility in betting options, making the games suitable for everybody.

In addition to basic winning patterns, you have a number of other winning chances such as free spins, bonus rounds and multipliers. All these aspects in a game make online video casinos as exciting as the land based games that are played in real casinos.

Best Video Slot Online: Game Play

In order to increase your chances of winning, best video slot online games come with an option called max bet. This is the option when you choose to bet the maximum amount possible in the game. This again depends on the number of pay lines available. For a game that has 32 pay lines, you can bet up to £320 when you choose the max bet option and for games that have just 9 pay lines, you can bet £90. Playing on max bet not only increases your chances of hitting winning combinations, but also increases your chances of entering bonus rounds, free spins and chances of winning the mega jackpot.

You have two symbols that act as your allies in the best video slot online games – the wild symbol and scatter symbol. These symbols help you complete winning combinations although they are not of much use in filling gaps to hit winning combinations for getting free spins, bonus rounds and jackpots.

Best Video Slot Online: Themes and Animations

It is the themes and animations that make these games special and unique. The best video slot online games come with unique themes that create the perfect ambiance for the thrill and excitement of slots. Animations and sound effects add to the fun. However, keep in mind not to get carried away by the fun themes and blow your money. Set a limit and enjoy the game to the hilt.

Best Video Slot Online: Jackpot

The thrill of winning the jackpot is the major attraction for playing the best video slot online games. Each game has a different jackpot levels and there are different ways in which these jackpots are won. While in some games, you need to play and win the bonus game for the mega jackpot, in others, you hit the jackpot right on the slots without having to gamble in the bonus game. Fixed jackpot gets you a fixed sum of money and progressive jackpot keeps increasing by accumulating lost bets by different players.

Best Video Slot Online: Free Spins, Bonuses and Multipliers

Free spins, bonuses and multipliers can be won if you get a series of scatter symbols or wild symbols on the selected payline. Multipliers multiply your winnings by up to 15 times in some NetEnt video casinos. Each game has different rules for these features and a few games do not have them at all. However, when you talk about the best video slot online, these features are definitely something that you should look for since they increase your winning chances and help you win big.

So, enjoy the world of slots with some of the best video slot online games. Entertain yourself even as you fill your pockets with easy cash.