Eagles Wings

Eagles Wings is a newly introduced online video slot machine game offered by Microgaming. This game has around 25-paylines which help in increasing your winning chances via a 5-reel game. Combinations for winning can be formed by the five reels which are used for spinning. Another pay line gets enabled each time a coin is put into this Microgaming video slots online game. Combinations formed by the various symbols are checked by the computer whenever the reels stop along each pay line that has been enabled.

Enjoy Soaring on Eagles Wings!

From the comfort of your home, without paying anything you can play the video slots online game – Eagles Wings. Just like the players who play for real money you can use the state of the art kind software for playing the online game. Make the best use of this opportunity to evaluate software of the casino online without any risk.
Stacked across the reels is the symbol Eagles Wings which is the Wild symbol. This doubles your wins whenever it appears for building combinations to win in this online video slots game. Other symbols are the Stacked Wild Multiplier, Scatter and a free spin bonus round with multiplier values 3x times for all the combinations for winning.

Eagles Wings: Rules

Rules of the video slots online are as follows. Since there are 25 pay lines, the gamer can play anywhere from 1 to 25 pay lines. On each of the lines that have been selected, there is a highest win Microgaming Slots Online. If there are wins on the various pay lines then they get added. Depending on the payable the payouts are accordingly made in Eagles Wings.
The winning combinations for the Microgaming video slots online that are highest pay outs are made on each of the lines that are enabled, excluding the scatter wins. For winning, there is no need for the scatter symbols to appear on the line that has been enabled. To the pay line wins, the wins of the bonus game are added and for all the rest of the symbols the wild symbol is used as a substitute. In case of malfunctions all the plays and payments get void in the Eagles Wings game.

Eagles Wings: Game Play

Depending upon your choice, the video slots online game can be played for real money or for free. In case real money is used then the denominations to use are $/£/€ 0.01 up to $/£/€ 0.25 for each of the pay lines. For betting per line a wager from one to five coins can be played. $0.01 USD is the bet amount that can be played at a minimum per spin. $31.25 USD is the bet amount that can be played to the maximum.
The spin box displays the Eagles Wings game numbers that have been played according to the settings of the ‘AutoPlay’. The Free Spin Bonus Round gets activated by the Lucky Eagle scatter symbols. Three or more scatter symbols anywhere on the five reels activate the spin bonus round in the online video slots.
The spin 5X button helps in starting the slot game and spins the reels automatically. Around five games can be played in succession which is similar to clicking the spin button around five times. The spin 10X button starts the Lucky Eagles slot machine game and automatically helps in spinning the reel. In succession ten games can be played in this video online game; very much similar to clicking the spin button ten times.

Eagles Wings: Themes and Graphics

Just like, Asian Beauty, Big Break and other games from Microgaming, Eagles Wings is another exciting online video slots game by the firm. Your breath can easily manipulated by the theme of the exciting game. The First Nations truly proud tribal reserves, the great eagle’s playground are very exciting. The American forests that are splendid, majestic and vast and soaring mountains certainly make a desirable theme.
The game modes to select for this casino video are the Expert Mode and the Regular Mode. In the regular mode you can play a normal game that has no features of the advanced type. Advanced features are offered in the expert mode. Simple game play is offered in the regular mode game. The Eagles Wings game can be set to ‘AutoPlay’. A selected number can be played automatically with spins on a consecutive basis without having to interact with any kind of software.

Eagles Wings: Jackpot

In Eagles Wings, a win up to 31,250.00 is possible on a 31.25 maximum bet. Also possible in the free spins is a win up to 93,750.00 more. In the regular game, one thousand coins per line that is betted upon is the maximum payout. It is only on the lines that are enabled that the winning combinations are paid out in the slots online game.
Whether you play in Euros, Canadian dollars, U S dollars or in pounds the amount remains the same in this video slots online game. From left to right, Reel 1 to Reel 5 all the symbols pay in a consecutive order. This is excluding the scatter coins of the Lucky Eagles Wings Coin in the Microgaming Video Online.

Eagles Wings: Bonuses

When anywhere on the five reels the 3, 4 and 5 scatter symbols appear, you can win free spins up to 60 in number. The Free Spin Bonus Round gets activated due to this. During this round all the combinations for winning get tripled.
To reveal the number of free spins awarded you can pick one of the Lucky Eagles Wings Coin symbols if three of them get activated. Two symbols can be picked if four of the symbols get activated in the Microgaming video slots online. Three symbols can be picked if five symbols get activated for revealing the free spins win. Sum of the revealed free spins is what you get awarded, by this online video slots game. To rake in the moolah is not at all difficult when you are on the wings of an eagle! So soar high on the wings of an eagle and make some money right away!