Dog Father

If you are a video game lover and love to play on slot machines, then just go surfing on the internet. Click on Microgaming video slots online for Dog Father. This game allows you to play a 5 reel, 20 pay lines video slot machine game. It is only when you put in a coin you will be able to play on a pay line. The reels come to a halt and the computer checks the combinations of symbols on each pay line for which you place a coin. You can wager up to 5 coins per pay line and your maximum bet can be up to 100 coins!

The Big Daddy of Online Gaming!

Microgaming video slots online is a well known online game provider in the online video slots circuit. The thrills of wild symbols and scatter symbols bring interest in the game as it allows you to multiply your wins. It also activates the Free Spin Bonus Round game. Dog Father, the video slots online casino slot game is above other online games such as Cashapillar, Cashanova and Centre Court amongst others.
This game is very simple to play. It offers you an appealing approach to the classic manoeuvres. The excitement that you get when you are playing Dog Father online is similar to that of a Land casino. You are easily enthralled by this money spinning game that allows you to reach up to the jackpot level easily. It allows you to fill your pockets with uncountable bucks, in a jiffy!

Dog Father: Rules

The Dog Father, the video slots online game, starts like any other video slot game. When you play this game, wild symbols appear on the spots that allow you to triple your winnings. The scatter symbols, when they complete winning scatter combinations, make you entitled to play a free Spin Bonus Round Game. The Bull dog which is the dog fighter wild symbol can substitute for other symbols to complete a winning combination. However, it cannot substitute for the scatter symbol, The Itchy Flea.
The winnings in the game Dog Father are calculated by multiplying the combination pay out for the scatter symbols. This is done according to the payout schedule, considering the total number of coins that you have wagered. If you have a normal win and a scatter win, you will be paid for both. The scatter wins total is added to the pay line win.

Dog Father: Game Play

The Dog Father is a famous online video slots game from the Microgaming video slots online that allows you to play for free or for real money. You can start with the minimum bet from 0.01 and bet up to 5 points per pay line on 20 lines. The bonus feature game which is called Mark Your Territory can get you a win of up to 5300. Only one winning combination is paid out per pay line. When there is more than one winning combination then the highest combination is paid out. You win additional free spins when you play on the Free Spin Bonus Round. Your entire wins amount is multiplied and if you win you will move on to the Mark Your Territory bonus feature.

Dog Father: Themes and Graphics

Dog Father the video slot online game has the theme of a Bull dog which is also a wild symbol. This can substitute for other symbols just like a joker in a pack of cards. It cannot substitute the generous scatter symbol Itchy flea which allows you 13 Free Spin Bonus though. This allows you to multiply all your wins thrice over. The Fire Hydrant symbol activates the Mark Your Territory bonus feature game. There are also multiple Dog Father wild symbols that create winning combinations, but not all in multiples.
While playing the bonus games on the Dog Father, every winning combination appears with colourful symbols. Whether scatter or wild they excite you as they roll on wheels. When they come to a halt and the combination is a winning one, a melodious sound is heard.

Dog Father: Jackpot

Microgaming video slots online allows you to win a maximum jackpot in the Dog Father game at a maximum of $20000. You can play up to 4 levels, but you have to play on 3 reels and 5 reels. As you conquer each wheel, your cash prizes multiply and take you to a higher level, where you can then win the jackpot.
This game can even take you to a higher unprecedented win if you are able to stop the wheel on an arrow, on every consecutive spin. This is the wheel of fortune, with 4 arrows and with your luck is smiling on you…you are sorted! You can then easily stop these 4 arrows in all the 4 spins and get them into a straight line. This enables you to hit the Dog Father jackpot.

Dog Father: Bonuses

Dog Father, apart from the simple scatter bonus free rounds, also offers you a chance to win the Mark Your Territory bonus feature game. This game can earn you up to 5300 coins. In this the Fire Hydrant symbol, if displayed on the 5 reels anywhere, activates your bonus feature game. In Dog Father, the wild symbol is not able to do the same.
The bonus round in Dog Father will earn you a huge prize win amount if you have 13 fire hydrants. You can get them displayed anywhere on the 5 reels, as behind each symbol there is a bonus prize hidden. This accumulates and multiplies your winning chances till the bonus round is complete. The game is enjoying fantabulous reviews and a huge fan following not for nothing. If this one doesn’t allure you, wonder what will! You get from no-claim to all-claim in a matter of a few well planned and strategized manoeuvres. This is a great online slot game so log on and get playing!