Hot Ink

Microgaming video slots online are the pioneers in the casino gaming industry. Hot Ink slots game features 20 free spins that may make you rich by a whopping 1,00,000 coins. Now, that is a lot of money to be won in a game! Ain’t that cool?

Get Inked!

Be it the graphics, the animation or the sound effects, Microgaming video online slots game has done it again! This tattoo based online video slots game of Hot Ink will get you all inked up! Hot Ink is packed with features to the brim.
You can start betting right from 1 cent up to 125 cents. When you wager 125 cents, you can win $12,500 up to $25,000. Microgaming video slots online has gone the way ahead and introduced not only a respin bonus round, but will also give you 1024 ways to hit the jackpot.

Hot Ink: Rules

Let us tell you how you will play the game. If online video slots games is your thing, then Hot Ink is apt for you and with over 100 ways for winning combinations, you have a sureshot way up the jackpot. Watch out for the amazing free spins, multipliers and several other bonus features.
Hot Ink’s tattoo bonus round is triggered when three or more tattoo bonus symbols are clicked on. When this happens, you will be presented with three tattoo albums. All you have to do is click on one of these to reveal the three tattoos. When you make up a set of the tattoos, you will win a whopping ten free spins! At the end of your game, each free spin that you turn gets doubled. So, the more free spins you hit, the more you win!
Hold on, this is not all. Watch out for the second free spin feature in this video slots online game that is triggered when you click on three or more purple and blue fish symbols. If you were thinking ten free spins is huge, think again. This time, you can bag as many as twenty free spin rounds in Hot Ink. Unlike other Microgaming video slots online games, in Hot Ink you can respin the reels to earn more.

Hot Ink: Gameplay

If you have never been to a tattoo parlour, here is your chance. The Hot Ink game will give you a feel of a stunning tattoo parlour!
Join beautiful tattoo artists, Angel and Luci who will take you into another world in this online video slots game of Hot Ink. Enticing symbols in the forms of dice, horseshoes, clovers and balls will welcome you in this game.
If you were thinking that this was amazing. Wait, till you here this! In Hot Ink, you will get an hard to believe 1,024 ways to get to your winning combinations! Now, this is one hell of a video online slots game, is it not?
But, it does not come so easy. Here is the twist. There are no paylines in this games. Your luck is all that you have to rely on to win you the bets. So, read on for the rules, bonusses and other exciting features and get set play!

Hot Ink: Theme and Graphics

The game features the mesmerizing world of tattoos. Hot Ink does showcase some amazing body artword, but will also compel you to put on the thinking cap. The graphics are subtle, yet colourful and vibrant.
It can be said without any doubts that this game is creative and edgy. Be it the dice, stars, hearts, balls or the horseshoes, the symbols will all take you by surprise. Some eye-catching animations like the Ying Yang Koi fish symbols, the symbols of Angel and Luci are a winning pair. The music is jolly, just like the ones that are played in the tattoo parlours around your town.
Apart from these symbols, also watch out for the main symbols of the parlor in which the game is played, the chair on which the tattoos will be inked, the tattoo artist and his gorgeous assistants, Angel and Luci.

Hot Ink: Jackpot

If you can get three or more fish tattoos up your sleeves in Hot Ink, you can win 20 free spins. Wondering how much that is in coins? Its a whopping 1,00,000 coins. And with 1024 ways to hit the jackpot, the game also includes a fresh new respin feature that you will get in no other online video slots game.
So, before somebody else grabs this massive opportunity, log in right away and start playihg.

Hot Ink: Bonusses, Free spins and Multipliers

Whether you are a just a tattoo lover or someone who loves playing online video slots games, Hot Ink is your perfect choice.
You can place your bets from $0.01 up to $0.125. When you place the maximum bet of 125 cents, you stand a chance of winning cash from $12,500 to $25,000.
The wild symbol in this online video slots game is the Hot Ink symbol. Scatter is the fish tattoo symbol. The bonus round in the game is initiated by clicking on three or more tattoo bonus symbols. The tattoo bonus can be activated in reels 3, 4 or 5. To reveal your bonus credits, you have to click on the tattoo albums. If your clicks in the set complete, you will be handed over 10 free spins. So easy ain’t it? And the cherry on the cake is that your win will be doubled when the game ends.
In reels 3, 4 or 5, clicking on Ying Yang Koi fish symbols might also trigger another 20 free spins rounds which are multiplied by two in the end.
Well, if you do not get hold of the jackpot in your first innings, you have a second chance. Yes, in Hot Ink, each reel will carry a respin button that will help you increase your winning chances if you have missed them. Also try some other Microgaming offers like Retro Reels, Diamond Glitz, Santa Paws etc, when you log on to play Microgaming games.
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