Microgaming brings to you the best of online gaming. One of its popular creations is the online video slots game named as Cashville. Come and join us to feel the thrills and excitement of this superb online game and win some serious rewards.

Have a Thrilling Gaming Experience

Cashville enables you to experience life amidst the elite population of the Cashville society. It is known for its easy user interface. This video slots online game has five reels and 20 paylines. Money, Moolah and cash are all that this amazing game has to offer to its players. The colourful characters in the game act as the factor that arouses a monetary appeal in you. The game allows you to win prestigious rewards that can make you rich, big time!

Cashville, the land of Cash, features wild and scatter symbols like many other Microgaming video slots online games, namely Cashanova, Carnaval and Cabin Fever. Moreover this game also features a Gamble Feature to double your winning amount, amazing four bonus rewards and an attractive jackpot. This is nothing unexpected among the rich Cashville society residents.

You can play this online video slots game for free or for real money. It is basically in a multiple coin game stuffed with excessive wealth and an elite lifestyle theme. The characters you select before starting the game to win high rewards and cash.

Cashville: Rules

Being an entertaining game, Cashville lets you select the “Billionaire” you want to make fortune for you. The Billionaire then enters the gaming world and wins you money. This is a coin-based Microgaming video slots online game. Your credits will be seen ultimately being converted to coins. The coin size you select in this game determines the number of coins available for you. The coin value in this game starts from $0.01 to $0.20. There are 200 coins in all in the range of
0.01 and then 10 at 0.20 over each of the paylines.

All winning combinations in this online video slots game pay from left to right in some order. This is not the case when you have a scatter win, as the payouts are in any direction. Only the highest combination will be paid out on any payline.

Cashville: Game Play

It is very exciting to watch the characters in the form of regular symbols, to dance to the tune of cash. Cashville features attractive characters like the debonair Sir Sterling, the oil baron Bill Bullion, Miss Betty and Dame Von Deeds. All these characters have a unique role to play in the game. There are several other symbols like that of Cuban Cigars, hoards of cash and priceless jewellery.

The Wild Symbol in Cashville can be a substitute for every money symbol for the completion of a winning combination. It fails to replace the bonus symbols in the game. It also cannot substitute a scatter symbol to complete a scatter winning combination. Further you must remember that it cannot replace the Bonus Coin symbol in order to activate the Bonus Feature. Multiple wild symbols will help you to create a winning combination.

The scatter symbol in this online video slots game can appear anywhere on an activated payline to make you win. But a minimum of three scatters have to appear on the reels. In case you have a scatter win and a normal win, you will be paid out for both the wins.

Cashville: Themes and Graphics

The theme of Cashville has been set on the basis of the lifestyle that an elite society is supposed to have. The scintillating effect of the lights on the cash will create a dazzling effect. The graphics is awesome and eye-catching. The characters in this game are great too. They will share your joy when you walk out of Cashville with hands full of rewards and cash.

Cashville: Jackpot

The maximum jackpot in this video slots game is 50,000 coins. Isn’t that grand? Something better is in store for you. You will definitely get an adrenaline rush when you know that the jackpot amount can increase by another 9000 coins. For this you need to thank the Bonus Game feature in this Microgaming video slots online game. Now, it’s time to thank the Gamble Feature which can further offer you with a chance to double your winning amount. So, it’s definitely worth the few coins you invest at the beginning of this game!

Cashville: Bonuses Features

Here comes the much awaited Cashville Bonus Round. This round comprises of four Bonus games. The appearance of three or more Bonus Coin symbols on the five reels, in any pattern, will activate the Bonus game feature. Even though there are no payouts for the Bonus Coin symbol combination, the payouts of the bonus games will make up for everything.

In order to play the Bonus game feature in Cashville you will have to choose from among the four billionaires, Bill Bullion, Dame Von Deeds, Sir Sterling and Bette Doodle. You have a provision to play any one of the four Bonus games with the help of any one of the four billionaires. This will enhance your chances for winning a handsome amount of 45,000 coins.

The Bette Boodle Bonus Feature displays dog painting, five in number. Behind every painting there is a bonus to be won. The number of Dog Paintings you get to choose is decided by the number of bonus coins activating the Bonus Feature. Three bonus coins imply one Dog Painting, four Bonus Coins imply two Dog Paintings and five Bonus Coins imply three Dog Paintings.

The Bill Bullion Bonus Feature in Cashville displays six Oil Rigs. Three Bonus Coins activating this bonus game, enables you to choose one Oil Rig. Four Bonus Coins let you have two Oil Rigs and five Bonus Coins lets you have three Oil Rigs. A similar fashion is followed in the Dame Von Deeds Bonus Feature and Sir Sterling Bonus Feature. The only difference is that the former displays eight Deeds and the latter displays nine Vaults.

The random bonus points in this video slots online game are multiplied with the number of coins bet on a payline and the number of paylines that you have enabled.

So, what are you waiting for? Enjoy this elite game called Cashville and win a good amount of rewards and cash. May your Lady Luck smile at you. Enjoy!