Age of Discovery

Age of discovery, the online video slots game developed by Microgaming offers some fantastic rewards along with a unique casino gaming experience.

‘Deliciously’ Different

Age of Discovery is a fairytale that begins with ‘once upon a time in a far of land’ and ends with ‘the heroes found the treasure and lived happily ever after’. It spins a story of adventure on the high seas, battling sea monsters, pirates and storms and finding a god sent island that incidentally holds the most exotic fruits and loads of hidden treasures. This game is deliciously different from the other slots games not just because of its clean neat and uncluttered graphics, but also because of the various winning options available. When you enter the Age of Discovery, you sure open the window to something very enticing and beautiful. ‘Charming’ is the word that best describes the game.

This is a game for everybody, be an amateur or an expert, because of its simplicity and higher win chances. The simple graphics calm your nerves as you roll the slots and watch if you hit the jackpot. The game offers a friendly ambiance and is completely entertaining. The game has pirates, ships, sea monsters, navigational compasses, anchors, gold coins and fruits that shower riches on you if you get lucky on this Microgaming video slots online game.

If you love adventure, the thrill of discovering islands on exciting expeditions and the quest for gold, Age of Discovery is your cup of tea and delicious enough to get you hooked.

Age of Discovery: Rules

Age of Discovery is played with 25 pay line s and 5 reels. The basic rules of slots apply to this game as well. You spin to get the right combinations on the slots screen. Bets are placed for every spin of the reels. If you hit a winning combination, the money is banked. You can take the cash and quit any time.

In Age of Discovery, bets begin from £0.01. The maximum bet that you can place is £0.05. The maximum that you can bet on each spin is £125 and maximum coins that you can bet are 250.

On this basic slots framework, several additional features have been provided that make the game very interesting and exciting. Although the game does not come with free spins or bonuses, the jackpot is huge – 60,000 coins. The maximum cash payout is £6000. Well, it is an Age of Discovery after all and rewards are huge. Your crew companions on this ocean expedition are the sea monster that is the scatter symbol and gold coin which is the wild symbol. The most exciting thing in this online video slots game is the bonus game which is an ultimate thriller.

Age of Discovery: Game Play

When you play Age of Discovery, the wild symbol gold coin is the symbol that you should look out for since it helps you get winning combinations. To maximize your chance of getting a hit on an active pay line, you need to play all of them at once. Max bet option can be activated at the click of a button. By doing this, you increase your stakes but also increase your chances of winning.

Age of Discovery: Themes and Graphics

Age of Discovery offers a very refreshing experience that reminds you of old world ocean expeditions, discovery of new islands and exotic fruits in very appetizing colours. The theme is very appealing. The good thing about the game is that there is nothing complicated about it. The bold images look like childlike drawings, which are perfect complements for the fairytale theme. The sound effects are the cherries on the cake.

There are ten different images in the Age of Discovery – crest, avocado, papaya, pomegranate, banana, mango, gold coins, sextant, sea monster and ships. Gold coins, as mentioned above, are the wild symbols. They help complete winning combinations by acting as substitutes for all symbols except the scatter symbol. The sea monster is the scatter symbol. This helps in increasing your wins.

Age of Discovery: Jackpot

In Age of Discovery, you can win a jackpot of £6000, which is the maximum cash payout. However, the bigger jackpot comes in the form of 60,000 gold coins. Imagine – if you bet £0.5 on each spin, which is the maximum amount that you can bet, you have a neat £30,000 worth of money on the slots with the jackpot. The jackpot can come right into your pocket an active pay lines spins up five gold coins. The game does not offer a progressive jackpot. Nevertheless, you do have the Bonus game that makes up for it.

Age of Discovery: Bonuses, Multipliers and Free Spins

There are no spins and multipliers in Age of Discovery. However, the Bonus Game takes the cake. Called the Treasure Bonus Game, it helps you win 32, 250 coins in one go. This is a unique twist in the tale that helps you get your pocket heavier. This game is activated if three or more of scatter compass symbols turn up on the screen. In the Bonus Game, you get to go round islands and collect as much treasure as you can. The Age of Discovery gives you a map drown on an old and fading parchment with marked out islands that contain treasures. Some of these islands contain cross bones and skulls that you need to avoid. You just have to click on these ‘X’ marked islands to unravel whatever is hidden beneath the mark. If it is your lucky day and you can avoid the crossbones and skulls, you win a neat 32,250 coins.

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