Lucky Witch

Lucky Witch invites you to your favourite ‘haunt’ at Video Slots Online. Experience the gaming universe of Microgaming Video Slots Online, to make loads of money!!

Play Lucky Witch, and strike rich instantly!

Lucky Witch is full of mystery and surprises, from Microgaming universe of casino gaming in the video slots online domain. This is a 15 paylines, 5 reels online video slots, from which you could earn a huge sum of money! The wagering of the game comes without any technical riders. The game generously offers you only 15 paylines, so that you could gain more profits due to the fewer combinations required in it. Likewise, you can avail of stacked wilds, free spins, bonus games, and a 15,000 coins jackpot. Coin denominations range from $0.01 to $0.20. However, this game allows you to play each line up to 15 coins. Whereas you can place maximum bets of 60 credits per game, $0.15 credits could also be placed as the bare minimum bets. The slots reward you with the highest wins per payline, in case more than one win appears on the paylines. Moreover, the slots operate from left to right, active bonuses, wherever they tend to appear.

Lucky Witch: Rules

Lucky Witch comprises of wild cards as well as the scatter symbols, which are contained in every game in the universe of Microgaming casinos. The payline wins also constitute the scatter as well as the bonus wins. Although the payline awards are different from scatter winnings, the payline wins constitute winnings from both- scatter symbols as well as the generic ‘other symbol’ payouts. You can play this online video slots game for real time or for fun. The choice is all yours. Any unknown interference in the game shall void all the paylines as well further gameplay.

It is time for you to understand the Game Play and make some good earnings in this video online slots game!

Lucky Witch: Game Play

The wild card symbol in the game is the Lucky Witch logo, also called as the wild multiplier. This logo can replace all the symbols except the scatter symbols. The Scatter winnings also cannot be substituted by the game’s wild card multiplier. Where the Lucky Witch logo replaces any symbols, other than the scatter symbol, to complete a winning combination, your payout doubles! If three of these logos get simultaneously displayed on the screen, Lucky Witch logo Stacked Wild gets initiated. This can replace any other symbols to complete winning combination, thus increasing your chances of winning to a great extent! However, the Lucky Witch logo has no role to play in activating Free Spin Bonus Round. Nor does the Lucky Witch logo substitute the scatter Cauldron logo so as to activate the Mystery Bonus Feature. Lucky Witch slot game comprises of two scatter symbols, namely, the Potion symbol and the Cauldron symbol. As the name suggests, these symbols do not need to appear in any enabled payline, for you to be rewarded with winnings. In fact, these scatter symbols have the freedom to appear anywhere on the reels. Likewise, not even the wild card multiplier can show authority over these scatter symbols. Where three or more than three scatter symbol Potion are scattered anywhere on the reel, Free Spin Bonus Round gets activated.
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Lucky Witch: Theme and Graphics

Lucky Witch has a mysterious theme to it. The theme appropriately sinks in the game, so as to create a mystic ambience in it. The symbols look very alive and full of character. The Graphics in the game is absolutely splendid, which also involves the styling of buttons, the exotic touch given to the gaming interface and many more. Even the card symbols look extremely high-end. Graphics are a definite plus point of this fantastic game.

Lucky Witch: Jackpot

Lucky Witch can be pure fun and can be played for free. However, if you desire to win some easy money, it is optimal that you must play this game. Lucky Witch accepts money denominations ranging from $0.01 to $0.20. However, per payline you can play up to 20 coins. This game is for everyone who wants to take risk and make big money, as well as for those who would like to play safe and earn conservatively. The maximum betting you can avail per spin is $60, while $0.01 remains the bare minimum bet you could play.15,000 coins is the maximum bet per line, which is the highest payout in this game.

Lucky Witch: Free Spin Wins, Bonus Rounds and Multipliers

Lucky Witch is embodied with lots of attractive features which include its Bonus as well as Free Spin features. When the scatter symbol Cauldron appears simultaneously on 1, 3, and 5, it triggers Mystery Bonus Feature of the game. You can win up to 30,000 coins in the bonus games such as, Spell Book Bonus Game, Magic Potion Bonus Game, Secret Vault Bonus Game and Pumpkin Bonus Game. Free Spin Bonus Round game is activated when 3 or more Potion symbol scattered anywhere on the 5 reel. Free Spins constitute the same paylines as well as bets which were in existence before the initiation of the Bonus Round. In the Free Spin bonus round, you get rewarded 13 Free Spins. During this phase of Free Spins, your payout can double with the indulgence of Lucky Witch logo as the multiplier symbol. Potion symbol can award you more 13 Free Spins. On the whole, the game can award you with infinite Free Spins.
You certainly can win much more! However, you ought to register yourself first at Microgaming Video Slots Online. After this, just log-in and play this mystery potboiler. Playing Lucky Witches can indeed get you the lick to earn to your fullest intent! Have fun!