Ladies Nite

Ladies Nite welcomes you at Video Slots Online. Be an ace player and experience the Microgaming Video Slots Online paradise of games, like never before!

Stud your luck – this Ladies Nite!

Ladies Nite is an all-new video slot entertainment roller coaster from the house of Microgaming, one of the market leaders in the domain of online video slots. Ladies Nite includes the best entertainment values in the world of video slots online, containing five reels, nine paylines, an exotic nightclub theme, along with its wild card and scatter symbols adding to the highlights. You can play Ladies Nite with a maximum bet of 45 coins, with a certainty to win much more money with its triggered bonus games and jackpots. Glitterball and the Waiter will be your perfect guide for the “Nite” in guaranteeing your every win, with every play!
So let us enter the party scene and get to know the nitty-gritty’s involved in the game, before you can woo some ladies.

Ladies Nite: Rules

This brilliant game at video slots online can aid an easy win with minimal software interaction required from you. Feel free to use the ‘Expert mode’ of the game, and experience the difference! Ladies Nite gives you ample of opportunities for winning cash. All you have to do is to set the number of paylines to be enabled, along with the number of coins to be played. Just press “spin” and that will activate your winning spree! Clicking “Bet Max” can assure you a greater win, irrespective of the coin size chosen by you. However, if you desire to live on a conservative mode for the first few rounds of Ladies Nite, you can do so by choosing your coin denominations. Coin denominations range from 0.01 to 0.02 to 0.05 to 0.10 to 0.20 to 0.25 to 0.50 to $1. In case of doubt, feel free to access the full payout table, placed at the bottom of the game screen. Free Spins Bonus Game gets easily triggered in this fascinating game, when three Waiters get displayed on the screen. Every appearance of these scatter symbol triplets can endeavour you more free spins. And what more! Even your wins at these Free Spins Bonus Game get tripled!

Ladies Nite: Game Play

Game Play in Ladies Nite is extremely easy and entertaining, as always is with any other Microgaming games. Apart from imparting convenience to its players, by way of its ‘easy to use’ functions, this mesmerizing game ensures its user safety and security. Especially when you prefer to earn more money in playing real time! Gamble Bonus Game is a unique feature in its Game Play, where you only have to choose between a card’s colour or suit. The Glitterball in Ladies Nite acts as both – a multiplier as well as the wild card. In other words, your payout gets doubled with every winning combination completed by Glitterball. However, in case there is something you do not understand or tends to be a probable obstruction in your money-making endeavour, all you have to do is check the ‘Help’ files, and it will take you through every arena of this unique game – very rightly belonging to the domain of online video slots! All in all, Ladies Nite increases your winning odds to far greater extent with its added bonus game features in its Game Play. In case, Ladies Nite has appealed to you, other offerings from Microgaming Video Slots Online such as Vegas Craps, All Aces Video Poker, and Aces & Faces 100 Play, will also enthral you!

Ladies Nite: Themes and Graphics

Ladies Nite has some cool themes. The graphics too are attractive giving the glitter and much deserved glamour to render a fun-filled entertainment to all its players. The nightclub theme will surely captivate your attention, with vivid attributes depicted to the game for bringing out the splendour and colour from the gaming functions. While the interface is easy to negotiate, the payout tables are even easier for one to figure out. Ladies Nite gives you a free hand to select the environment as per your wish or desire. You can tune the audio background to “a la carte” style, or just turn it “off” if it distracts you in any manner. Likewise, feel free to negotiate the background or the winning combination sound, so as to choose your needs. The icons along with the scatter symbols and the wild card are very alluring. In my opinion, Ladies Nite is one of the very few video slots online games, which delivers the thrills in optimal combination with its graphical frills!

Ladies Nite: Jackpot

Five Glitterballs in payline gets you the biggest jackpot of 10,000 coins in Ladies Nite. Four Glitterballs can get you 2000 coins on any one payline. The five wildcards on either the Cocktail or Party Girl symbols line will get you 750 coins win. In other words, this game suits every budget. And in fact, the monetary theme of this game is certainly embossed in the game’s “more for less” concept, in constantly rewarding its players with minimal coins bets coupled with minimal software interventions.

Ladies Nite: Bonuses, Free Spin Wins and Multipliers

The features of Ladies Nite come out as the best attribute of this game. The free spins allowed in this game cannot match the ones allowed to its players in any other games in the online video slots domain. Three or more Waiter symbols shall get the Free Spin Bonus Game activated, which in fact allows you 15 free spins! Moreover, your wins during the free spins also get tripled. That means, you are offered 15 chances to win just by the game’s free spin feature. That is surely special treat to all its players and an equally significant opportunity to win 15 times more! This game also has the Gamble Bonus Game feature that gets activated when you win on any payline. Double your winnings instantly this moment by just clicking on the “Gamble” button upon selecting the right suit or colour of the card.
So if you desire to be a ladies’ man or you wish to woo the ladies, then you ought to log in by registering with Microgaming Video Slots Online. Be assured to be entertained in this fun-filled rollercoaster ride without any cover charge!