Bars and Stripes

Bars and Stripes is a game that is developed by Microgaming – the oldest online casino game developer in the world. This online video slots game brings a lot of thrills and excitement in the form of the Great American Adventure, in addition to large cash rewards.

America Symbolized

Bars and Stripes is a game that screams ‘AMERICA’ at the top of its lungs and from every one of the 15 slots of the screen. Perfectly symbolic of America, this game comes with everything the Americans love and take pride in – from the Golden Eagle, Statue of Liberty and gold bars to burgers, French fries, American football, apple pies, roast turkey, beer and hotdogs.

True to the American spirit, Bars and Stripes thrives on adventure and thrill. It takes you through a journey of America and shows you glimpses of American lives. Bars and Stripes is also available on iPhone. So, you can keep at it any time of the day and enjoy the adventure ride of the great American lifestyle.

The graphics of this video slots online game, especially the Thanksgiving Day Turkey with a miniature American flag planted on it, reflect the spirit of a true patriot. So, spin the reels and get on the adventure. America, the land of dreams and the powerhouse of the world, can well give you a share of its rich bounty.

Bars and Stripes: Rules

Bars and Stripes is played on 5 reels and 25 pay lines. Betting options range between £0.01 and £1. The maximum bet that can be placed on each pay line is £10, which comes up to £250 for each spin. All you have to do is choose the number of pay lines that you want to bet on, place the bet accordingly, spin the reels and hold onto your seats. Different combinations of symbols on the pay lines decide your win. If there are more than one win combinations in any of the pay line, you win the one with the highest payout. With a massive jackpot of 50,000 coins waiting to be all yours, the overactive adrenaline pump in your gut is justified.

Bars and Stripes comes with a bonus game that can increase your wins. The wild symbol and scatter symbol in the game are your allies as you spin through America and gather wins. This very interesting Microgaming video slots online game is a thrilling rollercoaster that will leave you wanting for more.

Bars and Stripes: Game Play

To increase your chances of winning, playing all pay lines at once is ideal. Although you have to bet £250, your chances of winning are largely enhanced. You are sure to hit more wins and the probability of hitting bonus rounds is higher. Since bonus rounds can give you up to 47,500 coins, which translate to equal number of pounds since you can bet a maximum of £1 per win, taking a small risk can be a great idea. In addition, there are three jackpots that you are playing for and so, the chances of winning are higher. You can only win the highest jackpot if you play at max bet of £10 for each pay line in Bars and Stripes.

Bars and Strips holds options open for new players as well. Since betting starts from as low as £0.01, you have a chance to test the waters, see if you like the game and when you are sure that the game is downright fascinating, you can play for higher stakes and make more money. Beginning small can be a great step towards getting to the Great American Dream. In fact, if you are new to casino slots, you can practice on the free play option provided on the game. However, play it at your own risk because if you get lucky and hit the jackpot, the American Dream remains just that – a dream. So, playing with a little money is a better option since you stand a chance of making big.

The two symbols that work in your favour in Bars and Stripes are the wild symbol in the form of stars and stripes that substitutes all except scatter symbols and the scatter symbol that helps you win higher prizes. Bonus round is triggered if you get three or more American Uncle Sam hats printed with stars and stripes. These hats are the symbols that you should look for because they are your way to the ultimate hit.

Bars and Stripes: Themes and Graphics

The classic American theme does the magic in this video slots online game. The very typical symbols that symbolize the pulse of America have been very well chosen. So what if you are not American – the staple American hotdogs, beer and burgers have enticed the tongue palettes of millions of people all over the world, just like Bars and Stripes appeals to casino lovers from every country across the globe. The images are drawn and animated in typical American style as well. If you really want to feel the pulse of America, play the game and live your dream – the jackpot is huge.

Bars and Stripes – Jackpot

Bars and Stripes has three jackpots. The highest jackpot gives you 5000 points, which at 10 coins per line will give you £50,000. To get this, you need 5 Bars and Stripes symbols on any one of the pay lines. 4 Bars and Stripe symbols will give you 4000 coins, which is £40,000 and the third jackpot is for 600 coins which you get by spinning 5 eagles on an active pay line. You get £3000 on the third jackpot. With so many jackpot options, this game does not really need a progressive jackpot.

Bars and Stripes – Bonus, Multipliers and Free Spins

The game does not offer free spins. However, the wild symbol does double your wins if it helps complete a winning combination. The star of the Bars and Stripes is the bonus game. You get to play this round if you spin at least three Uncle Sam hats. The game is pretty simple. You are presented with three hats, one of which has the mega bonus of 50,000 coins hidden underneath. All you have to do is spot the right hat. Remember, keep your fingers crossed – just in case.

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