Monster Mania

Join the all-powerful, Monster Mania at Video Slots Online. Experience the Microgaming Video Slots Online gaming arcade, to win some monstrous amount of money!

Play Monster Mania, and increase the size of your winnings!

Microgaming once again gets to you a much better and bigger gaming experience through Monster Mania, in the domain of video slots online. The game is a 9 payline, 5 reel video slots online machine, which can be played for free or in real time. In this game, your winning combinations are restricted to five spinning reels. Coin denominations vary from $0.25 bet to $2.00 bet per payline, wherein 1000 coins is the maximum payout. Monster Mania quenches your thirst for greater money making opportunities, by giving you five reels and only 9 paylines! Additionally, the game comprises of all the entertaining ingredients of online video slots, such as wild card and scatter symbols amongst many others. This game can make your mouth water with excellent depiction of fruits such as bitten apple, oranges, bananas, watermelon, and grapes. Moreover, the monster symbols are aptly depicted in variant catchy colours.
So let us check out certain itineraries, to enable you acquire new wicked ways of making huge sums of money!

Monster Mania: Rules

Monster Mania comprises of wild card symbol as well as scatter symbol, represented by ‘Monster Wild’ and ‘Scatter Brian’ respectively. The Scatter Brian payout is determined by multiplying the credits wagered by the scatter symbol. In completing winning combinations, wildcard symbol can replace all other symbols except the ‘Scatter Brian.’ Before every spin, you can wager up to nine paylines. Four sizes of coin sizes such as $0.25, $0.50, $1.00 and $2.00 can be played. However, in case you would want to change the denomination of your coin made previously, all you have to do is press the (+) or (-) symbol. If you want to bet maximum, just press “Bet Max” and Monster Mania will automatically place the maximum bet for your selected coin size. The payout table in this awesome game will provide you the appropriate winning combination. The game provides user friendly instructions, similar to any normal slot machines.

Monster Mania: Game Play

Monster Mania has ‘Monster Wild’ as its wild symbol. As such, Monster Wild symbol can complete a winning combination by replacing any other symbols, except the scatter symbol. In other words, Scatter Brain cannot be replaced by Monster Wild symbol, for a scatter winning combination. Only Reels 2, 3 and 4 can invite the wild card symbol of Monster Wild. You will be paid only the highest combination value in case of more than one payline combinations. Likewise, this game considers one winning combinations per payline. As aforesaid, the scatter symbol, depicted by Scatter Brain can appear anywhere on the payline, and not necessarily on the enabled payline. As long as three or more than three Scatter Brain symbols mark their presence, the scatter symbols can scatter themselves anywhere on the five reels. The total number of wager credits multiplied by Scatter brain symbols, depict your winnings!
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Monster Mania: Themes and Graphics

Monster Mania depicts a soothing theme with monsters and goblets being excellently portrayed. The theme goes very well with the symbol characterization. More so, the graphics exude vibrant colours, especially the five reels which look very attractive. However, the graphical interpretation is not overtly done so as to create a clutter and make it hard for you to recognize the characters. Graphics are subtle in rendering colour to the interface of the game. This makes the payout tables as well as the options very legible and equally attractive. The game’s sound effect is in par with the themes and gel with the overall ambience of the game. Overall, the theme and graphics certainly enhances the value-added benefits of the game.

Monster Mania: Jackpot

Monster Mania allows you to wager up to $2.00 maximum, whereas $18 is the maximum bet that you can avail. It is a perfect choice for all kinds of players. Whether you want to play conservatively or whether you want to play with daring, the choice is all yours. With five ‘Tongues’, you can be rewarded with the biggest jackpot of 1000 coins. Some other symbols of Monster Mania like the Horns and the Gecko symbols return 700 and 900 coins respectively.

Monster Mania: Features

Monster Mania is a simple slot game with no unnecessary frills, however gives you a good chance of making some good winnings, with a proven best return average. The game avails you to use the ‘Expert Mode’, which can allow you to operate the ‘AutoPlay’ option. By ‘AutoPlay’ you can avoid interaction with Monster Mania game features which allows you to play any number of spins automatically. Moreover, you could also go for ‘Quick Spin’ option in case you can accelerate your winning chances! The game efficiently incorporates the help files so as to answer any of your queries by just a click of a mouse. Apart from other attributes mentioned above, this game coming from one of the leaders in online video slots ensure high level of security as well as safety. You can play this amazingly fun-filled money-spinner in real time and without any tension. In case, you prefer to create a separate atmosphere in your play, there are several options at your disposal which you can always use.
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