Magic Spell

The enchanting journey of Magic Spell at Video Slots Online awaits you. Experience this entrancing multi-bagger at Microgaming Video Slots Online, and rejuvenate your power of gaming!

Play Magic Spell, and magnetize your winning spree!

Magic Spell is a spellbinding gaming entertainment, from the world of Microgaming bouquet of games in the domain of video slots online. The game gets you some brand new tricks, along with the display of a well demonstrated graphical interpretation, for enhancing your magical experience in winning big money! Microgaming gets you a 25 paylines 5 reel magical spell, which resembles the classic Harry Potter in style of characters as well as in the display of aura. Many young magicians such as Baz, Catrina, and Leo along with Master Tom are simply hilarious. The icons such as lunch, chemistry set, Catskills, School Crest, M-A-G-I-C and many more, indeed create a magical spree in the playing of this game. The bonus round in this enchanting online video slots game is segregated into two parts, both of which allows you to win much more than ever before!
Before sneaking into this magical splendour, it is good to learn some magic tricks, so as to enable your t chances of winning big money!

Magic Spell: Rules

Magic Spell displays creativity in the selection of its characters. In playing this game, you can choose amongst various coin sizes ranging from $0.01 to $1.00. All 25 paylines can be covered with a minimum bet of $0.25, whereas you could make a maximum bet of $250, in case you desire to make more money by covering all 25 paylines. Magic Spell gives you the opportunity to win three jackpots, the highest of which could be attained by the appearance of 5 Leo’s. Whereas the appearance of 5 Catrina and 5 Baz could get you the second and third highest jackpots respectively. The game renders you the convenience of using the AutoPlay features, in case you do not wish to use the gaming features. Moreover, the cartoon characters of the game, along with the wild and scatter symbols render you multiple opportunities to double your winning chances in this online video slots game!

Magic Spell: Game Play

Magic Spell makes your gaming experience even more mesmerizing by its user friendly functions. Master Tom is the wild symbol of Magic Spell, whereas there are several scatter symbols in the game. The scatter symbols in this game essentially comprise of letters which can spell M-A-G-I-C. Magic Spell symbols such as Baz, Catrina and Leo can be substituted by Master Tom – the wild card of this game. Moreover, you can win 5 times more, in case where the wild card appears in the winning combination created by Baz, Leo or Catrina. There are lot of combinations in Magic Spell by which you can multiply your prize money. For instance, if you get Master Tom with 4 Leo’s then you can win 10,000 coins, whereas for 5 Master Tom symbols, you can win 2000 coins. There are several bonus features incorporated in this game. The scatter symbols render you ample of opportunities of winning maximum cash out of your bonus round. The triggering of the golden key as well as the secret library bonus are simply fascinating so as for you to experience pure magic!
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Magic Spell: Themes and Graphics

Magic Spell excels in thematic as well as graphical interpretation. In fact, graphics are one of the outstanding highlights of the game. The theme of Magic Spell keeps you engrossed for hours together. This game can well be your greatest addiction, if you tend to play it every day. The graphics renders vibrancy, a mystic aura, and a special ambience, so as to enable you stunning visuals. Moreover, the audio effects are equally pleasurable, which perfectly sync with the theme as well the graphics. The symbols such as the pumpkin, or a jack-o-lantern, have been justified by a unique graphical representation, without which the mystery from the game would have hampered.

Magic Spell: Jackpot

Magic Spell gives you several betting opportunities, with coin size ranging from $0.01 to $1.00. This game allows you to win three times more! With Magic Spell, you can win three jackpots with a coin size of $1.00 and betting sequence of 10 coins per line. In which case, the appearance of 5 Leo’s can get you the highest jackpot of 2,000 coins or $20,000. By 5 Catrina’s appearing on the payline, you are entitled for the 2nd highest jackpot of $15,000 or 1,500 coins. You will receive $10,000 or 1,000 coins whenever 5 Baz’s appear on the screen payline.

Magic Spell: Free Spin Wins, Bonus Rounds and Multipliers

With Magic Spell, you double your chances of being rewarded, by its two ‘bonus games’ feature. Bonus Game 1 is a preliminary round of your winning spree, wherein you will have to choose amongst the 5 words spelling ‘M-A-G-I-C.’ Choosing the word is the key to the second bonus game. In the second bonus game you have to find the book amongst 5 magic books, triggered by a bespectacled squirrel with a wave of his wand. Your payout prize will be ascertained by this section of Magic Spell. The secret is that both these bonus games can get you a magical reward of 75,000 coins! So if you desire to have the Magic Spell cast around you, or if you want to be embraced with sheer magical experience of this game, you have to get yourself registered at Microgaming Video Slots Online, in order to be logged in. That easy! Now get ready to get entertained and mesmerized with this top bracket gaming spectacular! You will have a great time as the game will cast its spell on you!