Crazy 80s

Crazy 80s is a video slot game offered by Microgaming. It can be played in 9 pay lines and 5 reels. To form the different combinations for winning you can make the most of the five spinning reels. When you put a coin, you will be able to get another pay line enabled. When the reels stop spinning in the game, the computer starts its process of checking out its various combinations along each of the pay lines that have been enabled.

And Crazier You!

Crazy 80’s has become Microgaming’s most popular online video slots game. Depending upon your choice it can be played free of any charge and also for real money as well in different denominations. The denominations range per line bet from $/£/€ 0.25 up to $/£/€ 5.00 and wager up to an approximate of nine coins. 5000 coins is the maximum payout in the video slots online game.
The Scatter symbol and the Wild symbol both are present in this online video slots game. In a consecutive order all the symbols are able to pay from the left to right except for the scatter symbol, the Long Playing Record symbol which pays good money, in any direction. Which is the Wild symbol in the Crazy 80’s game? In the Microgaming Video Slots Online game the wild symbol is the Boom Box symbol.

Crazy 80’s: Rules

The wild symbol can be best used as a substitute for the rest of the symbols in the game for completing the combinations to win. For the Long Playing Record scatter symbol, this Boom Box symbol cannot be used as a substitute for completing a scatter combination for the purpose of winning. It is on the reels 2, 3, and 4 that the wild symbol Boom Box appears. Which is the Scatter symbol used in the Crazy 80’s video slots online game?
It is the Long Playing Record symbol. This just indicates that to win, in a line on a pay-line that has been enabled, this scatter symbol does not have to appear. On the five reels, anywhere, this symbol can be scattered. This is, provided three or more of Long Playing Record Scatter symbols appear. By multiplying the scatter symbol with the total coin numbers that have been betted upon, combinations of the payouts in the Crazy 80’s online video slots are indicated in the schedule of payouts.

Crazy 80’s: Game Play

If you are lucky to have a regular win and a scatter win, then for both the winnings you are paid in the Crazy 80’s game. But, this is as long as the Long Playing Scatter symbol does not appear on the Microgaming Video Slots Online game’s pay line that has been enabled for the purpose of winning. To the pay line win, the scatter win is then added.
What is the option called Autoplay all about? This option can be used in case you need to play the Crazy 80’s slot machine game automatically for a particular number of spins. This option can be availed when the expert button is clicked upon at the bottom side of this video slots online game. If you intend playing thus, then the coins have to be selected and the pay lines have to be chosen for betting, after which you can click on the button called Autoplay for launching the menu.
It is from this menu in the Microgaming Video Slots Online game that the number of times you want to spin can be selected, automatically. You can also select the time span between each of the spins and various settings for stopping the Crazy 80’s game. Once the selection of the Autoplay feature is done, the next thing to do is to start clicking on the menu’s start button, after which you can start playing the video slots online game automatically.

Crazy 80’s: Themes and Graphics

Theme of the Crazy 80’s game is based on the lifestyles of the 80’s. During this time people enjoyed dance and music to entertain themselves and had lots of fun thus living on high adrenalin. The fashion sense adopted in the 80’s, especially the colorful and bright clothes preferred, make the graphics of this game fun to play online.
Depending upon the value or size of the coin that has been betted upon, the credit value will accordingly vary. From the peace, quiet and comfort of your home the Crazy 80’s game can be played. Microgaming has offered this game exclusively for all those interested in playing free games as well as games for real money. Even the Guest Players are able to play the game on a similar state of the art gaming software just the way the rest of players who use real money play.

Crazy 80’s: Jackpot

The game helps improving the chances of evaluating the casino software available online and the slot gaming machines and that too with absolutely no kind of risk involved. This game called Crazy 80’s can prove to be very addictive and exciting. Super Lucky Frog, Super Eighties and the Secrets of Horus are the other popular Microgaming video slots online games.
If you win the Crazy 80’s jackpot it can be a whopping 25000. Per line you can bet one coin, and a maximum $5.00 coin size can be played. The highest jackpot is 5000 coins, 800 coins is the second jackpot and 600 coins is the third highest jackpot in the Crazy 80’s online video slots game.

Crazy 80’s: Bonuses

Depending on the number of symbols that have been displayed on each of the pay lines, on the Crazy 80’s slot machine game the winnings are accordingly paid out, but only when the reels stop spinning. The Payout Table of the game gets summarized in the Payout Schedule. It is important to note that all the figures shown in the Payout Table indicate the number of coins that have been won for each winning combination.
Percentage of payout as well as the amount of the Crazy 80’s jackpot is extremely high. The show is about aviator sunglasses, curly afros and double belts. Hitting the Beat-box is something you would surely love to do in this enthralling game. Any symbol that has been missed is replaced by the Beat box to result a combination for winning on the pay lines selected. Log online and get started playing with this Microgaming game right away, along with a few other popular ones like Big Kahuna, Snakes and Ladders and Cabin Fever.