Big Kahuna

If you are looking for some excitement on the slots, Big Kahuna is the appropriate game for you. Big Kahuna, an online casino game is developed using Microgaming’s Viper software. Microgaming, one of the leading software producers, is known for its clear graphics, great animation and exciting and tempting bonuses. The Microgaming video slots online games are created with the best technology.

The Awesome World of Big Kahuna

Derived from the ancient story of the Hawaiian priests who went to the volcanoes in the jungles to offer prayers to their gods, this game will enrich you with a thrilling experience. The jungle look of this video slots online game will undeniably amuse and fascinate you. To make it more appealing, the fruit symbols like the kiwis, oranges, watermelons add flavour to the jungle theme of the game.
With a 5 reels and 9 payline, Big Kahuna offers a fixed jackpot of 8000 coins and two bonus features that are alluring enough to keep you hooked to this game. Two types of symbols that are present in this game are the Wild symbol and the Scatter symbol. The Big Kahuna logo is the Wild symbol and is capable of replacing only the fruit symbols for structuring a winning combination. The Lizard, Tribesman and the bonus symbols cannot be replaced by the Wild symbols. The monkey in this online video slots game acts as the Scatter symbol. This symbol is free to appear in any of the 5 reels and hence it does not have to appear in a particular activated payline. Presence of two or more Scatter symbols in the reels is a prerequisite for free spins. These two symbols are the key factors that help you in increasing the value of your jackpot.
The two Bonus symbols – the Volcano symbol and the Mask symbol will definitely boost up your enthusiasm. A proper combination of these symbols will tempt you with some great offers that will entice you to play this video slots online game time and again.

Big Kahuna: Rules

There are some elementary rules that are to be followed. Big Kahuna offers a maximum bet of 45 coins. The winning combinations made by the wild symbols in the authorised pay lines are instrumental in multiplying your winnings. Differing from the Wild symbols, the Scatter symbols are free to appear in any of the reels and so, the scatter wins get added to the pay line wins. These diverse winning options will certainly manage to make you hold on to your seats.

Big Kahuna: Game Play

With a maximum bet of 45 coins for each spin, this online video slots game permits you to bet as many as 5 coins for each pay line. It has 8 different coin sizes ranging from £0.01 to £0.50, making it suitable for all. The best part is that you can start the game with a single coin for every line and still make use of the other features of the game. With no multipliers and free spins, Big Kahuna will still manage to grab your attention as it has two exciting bonus features. These bonus features can help you win some extraordinary prizes.

Big Kahuna: Themes and Graphics

Big Kahuna from the day of its inception has only increased the mercury level to match its players’ expectations and has become one of the favourite online video slots game. Owing to its popularity, this game features among the top online video slots game to play. The breathtaking graphical designs, exemplary sound effects and amusing sounds of Big Kahuna make it one of the most loved and visually exciting online casino games. The different symbols represented by fruits like watermelons, kiwis, pineapples, oranges and animals like lizards and monkeys make this game interactive and exciting.
If you are a wild life enthusiast and love jungles, then Big Kahuna is the right platform for you to fulfil your gaming desires. The sound effects add to the wildness of the jungle. It successfully creates a feeling of suspense and thrill. The colourful fruits and animals make this online casino vibrant and keep you glued to it. This visionary excellence creates the apt ambience for an online casino game. These awesome graphics add to the suspense of the game and make each spin more alluring than the previous one. Once you have entered this mystic world of jungle, it becomes difficult for you to leave it without winning a bet.

Big Kahuna: Jackpot

Every casino is played to win the Jackpot and Big Kahuna is no exception. But this game comes with a difference. Each spin in this game is so thrilling and welcoming that it compels you to go for the next spin till the Jackpot is won. Big Kahuna is popular and tops the online casino chart by the fact that it is the only portal that enables you to win a huge Jackpot of 8000 coins with just 9 coins! The 9 coins put at the beginning of the game, enable you to try various levels of spins and guide you systematically to try your luck and if you have lady luck by your side then 8000 coins is just a few spins away from you.

Big Kahuna: Bonuses, Free Spins and Multipliers

Online Casino without bonuses is like a Jungle without its mysticism and wildness. Big Kahuna has not one but two bonuses to be won.
The first Bonus is the Volcano Bonus that tests your leadership and decision making capabilities. As a challenge you have to save the village from the Volcano. You become the Village chief and your responsibility is to evade the destructions made by the Volcano. The choice of offerings to satisfy the volcano is a test of your leadership quality and on successful completion you win 25 to 2500 coins.
The second Bonus is The Mask Bonus tests your intuition where you need to choose masks from 10 magical masks. The right choice earns you 14 to 4000 coins.
Crazy Chameleons, Adventure Palace and Eagles Wings are the other creations of Microgamimg that make it one of the most successful and sought after online casino software producers. So what are you waiting for? Just visit Microgaming video slots online and start your game for the day!