Crazy Cameleons

Crazy Chameleons, you may think has something to do with chameleons. This is not so. Based on the role of chameleons which is ambiguous and the theme of surfing, this is an online video slots game offered by Microgaming Video Slots Online. Just think about the ‘Karma Chameleon’ a song of Culture Club and you will start enjoying this video slot game: a crazy one indeed.

Crazy Chameleons and Adventure!

Gamers interested in a game with lots of fun as well as character must certainly try out this interesting game. One of the leading developers in the world of gambling software called Microgaming has developed this video online game. What exactly is the game Crazy Chameleons about? 5 pay lines can be activated in this game of slots in 5 reel slots. In many games like Super Eighties there are many more pay lines while Crazy Chameleons Microgaming Video Slots game has lesser pay lines for activation.
Here you get a chance to play a simpler and easy video slots online game. Denomination of coins used come in the range of 0.25 to 5.00. A maximum number of five coins can be used in the online video slots to insert in the slot. 25.0 is the wager you can make to the maximum.

Crazy Chameleons: Rules

What is the theme of the Crazy Chameleons online slots game? Playing is easy as the design of the game is quite simple yet very alluring. Chameleons are used as surfers in this game within the theme of surfing on the beach. You will find particular symbols revolving around the set theme. The main symbol of the game is acted out well by the chameleons in the video slots online.
On the beach sand you will find a few surfboards, Bermuda shorts and a seagull. 10, King, Jack and Queen are the other card faces which are used as symbols in the Crazy Chameleons video slot game. A huge wave represents the wild symbol. It is a general understanding that the color theme used in slot games is green. The blue colored theme used in this game comes in as a very big surprise.

Crazy Chameleons: Game Play

What are the game payouts of the Crazy Chameleon online video slots game? The rate of payout offered in the game is quite a decent one even if it may not be one of the biggest. Check out the other video slot games like Ho Ho Ho, Hitman, Isis and many others at the Microgaming website. For those interested in a high roller game, this Microgaming Slots Online game beckons otherwise.
The chameleon symbol is the one that enables a payout rate that is the highest. You can get around 5000 coins with five of it. It is better to play using three in the video slot, since the jackpots are matched. To get this one may be a difficult task, but getting the jackpot is easier in the Crazy Chameleons video slots.
What are the features of the Crazy Chameleons video slot game? If you are used to complicated and many bonuses featuring on the gaming screen, you will marvel at the simplicity of this game. The special symbol, the wild symbol represented by the wave makes an appearance that is spectacular. In the game other substitute symbols can also be used so that the combination used allows easier winning. The wave symbol in Microgaming Video Slots Online game does not act like a multiplier or conduct any other role.

Crazy Chameleons: Themes and Graphics

This video slot game offered by Microgaming Video Slots Online is indeed a challenging one. Some other gamers interested in higher payouts may prefer games having complex features. To enjoy slots online using the blue ocean’s soothing power and the wave symbol in the game CC is best. This can help you enjoy some of the biggest wins. Any other symbol or icon can be used within a winning combination for gamers interested in a thorough Crazy Chameleons game.
You must take advantage of the total of twenty nine combinations available for wining by using the wave symbol. Chances of hitting the prize stash increase on using this symbol. You can have an unforgettable vacation surfing as often as possible when the wave symbol appears! When you play the Crazy Chameleons online slots game you are guaranteed impressive wins and prizes.

Crazy Chameleons: Jackpot

To enjoy the ocean’s calm and blue depth, this is just another great opportunity which helps in making the win come much closer. It is easy to flaunt a good mood when using the colorful graphics; the sun’s shining smile and the 5000 coins top jackpot win. To play this interesting video slots online game on your computer there is no need to of installing any special software.
This game is full of joyful risks and can be tried out without any download. Incredible leisure time can be enjoyed amidst the big waves, with the win being announced by seagulls. Right above the shinning sun, the gentle breeze being soaked in and lots more for enjoyment are yours in the taking. Get the real experience of hitting the cool blue waves with CC!

Crazy Chameleons: Bonuses

Coin payouts can be increased when Surfboard symbols are used in multiples of two or more. Jack symbols are used as substitutes for the wild symbol. This is one of the best ways to take the game to the next level and have a great time along with the Crazy Chameleons. 25pc each line is the lowest bet. 5 can be played in most of the lines.
A gaming arena that is truly fantastic is created by the colorful icons in the online video slots. This game helps you to get the feeling of being on a holiday and to get rid of a low-down in the summer time. To go wild with an interesting and wonderful game, Crazy Chameleons is worth a try besides the other favorites The Groovy Sixties, Tales of Krakow and Super Lucky Frog. Have a great time with Microgaming games!