Chain Mail

Get ready for a rocking and pure online slots action with Chain Mail. Microgaming brings to you this superb online video slots game to give you the taste of the medieval period with a crazy twist. The players have a chance to taste some of the most scrumptious rewards ever.

Keep the Game Rolling

The Chain Mail comes with five reels and twenty paylines and features some mouth-watering delectable delights for every player. And with the passage of time you will realize that this Microgaming video slots online game is a glutton’s paradise. Get ready to come across some of the weirdest and best looking food products.

Like many other online casino games, namely Carnaval, Big Top and Cabin Fever, Chain Mail features Wild and Scatter Symbols, multipliers and a grand Castle Bonus Game. This game has an attractive jackpot to offer. It is a multiple coin game. One character that you must keep a watch on is the angry Uncle Booby. It can come from nowhere and end the bonus feature of Chain Mail.

You are sure to fall in love with Chain Mail is you are a medieval history buff. Moreover this Microgaming video slots online game there are a number of themes. This takes care of the entertainment quotient of a player. Huge winnings at this online video slots game will never let you down. You will be bound to return back to this amazing game from time to time.

Chain Mail: Rules

Chain Mail can be played by an experienced player or even a novice. It has an easy user interface. Make sure you get acquainted with the rules and regulations of this game. The minimum bet is £ 0.01 and the maximum bet in this game is £ 0.50. The payout in this Microgaming video slots online game is a maximum of 60,000.

The winnings paid here depend on the symbols that appear on the payline, after the reels stop spinning. A payout schedule becomes handy if you want to summarise the payout table of Chain Mail.

The AutoPlay feature in this game allows the slot machine to play on its own for a given number of spins. Here you need to select how many paylines you would like to bet on. You will also need to select the time interval between any two consecutive spins.

Chain Mail: Game Play

The Wild Symbol is the Chain Mail icon. It can replace every regular symbol to complete a winning combination. This symbol also acts as the multiplier. It happily doubles the payout from any winning combination, completed by it. The Chain Mail symbol does not replace the scatter symbol to complete a scatter winning combination. It fails to replace a Bonus symbol too.

The scatter symbol in this game comes in the form of the Mail Bag. In order to complete a scatter winning combination this symbol needs to appear anywhere on the reels, on an activated payline. There need not be any fixed pattern for their appearance in Chain Mail. But a minimum of three scatter symbols, need to occur for a win. While calculating the winnings the Mail Bag combination is multiplied with the number of coins bet. In case, there is a scatter as well as a regular win, you will be paid out for both. The scatter win is added to a payline win.

You can claim your best find to be the icon of CashSplash. When you find three or more of them, get ready for some wonders happening to you. The B symbols play an important role when the Chain Mail Bonus round is concerned. Make sure you hold on to the Castle Bonus Game as it has a lot in store for you. One thing you must know is that your winning chances increase when you play the maximum bet.

Chain Mail: Themes and Graphics

This Microgaming video slots online game is based on a Junk Food theme. You get to see mouth-watering delicacies everywhere around you. Apart from the wild and scatter symbols, this online video slots game features regular symbols like Chain Mail, Mail Man, Horse, Princess, etc. Get ready for the names of some great eatables depicted in this game: Kebab, King Cone, Chocolate, Chicken and Pizza. Yummy, isn’t it?

The players are entertained by the several colourful themes that Chain Mail has to offer. The sound effects are amazing and have been designed carefully to spice up your casino experience. The graphics in this game is mesmerizing and beyond comparison.

Chain Mail: Jackpot

An attractive jackpot of 30,000 coins awaits you. This appetizing slot game is bound to amaze you at every point. Do not stay back. Grab this opportunity to avail all the delicious food treats that Chain Mail has to offer.

Chain Mail: Bonuses and Multiplier

The Bonus get symbol is responsible for triggering the Castle Bonus Round feature in this video slots online game. This Bonus Gate symbols have to appear on Reels 1, 3 and 5 during a spin. There is no payout on any Bonus Gate combination. You will find five rows with seven doors in this Bonus round. You can choose a door from every row to unravel the Bonus Prize winning amount. The Random Bonus Prize will appear in the Bonus Game. It is then multiplied with the quantity of coins bet on a payline and how many paylines are enabled.

You will find two special symbols in this Castle Bonus Feature, namely Princess Roxy and the Uncle Mordread Symbol. Thank your lucky stars when Princess Roxy appears as you will be paid all the win amounts behind a door in the row and then you can move to the next row. The Castle Bonus Feature ends right away when you see Uncle Mordread appearing from behind the doors. You will then nee to carry on with the regular video slots online game of Chain Mail.

Microgaming has kept a lot of mouth-watering food stuff for you in Chain Mail. It your turn now to claim all the beautiful rewards and the amazing jackpot that this game has to offer. Play this game and fill in your pockets with Lady Luck by your side. Happy gaming!