Adventure Palace

Developed by Microgaming, Adventure Palace is a game that takes you on a jungle adventure. It is exciting, completely engrossing and a fun way to hit the jackpot.

Enjoy the Jungle

If Adventure Palace has to be described in a word, there cannot be a better one than ‘paradoxical’. This game, which is unlike any other video slots online game that brings in materialism and drama, thrives because it gives you an intense deep rooted thrill. Imagine the profound and chilling intensity when opposites clash; like fire on ice, burning ambers swallowed with chilled drinks, a swing that goes between flames and snow and eating red hot chilli dipped in sugar – this is what the game is like. Amidst the extremely soothing and tranquil images of jungles, old temples and serene looking animals, the slot reels roll and get your adrenaline into action. The stakes are high and so is the thrill. The tranquil environment of the jungle is the catalyst that pumps you up and calms you down with every spin.

If you are enthusiastic about ancient heritage, Adventure Palace is the online video slots game that you have to play. Complete with jungle sounds, old temples and animals, this game takes on a trip to the Indian jungles. This game is a must play for every slot lover who plays for the bittersweet taste of adrenaline in the mouth and the jingle of coins in the pocket.

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Adventure Palace: Rules

This game works like a traditional online video slots game where you have to spin the reels and win prizes for different combinations. In addition, Adventure Palace, true to its name, packs a bit more adventure than other video slots online.

The chance of increasing your net winning is enhanced with features such as elephant wild symbol, temple scatter symbol, 38 different win combinations, free spins, multiplier and great bonus rounds. The wild symbol can be substituted for any other symbol to complete winning combinations. It does not work for hitting the jackpot, though. Hitting three or more scatter symbols in Adventure Palace on a spin gives you special free spins. Scatter symbols can appear anywhere on the slot screen and are not restricted to collinear appearance. For convenience and to give players some breathing space, Adventure Palace offers auto play option as well.

In short, the Adventure Palace offers everything that any online video slots game offers along with lot more fun and a very unique experience of playing slots in a jungle. The ambiance of the game and the extent to which it manages to engross the player is simply stupendous.

Adventure Palace: Game Play

To increase the chances of win, you can play at max bet. The game is played with 9 pay lines and 5 coins. Each coin carries bets ranging between £0.01 and £1.00. So, the maximum you can bet is £45 is you play all pay lines and bet at maximum coin limit. Adventure Palace offers a jackpot of 10,000 coins. Besides the jackpot, the maximum that you can win is 2000 coins. Great Gamble is a unique feature of Adventure Palace and is detailed in the following paragraphs. This Microgaming video slots online game needs to be played to experience the thrill that it creates.

Adventure Palace: Themes and Graphics

There are very few games in the genre of video slots that have such a unique theme. The game, in fact, is a combination several themes that are only restricted to the imagination of the player. You can think of the theme as a trip into Indian jungles, a treasure hunt aiming to grab treasures that are hidden in the ancient temple or a simple jungle adventure with friendly looking animals – they are all apt descriptions and perfectly describe the pulse of the game. What add authenticity are the rumbling sounds of the jungles. The theme is great and the way it has been depicted is a work of genius.

The game has 12 symbols in all. The six symbols from the suit of cards – Ace, Jack, Queen, King, nine and ten, are done in intricate styling. In keeping with the jungle theme, the game has tigers, Indian elephants, black faced monkeys, peacocks, birds and a golden cobra adorning the slots. The game also sports a temple, which is the scatter symbol of the game and gets you free spins. Elephant is the wild symbol and doubles as the multiplier symbol that multiplies the value of your wins.

Adventure Palace: Jackpot

As mentioned above, jackpot will get you 10,000 coins. You hit the jackpot if you get five elephants on your chosen pay line. The game does not have a progressive jackpot.

Adventure Palace: Bonuses, Free Spins and Multipliers

Adventure Palace offers free spins, multipliers and bonuses. Free spins are activated when three or more scatter symbols appear on the screen. You can win up to 15 free spins in Adventure Palace.

If the elephant wild symbol appears on a winning combination, you get a two multiplier, which means that your wins are doubled. Adventure Palace offers three multipliers as well if you get scatter symbols during free spins. So, there is a good chance of tripling you wins in the game.

The highlight of the game, however, is the Great Gamble. Now, this is something that tests your steel. It gives you a chance – either take your money when you hit a win or put it back and take a chance of winning four times your win money. If you are satisfied with your win, you click the ‘Collect’ button and your wins are banked. If you are a real hard mettle gambler, choose the ‘Gamble’ button. You are given two choices. You can choose a red or black button to double your wins. If you want to take a chance and multiply your win by four times, the card suit should be your choice. Make a choice and see if lady luck shines on you. This thrilling game indeed has a host of surprises that are unique and no less adventurous.

So, enter the wild jungles in Adventure Palace and take a chance. You never know – the ancients might have just left some treasures for you in the old temple!