Crocodopolis is a popular online video slots game offered by Microgaming. Free spins are awarded in this 25-payline and five-reel slot game with the feature of the Crocodopolis Free Spins Game. The player of the game gets awarded when the three Pyramid symbols appear on the 2, 3, and 4 reels at the same time. All the prizes that are offered in this online video slot get doubled and the gamer is awarded 12 free games! Beat that!

Enjoy Crocodopolis!

For all the symbols the Croc can be used as a substitute, excluding the scatter Pyramid. How do you play the Crocodopolis online video slot game? The first thing is to set the line in this video slots online game. By default you can select around twenty five lines. By clicking at the + and the – buttons, the lines can be changed accordingly.
These lines are seen on the left of the indicator lines on the screen of the Microgaming Video Slots Online game. This can also be done using the left and right arrow keys. You will find that the lines that are not selected are not lit, while the lines that are selected are. You can click on the desired line number to select or deselect the lines in the Crocodopolis game.

Crocodopolis: Rules

What are the rules of the Crocodopolis game? The player can play from one to twenty five lines. On the pay table the payouts are displayed. The game is begun by using ‘spin’ with the Lines and current Bet selected. A maximum bet can be selected by using Max placed next to Bet. The other interesting online video slot games offered by Microgaming are Deck the Halls and the Super Eighties.
How do you set the bet in this video slots online game? When the online video slots game is entered a default bet of 0.25 $ is set which can be set for all the lines. This will result in a total bet of 6.25$. Betting per line can be increased or decreased by using the + or the – buttons. This can be availed on the right side of the ‘Bet’ indicator. On the keyboard the down and the up arrow keys can be used for decreasing or increasing the bet respectively.

Crocodopolis: Game Play

How, when, where and why does the window called Re-buy appear? When the balance of the Crocodopolis game drops below the total bet placed, that’s when. When adjustment of the lines to the next bet is not possible, the window called Re-buy appears. An option for deposit will pop up if there are no funds in your account.
The numbers of lines that have been selected are multiplied in the Microgaming Video Slots Online game by the bet per line. The entire bet amount is displayed on the meter called ‘Total Bet’. This meter is located at the bottom of the Crocodopolis video slots online game. When the spinning reels stop and a combination of any scatter wins, you will be paid as per the pay table. It is by highlighting the pay lines that the win is indicated and then you can get ready to set the bank a-rolling!
The scatter symbols are animated when the scatter wins. The total winning amount is shown as a message at the bottom of the reels. At the winning line’s right end, the moolah of the individual lines is indicated. How does a change bet or a repeat bet take place in the online video slots game? In case a bet has already been made then the settings that have already been selected get automatically carried over. It will be carried over to the subsequent line in case there is a sufficient amount left.

Crocodopolis: Themes and Graphics

Balance in the Crocodopolis game being played currently is the sum of the displayed amounts in the ‘Total bet’ meter and the ‘Credit’ meter. Amongst a number of options the feature called ‘Autospin’ can be used for playing a hands free game. A number of options are available under this specific feature.
If the same bet has to be played again then all you need to do is to click on ‘spin’. The bet can be changed by using the – and the + buttons on the ‘lines’ or ‘bet’ indicators. The remaining balance in the game is termed as the credit. The ‘credit’ remains after the desired bet is placed and accordingly is indicated in the ‘Credit’ meter in the Microgaming Video Slots Online game.

Crocodopolis: Jackpot

Depending on the spins selected from the menu – drop down, automatic spinning of the Crocodopolis game takes place. Any number of games can be played until you find that the end balance is lesser than the total bet amount. Keep spinning till the win exceeds or at least equalizes.
Until the amount of wins exceeds or equals the amount that has been selected, spinning of the online video slots game takes place automatically. Till you arrive at any win you can keep spinning.

Crocodopolis: Bonuses

Till the triggering of the next feature, automatic spinning of the game continues in Crocodopolis. It helps to get the best bonus amounts. You can continue to spin till the balance equals to or exceeds the amount that has been entered. The balance in the slots online game is indicative of the total amount given in the ‘Total bet’ meter and the ‘Credit’ meter.
If you want to play the Crocodopolis video game faster, the option ‘Play Faster’ allows you to enjoy a faster game. For this the ‘breaking’ time is reduced. Before this option is selected, at least one of the ‘auto spin’ or other options available should be chosen. The video slots online game is very popular for its simple rules. Since the number of lines are only 25 it is not very confusing. This is one online game you are sure to enjoy without getting confused by the rules and bets. So, are you ready to deploy your strategies, luck and gaming knowledge yet? While you are at Microgaming, do try out some of our other games like Lucky Witch, Monster Mania and Kings of Cash!