Doctor Love

Microgaming video slots online introduces Doctor Love game. This is a slot machine game that gives you a feeling of being in the surgery room of Doctor Love! You can multiply your winnings 4 times over by spinning 5 reels from which you also have the opportunity to form your winning combinations. If you intend to play on another play line, then you have to insert a coin first. This is the procedure to continue playing and having a ‘love’ filled blast! You could browse on the internet and start playing the game with ease. You have the option to play free or with real money.

Do you want some Doctor Love?

To play the game, one of the most popular Microgaming video slots online games, you need no training as the game can be played via auto play. You can observe Doctor Love in high surgery spirit, which displays a serious 5 reel slots ‘love –in’. The thrill starts when you come to know why everyone loves the Doctor as you trigger the free spin bonus round. You can play the game without any stress as you are not going to lose any money and can enjoy the fun of winning unlimited.
Doctor Love offers you multiple game features with a 3 time multiplier of all your winning combinations. You can reach a maximum winning payout of 5000 credits per line bet. This game cannot be bugged as it is totally computer operated and all your wins are pure luck. You have options with wild symbols and scatter symbols that play an important role in your assimilation of bonus spins and the Jackpot. There are other games similar to this which are available on the internet such as Deck the Halls, Kathmandu and Gold Factory.

Doctor Love: Rules

The game is a gen next game; people of all ages can practice manoeuvres on the internet. There is a wild symbol which is the Doctor Love symbol and a scatter symbol which is the Love Meter symbol. When you start the game, you can play on 1 to 20 lines by placing your bet between 1 to 4 levels.
Once you insert the coin, you click the ‘start game’ button that will also indicate the pre-select coin value of the highest bet level and your maximum bet lines and the maximum bet plays. The Doctor Love video slot online game also allows you to play via the auto system. There are other features that may not be available to you if you are playing on the option – PLAYING FOR FUN.

Doctor Love: Game Play

Microgaming video slots online has gain popularity as it offers game-plans that are very simple to play and can be accessed 24 x 7 on many websites. It’s a user friendly game that starts with a minimum bet of one coin. It can be raised with an increase in wager up to 4 coins on every line you choose. The Doctor Love wild card symbol appears on a slot allowing you to double your winnings. With multiple wild symbols you can create wining combinations that will pay you according to the payout schedule.
The Love Meter Symbol in this video slots online game cannot be substituted with a wild symbol. Only one winning combination is paid out per pay line. If you are winning with more combinations, then the payout rests at the value of the highest combination only.
The Doctor Love game can earn you free bonus spins. The Love Meter scatter symbol can be scattered anywhere on the 5 reels. 2 or more love meter scatter symbols must appear to complete winning combinations. The winnings are calculated as per the payout schedule, which depends upon the total number of coins wagered and then is multiplied with the love meter symbol combination payout.

Doctor Love: Themes and Graphics

The game has simple graphic themes of Doctor Love in his surgical room. The Love Metre indicates why and how much the Doctor is loved by everyone. Have the time of your life playing this video slot.
Doctor Love games have 2 symbols; one is the white symbol and the scatter symbol which is the love meter. If you get 3 or more love meter scatter symbols, anywhere on the 5 reels, the Free Spin Bonus Round game gets activated. You can keep on playing the game and collecting all the bonus points and adding them to your credit and maybe even reach the jackpot!

Doctor Love: Jackpot

Doctor Love from the Microgaming video slots online which is a video slots online gaming rostrum allows you various options to play the online slots. You can play on the ‘auto spin’ and ‘select your game’ option from the boxes that appear on your monitor. Similarly, to get away from the auto option, you simply cancel and come out. The payouts are of 2 types.
There is a regular pay out which depends upon the game payout table and there is a multiple pay line schedule that will pay you only on enabled pay lines. A jackpot can be valued at cash winnings up to 20000. This is a game of luck and if you are lucky, you can crack the jack pot.

Doctor Love: Bonuses

This online video slots game awards bonuses in the form of free spins. You can win up to 20 free spins if love meter symbols appear on the 5 reels – on the 3rd, 4th or the 5th slot. This will enable you to spin the free wins and keep on multiplying your winnings three fold!
The game adds all your free spin game wins to your total win. This is done when the free spin bonus round game is complete. Experience the ultimate in today’s gaming world with the Doctor Love slot machine game.