Jungle Jim

Jungle Jim is an online video slots game offered by Microgaming. It has 15 pay lines with 5 reels. To ensure you make some of the best combinations for winning, you will have to use the five reels by spinning them well. For each of the coins put in by the gamer, another pay line gets enabled. Whenever the reels stop spinning the computer plays the role of controller and goes on to checking out the different kinds of combinations made by the symbols for each of the lines that have been enabled.

Jungle Jim and Wild Escapades

This is a 15 pay line game that is truly entertaining. It is a multiple coin game providing lots of fun. Theme of the game is the Jungle and the sound, as well as the graphics are extremely entertaining. The Gator Alley Free Spin Bonus Feature game that is added is worth mentioning. It is from the house of Microgaming that this game of online video slots has been introduced which can be played without paying any kind of charge and also for real money.
The denominations in which the Jungle Jim game can be played are $/£/€ 0.01 up to $/£/€ 0.50 for each of the lines that has been betted upon. As wager you can win to the extent of ten coins for each of the pay lines. 4000 coins is the payout that can unfold to the maximum in the Jungle themed video slots online game.

Jungle Jim: Rules

The Wild symbol used in the online video slots game can be best used as a substitute for the rest of the symbols too, so that the combinations for winning can be accomplished. For the Scatter symbol, the wild symbol is not used as a substitute for completion of a ‘scatter combination’ for the purpose of winning. A symbol called the Gator Bonus symbol can also be used for activating the Gator Alley Bonus Feature game in the Jungle Jim game.
The option of Autoplay can be used if you want to automatically play the Jungle Jim game for a particular number of spins. The option can be selected by clicking the expert button present on the bottom of the online video slots game. The number of coins you want to play with can be selected besides the pay lines selected for betting. On the Autoplay button all you do is click for launching the menu related to the auto-control.

Jungle Jim: Game Play

The number of spins can be selected from the menu for playing automatically. Besides this you can select the time span between each of the spins and stop settings of various kinds in the video slots online. Depending upon the displayed symbols on the Jungle Jim pay line, the paid out winnings on the online video slots machine are calculated. This is possible when the reels stop in this Microgaming video slots online game.
This Microgaming video slots online game’s payout table gets summarized in the payment schedule. What exactly is the Scatter symbol used for in the Jungle Jim game? For the purposes of winning this symbol does not have to appear in a line that is on an enabled pay line of the video slots online. On any of the five reels the scatter symbols can be scattered, provided at least three or more of the scatter symbols appear.
It is important for you to note that in case you have a normal as well as the scatter win, you get paid out for both of the winnings in the Jungle Jim game. This is possible since the Scatter symbol does not have to appear on any of the pay lines that have been enabled for the purposes of winning. The scatter win then gets added to the win on the pay line.

Jungle Jim: Themes and Graphics

On display you get to see five alligators and behind each alligator the gator is preset at a number in random for the multiplier amount or for the free spins. Per pay line the coins that are betted upon for wins are multiplied by the Jungle Jim pay lines in the Bonus Feature game. Bush Telegraph, Carnaval and Dog Father are a few more of Microgaming’s other exciting games that you can also consider playing.
Without taking any risk the free Jungle Jim games can be played online in the comfort of your home. The game’s tone is quite amusing. On a vine, Jim is seen traversing but flails to the ground to bring in humor. Icons are used for expressing the flavor of cartoons. Special wild, scatter and bonus icons can be used for obtaining the highest rewards in this video slots online game.

Jungle Jim: Jackpot

On any of the Jungle Jim pay lines that have been enabled, the multiple wild symbols can be utilized for creating combinations for winning as indicated in the Schedules designed for making regular payouts. Per pay line there is just one combination for winning that is paid out. There is a possibility of a winning combination of more than one combo on a particular pay line and you will be paid the value of the combination that is highest.

Jungle Jim: Bonuses, Free Spins and Multipliers

Automatically the free spins start on the online video slots. On completion you have to return to the main slot machine game, Jungle Jim. In the payout schedule of this game, 2,4,6,8 and 10 hold the range for free spins, selected randomly. By the chosen value of the Multiplier, all the free spins are accordingly multiplied. The range of multiplier values selected randomly include 1x, 2x, 3x, 4x, and 5x.
What exactly is the Gator Alley Free Spin Bonus Feature game? To ensure qualification for the game it is very essential for you to have at least three and even more of the Gator Bonus symbols that are displayed in a line on a pay line that has been enabled. For triggering the Gator Bonus symbol, the wild symbol is not used as a substitute in the Gator Alley Bonus Feature game. To check the number of free spins that can be won you can select the Alligators in the Bonus Feature Jungle Jim game.
Accordingly you see how the wins can be multiplied during this Bonus Feature in this online video slots game. An important point to note is that re-triggering of the free spins does not take place in the Gator Alley Bonus Feature game. To play the Jungle Jim game, the alligator desired can be selected and display of the free spins can be capitalized upon. Cash on some bucks today, get playing!