Different Video Slots Online

If you are a slots enthusiast, the online world is your treasure house. There are so many different video slots online that you are bound to be enthralled. So, visit the world of NetEnt video casinos and have a great game of online slots.

Different Video Slots Online: The Variety Of Amazing

NetEnt video casinos bring you a treasure of online slot games. All you have to do is log into some of the best online video casinos and you find a huge range of games that are meant for all people. Every one of these games is unique and the only similarity that you find in all these games is the slots layout – five reels and three rows. However, variety is brought in the forms of various themes and graphics. Different video slots online come with different story lines, which make the games really interesting. Also, since betting begins from very low amount, as low as one penny, you can try out a number of games and settle on one that completely takes your fancy.

From the family of NetEnt video casinos, some of the games that you must try are Mega Fortune, Alien Robots, Arabian Nights, Kings of Chicago and Egyptian Heroes. Every one of these games brings a different flavour to online video casinos and makes your experience very interesting. Mega Fortune is where you spin the wheel of fortune and win mega bucks. This game comes with all the luxuries and richness such as diamond rings, expensive champagnes and three grand jackpots to be won. Kings of Chicago is a completely different video slots online game. This game is a blend of poker and slots, which exaggerates the thrill quotient and makes it a favourite with poker lovers.

You can go on and on trying out games because NetEnt video casinos are numerous and new ones are added every now and then. So, if you want to try a new game, there are always many options available for you. Go on and give your luck a free rein. With so many different video slots online, you never know in which game your luck begins to shine.

Different Video Slots Online: Rules

Although the basic rules of every video online casino are the same, they vary when it comes to the add ons. Different video slots online game comes with different pay lines, different betting options and a wide range of winning combinations. And then, you have free spins, bonus rounds, multipliers and special symbols that enhance your winning probability.

So, what are the special symbols? There are two kinds of special symbols in most of the games and some games have a third special symbol as well. The two symbols that are common to different video slots online are wild symbol and scatter symbol. The wild symbol can be used as a replacement of any other symbol, barring the scatter symbols, to form winning combinations. Scatter symbol, on the other hand, gets you free spins and takes you to bonus rounds. The number of scatter symbols that are required to win spins differs from one game to another. Since each game is so different from the other, although they belong to the same genre of online video casinos, you need to go through the rules of the game before putting in your money. Make sure that you understand the rules of the game so that you know what exactly can help you win.

Different Video Slots Online: Game Play

If you want to win big, you need to bet big. Although they are all different video slots online games, this principle applies to all of them. So, choose the max bet option, bet at the maximum level and win your games. Since the money you win depends on your bet, higher you bet, higher will be the money you win. This is why it is said that if you want to win big, you need to bet big.

If you are a beginner, you should begin with games that have lesser number of paylines so that you can understand the concept clearly. Gradually, you can begin to play games that contain more number of pay lines. The other type of video slots online game is where there are no pay lines. So, how do you win? These different video slots online games give you different ways of winning. You need adjacent matches to win in these games. On the whole, the variety is wide and games can be chosen according to difficulty levels so that beginners can learn as they go. Also, betting should begin low and as you begin to understand the game, you can bet higher.

Different Video Slots Online: Themes and Graphics

As you can expect, different video slots online games have different themes and subsequently, they come with different graphics. While some games like the Arabian Nights take you into a wonderland, others like Egyptian Heroes take you back into history. There are games like Robin Hood where you are taken into the world of outcasts and games like Alien Robots where you experience the extraterrestrial life. So, the variety that you have is amazing.

Different Video Slots Online: Jackpot

What is a game of slots without jackpots? In order to make every game interesting, different video slots online have come with different ways of winning the grand jackpot. The game becomes very interesting and exciting when there is a progressive jackpot involved like in Mega Fortune. This game also offers three other jackpots. In terms of jackpots, this game is the most lucrative. You can try out different video slots online games for more variety and jackpots.

Different Video Slots Online: Free Spins, Bonuses and Multipliers

Free spins can get you a lot of profits since you can win money without investing. Free spins are triggered when scatter symbols turn up in a certain fashion. It is the arrangement of symbols on the slot screen that decides these when and how these special features are triggered. Jackpot is sometimes hidden in bonus rounds. So, look out for them.

Explore the world of NetEnt video casinos and experience a satisfactory playing experience.