5 Reel Drive

5 Reel Drive is an online video slots game developed by Microgaming. Play the game to experience the thrill, not just of playing casino slots but of going on long wild drives with all the perks that come with it.

Drive Into the Excitement

Imagine hopping on to a gorgeous red hot Aston Martin sports car, dressed in your best driving gear and taking off on an adrenaline pumping speed drive along winding roads. And while you are imagining, you might throw in fast paced music blaring out of the best car sound system, wind blowing in your face and excitement roaring in your ears. Well, sure gets you excited! This is exactly what this 5 Reel Drive online video slots game looks and feels like. Very true to its name, this game packs everything that screams ‘thrilling road drives’.

The graphics, animations and cartoon images of cars with their stylish driver, traffic signs and cops, cartons of French Fries, bottles of colas and sodas and the big burgers sure get you in the mode of a virtual road drive – only this time, you drive not just to experience the thrill of speed but also to win big bucks.

This Microgaming video slots online game blends the adventure of fast paced road drives with the fast paced casino game – slots, which makes for a perfect combination. Together, they double the excitement and the fun quotient rockets right through the roof. So, learn the details and jump on to the highway. In the 5 Reel Drive, There are treasures waiting for you at every turn and twist of the road.

5 Reel Drive: Rules

Like any conventional online video slots, 5 Reel Drive is a 5 reel game. You need to hit the spin button to get the reels, let’s say wheels (more apt here), rolling. The wheels stop and if you get the right combinations, you hit pay dirt.

5 Reel Drive is played with 9 pay lines and you can bet 9 coins for any round. What makes the game special is the flexibility that it offers for betting. This video slots online game allows you to bet up to £10 on each bet line. So, if you are playing all of them, you place a bet of £90 for every spin. However, the game also offers low betting chance for those who are yet to get addicted to the bitter-sweet feel of adrenaline. Bets begin from just £0.10.

Make no mistake of underestimating the fewer number of pay lines because this game is meant for the brave hearts that get on the road for some serious big time excitement. 5 Reel Drive emulates every character of a car race. It is all straight and simple – if you have the guts to handle speed, the roar of powerful engines and the adrenaline pump working overtime in your body, you are welcome to jump up the bandwagon for some hardcore racing on the slots.

5 Reel Drive: Game Play

The aim of 5 Reel Game is to hit the jackpot. In true style of racing, this game offers no second chances. There are no free spins, no progressive jackpot, no bonuses and no multipliers. So, if you want to make some money, you need to pluck up your guts and bet on all the pay lines. However, the payout is bit.

There are two special symbols in 5 Reel Game – the wild symbol and the scatter symbol. A yellow twisting road sign is the wild symbol and scatter symbol is the police car. These symbols enhance your winning chance. The wild symbol is used as a substitute for any other symbol that can help you win. Three or more scatter symbols anywhere on the slots screen get you a win. However, neither of these symbols can be used as substitutes for other symbols to win the jackpot in this online video slots game. The wild symbol does not work as a substitute for the scatter symbol.

5 Reel Drive: Themes and Graphics

Themes and graphics of the game make it stand out. 5 Reel Drive has the perfect images, animations and sound effects to match a power packed road drive. The sound of roaring engines when you spin the reels adds to the authenticity. The greasy junk foods and drinks add to the spice. The car models differ as well. The drivers are especially interesting. Dressed in retro gear, their interesting faces zoom out of the car windows and display their thrill and excitement. They are very engaging and sure to transfer their excitement to you as well. All major features of a long road drive are included in 5 Reel Drive and they do help in getting into the real mood of an enjoyable and profitable road journey.

5 Reel Drive: Jackpot

Jackpot gets you 10,000 coins, which is real huge, especially since you get to wager £10 on each coin. So, if you hit the jackpot, you win enough money to get yourself a new shiny sports car for real. The game does not have a progressive jackpot. Further, there is only one way you can win the huge sum – spin to get five wheel symbols on precisely the fifth pay line of the slot screen. It is the simplicity of winning the jackpot in 5 Reel Drive that makes it highly exciting, easy to understand, not confusing at all and full of fun.

5 Reel Drive: Bonuses, Free Spins and Multipliers

As mentioned above, the uniqueness of 5 Reel Drive is that it does not sport frills and fancies. There are 35 winning ways that the game features and these do not include bonuses, free spins and multipliers. You play to get matched symbols on pay lines and if you get them, you win. The wild symbol is your navigator on the road and helps you win by substituting for the other symbol.

For beginners, 5 Reel Drive game is awesome because there is no unnecessary clutter. For seasoned slots players, this game is equally exciting because of the same reason and the potential to win big. So, if you are looking for an interesting slots ride, 5 Reel Drive is the game to play. If you like it, there are many more Microgaming video slots online like Age of Discovery, Avalon, Adventure Palace and Alaskan Fishing that you will love.

Welcome to the highway. Drive the slot machine and hit the jackpot. Good luck.