Microgaming, one of the front runners in the arena of online video slots games, presents to you Carnaval. This game is one of its kinds and takes you to the amazing world of exotic feasts and carnivals. To get the real cheerful vibes keep reading the upcoming article.

Wear Your Luck and Play the Game

Carnaval is a Microgaming video slots online game. Unlike Burning Desire, another video slots online game, this has nine paylines. Here, you will get the chance to form several winning combinations with the help of the five spinning reels. With every coin you insert, another payline gets activated.

Like many other online video slots games, namely Cashanova, Bush Telegraph and Cabin Fever, Carnaval has golden wild symbols and shiny scatter symbols. It does not feature complicated bonus game features. This has been intentionally done so that you have a light-hearted mood while playing this game and enjoying Carnaval only through the reels. This further enhances your chances of winning a lot of money, making it the best video slots online game ever.

All the symbols in this game pay from left to right. The minimum bet is $0.01 and the maximum bet can be as high as $45.00 for every spin. The denominations for the bet amount can be anywhere in between $/£/€ 0.01 and $/£/€ 5.00 for every payline bet. The interesting fact about Carnaval is that the payout on a regular multiline game can be as high as 5000 credits per payline bet! So, get ready to celebrate your themed wins and start partying for free or with real money.

Carnaval: Rules

1 to 9 paylines can be played in Carnaval. You can wager anything in between 0.01 to 5 on every payline bet. The average return to a player is as high as 96.94%! When there are coinciding wins on different paylines then those are added. The paytable decides matters related to the payouts.

Winnings will always be paid out on the highest winning combination on an activated payline but this is not the case for scatter wins. Always remember that for a winning combination you need not have the scatter symbols appearing a particular enabled payline. The scatter symbols pays anywhere. Make sure you do not always play in “Playing for Fun” mode as there some features missing in this mode.

Carnaval: Game Play

Your game of Carnaval begins just as you hear the Party Drum Sound. This sound is so exciting that you immediately flow with the mood of a carnival. Just as the reels start spinning you must watch out for funny symbols, which can steer your way to superb carnival rewards. The symbols to be watched out for are the Ace, Queen, King, Jack and Ten. You must always keep an eye open for the Carnaval icon to hit the Jackpot.

Keep looking for the amazing Wild Symbol, in the form of the Carnaval Headdress. It can take the place of any other symbol, except the scatter symbol, in order to complete a winning combination. The amazing wild symbol appears only on reels 2, 3 and 4 in this Microgaming video slots online game.

The scatter symbol in Carnaval does not need to appear in a line on a particular enabled payline to complete a winning scatter combination. But the condition is that there needs to be a minimum of three scatters. To calculate the winning amount the scatter symbol combination payout is multiplied with the number of coins bet. In case you have both, scatter and regular wins, you will be paid for both.

There are two game modes in Carnaval. The Expert Mode helps you to play in the auto mode and there are several advanced features, unlike the Regular Mode. The Regular Mode does not have the option for AutoPlay. Hence, you won’t be able to play automatically without having to select the number of spins in the Regular Mode.

Carnaval: Themes and Graphics

The graphics and artwork depicted in Carnaval is super awesome and realistic. The audio visuals have been brilliantly designed. The background score is based on the theme of Carnival music. Whether you are playing this game at your home or anywhere else, you will immediately feel that you are amidst a rocking carnival. Apart from all this you get the real taste of having dazzling carnival prizes in Carnaval.

This online video slots game features carnival figures like Show Girls, Trumpets, Banners and Crazy Clowns. This will definitely give you a cheerful vibe.

Carnaval: Jackpot

The Jackpot in this Microgaming video slots online game is 5000 coins. The jackpot and payouts make this game very exciting and one of the most popular online casino games. This game does not have a progressive jackpot but the payout percentage changes with every coin that you insert.

Under the multiple paylines schedule you will find that the number of coins won does not depend on the coins won multiplied by the coin size selected.

Carnaval: Game Modes

In the Expert Mode the Advanced Features are capable of playing a fixed number of spins, with the help of 5x and 10x features. This further means that you would not need to click on the spin button for the next 5 or 10 times, respectively. The Regular Mode is a normal game play mode in this video slots online game. You can stop the AutoPlay session when the number of credits won on a spin equals or exceeds the amount you entered manually or selected.

While playing Carnaval you must remember that a lot of action and strategies have to be planned before you start this game. Have a fixed budget and follow a particular strategy. Although, it is true that you need to aim big to earn big, you ought to be careful with your bets. On the positive side this game has an attractive jackpot, worth played for. So, get going and play this exciting carnival game for assured wins and a lovely time. We wish you all the very best. Go, win it all!