Dino Might

Microgaming Video Slots Online introduces the Dino Might online slots. The game takes you back in the pre history days of Dinosaurs as a video slot online. This game is a 25 pay line multiple coin game in 5 reels, offering 2 bonus features, and a scatter and a wild multiplier. The game allows you to play with real money or you may choose to pay free!

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Dino Might is one of the most popular video slots online offering unlimited gaming fun. It creates the ambience of Jurassic Park. Loads of herbivorous and carnivorous critters appear and disappear on the slots as the game continues. It does not require much skill to play this game as you just need to insert coins and wait for the wild and scatter symbols to take you into the bonus rounds. Comparatively Dino Might is as much if not more fun than the other popular video slots online games such as Deck the halls, Doctor Love and Gopher Gold.
Dino Might, the online video slots game offers you 25 play lines in multiples, on 5 reels. This means that it provides you with 5 spinning wheels to form your winning combinations. In order to be able to play another play line you have to insert a cent every time. The game is computer controlled and you may start your minimum bet with 0.01. You can go up to 0.05 of any currency denomination per bet line. 10 coins are permitted per pay line and the maximum wager permitted per spin is 250 coins.

Dino Might: Rules

You can play the Dino Might online video slots, from Microgaming video slots online, sitting in the comfort of your home without investing any money. At first you should select the coin you want to play with and the number of play lines you want to bet on. To launch the auto play menu, click on the auto play button. The menu will be displayed on your monitor.
After you select the auto play features, you can start playing by clicking on the ‘start’ button. The wild symbol is Dino Might. For bonus and scatter symbols, it doubles all winning combinations. 2 bonus features are offered by the wild card. When you have amber fossils on reels 3, 4 or 5, pick the 2nd screen by selecting symbols from the 21 tiles on the screen. Do this till the 2nd and the 4th symbol are matched. The multiplier is hidden within the selections that double the winning if selected.

Dino Might: Game Play

Dino Might on line video slots is a coin based slot game. It converts your credit into coins. The number of coins available to you will depend upon the size of the coin you select in the game. Once you get out of the Dino Might video slots online, all the coins are converted to credits and placed within your balance account. To complete a winning combination the Dino Might wild symbol can substitute other symbols. It is also a wild multiplier symbol.
To complete a winning scattered combination, the wild symbol cannot be a substitute for the amber fossil symbol though. Thus it cannot activate the Fossil Match Bonus Feature Gain nor can it activate the Nigersaurus Bonus Feature Gain.
The Dino Might from the Microgaming video slots online game has wild symbols that can create winning options on enabled pay lines. These appear in the Regular Payout Schedule and cannot multiply wild symbol winnings. The Amber Fossil scatter symbol allows your winning combinations to be multiplied and the symbols can be scattered anywhere on the 5 reels!

Dino Might: Themes and Graphics

Dino Might online video slots include graphics of the pre-historic age that include a wide range of reptilian critters and creepy crawlers. It is a clever dinosaur theme diversion that allows you to win some gargantuan rewards. As the game is activated, it seems as if a stampede of herbivore herd is around the corner! Running in a rage!
The Amber Fossils are scattered symbols while Dino Might is the star wild symbol. The trigger symbol is Triggersaurus and the Nigersaurus symbols activate the Nigersaurus bonus feature game. All winnings are dependent on the symbol display on the pay line, once the reels have come to a stop.

Dino Might: Jackpot

Dino Might the online video slots from Microgaming video slots online offers a jackpot to the tune of 40000 coins. When the 3 Nigersaurus symbols are displayed, your jackpot game starts. These symbols keep on increasing every time you activate the Nigersaurus bonus. This game has 5 reels and this symbol should appear on all the 5 reels. You can only attain the level once you win on every wheel. If you can stop the wheel at an arrow, you can get a 2nd spin on the 2nd and inner wheel of fortune. If you are lucky enough to get the wheel to stop on all your spins you hit the jackpot.

Dino Might: Bonuses

Dino Might allows you 5 spinning wheels from which you can form your winning combination. Your bonus feature games start with the Nigersaurus symbol. When you get 3 or more such symbols displayed in a line, your bonus feature game gets activated. You do not get any payout for this symbol combination. In this bonus feature game, the Nigersaurus symbols change and disable all other symbols on the reels. If you want to win the highest bonus prize amount then you should choose a Nigersaurus symbol to enable you to do the same.
Dino Might the video slots online game by Microgaming enables you to play without fear of being addicted to gambling from the comforts of your home. It also offers you an auto play option where you need not think about your next move while the game progresses automatically. With multiply options, multipliers and bonus feature games, you can multiply your wins up to 4500 coins via your bonuses.
So what are you waiting for? Get set and go, try your luck!