Gopher Gold

Microgaming has always been successful in introducing some of the most exciting online games. Gopher Gold is one such interesting video slots online game, now offered. The other popular games by Microgaming that you can try are the Crocodopolis, Alaskan Fishing, and Avalon. The Gopher Gold online video game is a 5 – line and 5-reel machine manoeuvre.

Gopher Gold Plan Of Action

To form the various combinations for winning the five reels for spinning in the game are vital. With each of the coins that have been put in, another pay line gets enabled. When spinning of the wheels stop, the computer right away starts checking all the combinations made by the different symbols. This is done along with each of the games’ pay lines that have been enabled.

Gopher Gold is an online video slots game to be played on five lines in each spin. Per spin and per line the player can play up to one coin in this Microgaming video slots online casino game. Microgaming has designed this online slots game to play either for real money or for free. This is in a range of denominations including of $/£/€ 0.25 up to $/£/€ 5.00 per line for each bet made. And for the wager for the five coins that are played, 12,000 coins is the payout to the maximum. This online video slots game also has a Wild symbol.

Gopher Gold: Rules

In a consecutive order all the symbols pay from left to right. The Wild symbol is the Gopher symbol in the video slots online game. This symbol is used for substitution for any of the rest of the symbols so that the combinations made for winning get completed. One coin is paid out when one wild symbol, a single Gopher and a Jack symbol are on an enabled pay line. This happens when a combination of two Jack symbols are accomplished.
One of the most important features to use is the Auto-play option. This can be used for playing the online video slots game automatically for a range of spins on the online video machine. Clicking on the ‘expert’ button, the option of Auto-play can be availed at the bottom of the Gopher Gold slot machine game. With this option, the game plan unfolds for you to observe and learn.

Gopher Gold: Game Play

Decide and select the coin you are interested in playing with wile indulging in the Gopher Gold online casino game. Next, select the number of pay lines you are interested in betting on the video slots online. Then click on the button ‘Autoplay’ to launch the menu. Here, the number of spins to be played can be selected if you are interested in moving on with the game automatically.

This option can also be used in this Microgaming video slots online game in case you are interested in time delay. You can opt, between each of the spins, to set up various ‘stops’. When you finish selecting the features of AutoPlay, the next thing to do is to click on the start button on the menu.
After this, the video slots online game starts playing automatically. As far as the schedule for regular payouts is concerned, the winnings that are paid out on the slot machines are completely dependent on the symbols. It gets displayed on the slot machine’s pay line once the reels stop spinning. The Gopher Gold Payout table gets summarized within the payout schedule.

Gopher Gold: Themes and Graphics

After evaluating the Gopher Gold online video casino game software you can successfully play a risk free game. The theme used in the Gopher online video slots game is mining. Among the online casino games powered by Microgaming this is one game that is popularly being played the world over. This game is designed to appeal to the elderly too.
In case you are a Guest Player, you can play the game on the same software just as the players who play for real money do. This proves to be advantageous for guest players to evaluate the Gopher Gold video slots online software available at the online casinos.

Gopher Gold: Jackpot

A payout of 12000 is offered as a top prize. Levels of the coins in the Gopher Gold online slot game can be adjusted anywhere from 0.05, 0.10, 0.20, 0.25, 0.50, 1.00, 2.00, up to 5.00. On one line and a spin of minimum one coin, you could bag the jackpot. A huge jackpot of 60000.00 can be earned if you are really lucky. In the bonus round no free spins are offered by the Gopher Gold slot.
If you are really keen, you can play the slot game consistently to become proficient and play with different winning combos. No gamble feature is available with this slot game. The top tip for playing the online game – Gopher Gold, is to never lose sight of the location of the button for cash. This is in case you do hit a big win and are really very lucky.

Gopher Gold: Bonuses and Features

It must be noted that all the figures indicated in the payout schedule indicate the total coins won by you, for each of the combinations. Depending upon the coin size betted, the value of the credits in the Gopher Gold game can be attained. The best part about this online video slots game is that it can be played from the comfort of your home. It can be played in a relaxed atmosphere and that too for free!
If you are interested in playing an online video slots game that is fast paced then this is the right one. This is one dynamic game Microgaming has developed exclusively for its enthusiastic online gamers to feast their eyes and senses upon. The manoeuvres are challenging and completely worth the time invested. The payouts are great and you can come a long way by deploying the guidance given to you as you play along. Get going!