Microgaming, the number one in online video slots games does it again! This time around it is even more exhilarating than any other online video slots game. The Halloweenies slot game features 20 paylines unlike any other.

Spooky yet Fascinating!

Halloweenies is an exciting game with unique slots that will keep you glued to your set. Powered by the pioneers, Microgaming video slots online brings to you Halloweenies! The theme of the game is one of its kind, but we won’t disclose that right away. Featured with several free spins and bonus rounds, the picking game will add to your thrill.
Before you get lost in the world of Halloweenies, read this article to get a hold of the rules, bonusses and important features.

Halloweenies: Rules

Playing this online video slots game is very simple. The game has 5 reels and you can place your bets on any of the lines between 1 and 20 on each spin. The maximum amount of bet that you can place on each line for a spin will be 5 coins. Once you have gone past all the rounds, you can get rich by winning the bonus of a whopping 13000 coins.
In Halloweenies, the coin levels that you bet in each level can be adjusted from 1 cent and upward upto 50 cents. Putting this simply, it means that the minimum amount of 1 cent will earn you $130 in return, while the 50 cent bet will earn you the whopping sum of $29500. This means that the more you bet, the more you get in return.

Halloweenies: Game Play

Who said that you can ply Halloweenies only when Halloween is round the corner? Head out anytime to a video slots online game centre and try your luck. Though the Halloweenies 5 reel, 20 payline online video slots game is based on Halloween, it can make you rich anytime of the day!
In the Halloweenies all you have to do is line up the character symbols in the game and get forth with playing. You have to line up the symbols of the candies namely, Hard, Gum, Jelly, Licorice and Chocolate in each round of the game. Yummy, ani’t it? The other symbols that you have to line up are skeletons, frankensteins, witches and werewolves. Now, that is scary! The latter symbols will help you get you to your winning combination. This means that the more symbols you line up, the better are your chances are to hit the Halloweenies jackpot.
The bunny in Halloweenies plays the scatter symbol. The amount the you have wagered are multipled by the scatter wins in each line up. If you are able to hit three or more bunnies, the free spin round will automatically be triggered. Through the course of the game, you will be given 13 free spins in whihc each time your payouts are tripled. So, try and earn more free spins in Halloweenies while you play.
You can strike your bonus during a free spin round in which case, the additional free spins will be added to your remaining spins at the end of this online video slots game.
Now, here comes the jackpot of all jackpots. If you are able to strike three or more pumkin symbols that are scattered throughout the reels, you will get the ‘Pick a Pumpkin’ bonus feature. 13 pumkins will be displayed on your screen. You may choose any pumpkin of your choice and behind each pumkin is hidden random bonus values.

Halloweenies: Theme and Graphics

Trick or Treat during Halloween is for kids. But, if you are old enough, you can head out to your nearest online video slots game centre and play some of the classic games brought to you only by Microgaming.
This new game, Halloweenies’ animated characters are sure to take your breath away. Be it the witch, werewolf, Frankenstein or the skeleton, they will seem life like to you. Well, on one hand where there are symbols to trick you, the sweet candy symbols are to treat you! The sound of the this slot game is spine chilling yet enthralling. The footsteps of people that can be heard in the background is creepy, yet scientifically well accomplished. The free spin feature in this game is different from other games and finally, the ‘pick a pumpkin’ bonus round is an added treat.
Vibrant candies and creepy ghosts in amazingly carved out graphics with a huge jackpot to win, Halloweenies is all about expertise and finnesse.

Halloweenies: Jackpot

Who said that Halloween is all about boring parties and scary costumes? What if you could get rich? Yes, play this Microgaming video slots online game and get wealthy! The game features 5 reels and 20 paylines.
The minimum bet that you can place is 1 cent going up to 50 cents. Don’t worry, each level will win you something. If you have bet 1 cent, you might get richer by $130. If you have bet 50 cents, you might get lucky with a whopping sum of $29500. So, think before you bet!
Before you know how to grab those grand jackpots, ket us give you a sneek peek into how you will achieve them. Bonusses, multipliers and free spins will help you out.

Halloweenies: Bonuses, Free Spins and 3x Multiplier

The major feature in Halloweenies is the 13 times multiplier free spin feature. When you strike on three or more bunnies a.k.a the scatter symbol, the free spin round will get activated. You can get up to 13 free spins in the game. At the end of it all, your payouts will get tripled!
If you are able to strike three or more pumpkins, the ‘Pick a Pumpkin’ bonus round will appear. In this depending on the amount that you have bet, you can choose a pumpking and lay your hands on a big jackpot.
The wild symbol in the game substitutes the other symbols. Only the bunny scatter symbol and the pumpkin bonus symbols are spared. The wild symbol substitution will help you get your winning combination.
Apart from these games from Microgaming video slots online, you can also try your luck in games like Hellboy, Hitman or Harveys. So, now that you know all about Halloweenies, get set and play!