Moonshine, a Microgaming video slots online game is a hilarious, attention-grabbing gamblers haven, which captivates with its quirky features and immense rewards. Be assured that playing this game leaves you refreshed, loaded with cash and doubled over with laughter. No headaches or hangovers of gambling in these rollercoaster free rides slots!

Felonious Hillbillies’ Moonshine Capers

Moonshine is an unlawful drink, whiskey to be specific which is brewed by unlicensed hillbillies in rural surroundings. Of necessity this liquor has to be distilled in stealth by the light of the moon and bottled before the law, in the person of the Sherriff, sniffs you on and puts you in a hole.

The hillbillies with their strange appearance will make you chuckle with mirth. There they are looking incongruous in their rustic outfits and eating freaky foods like pan-fried greens, a purplish hog (yes a hog!), pumpkin-pie and grits in a bowl. You will take to the gun toting Grandma in her rocking chair like a fish takes to hooch-whoops-water. Moreover the background music which is true blue country mode gives you the feel of being out under a moonlit sky in tandem with these silly symbols—the hillbillies executing their underhand operation. A freaking shenanigan that you will love all the same!

The video slots online game is a smorgasbord of characters like Rastus, Marilyn, Festus Fried Green Tomatoes, and Bottle juxtaposed in amusing combinations.

A don’t miss feature of this online video slots game is the introductory mini film that plays in the beginning of Moonshine, telling an engrossing story about moon shining in the old days in America.

Moonshine: Rules

As with other Microgamming video slots online games, this has some simple rules to stick to which, in the heat of excitement you must not forget to pay attention. This rollicking online video slots treat has 25 paylines and 5 reels. Play of this non-progressive game is with multiple coins and there is a medley of Scatter, Wild, and Trigger Bonus Symbols to set you spinning with glee. You are allowed flexibility to wager with five coins per each payline and the coins being betted in a wide range denominationally. For a max wager you get a super potential reward. The Jackpot win in Moonshine can be 40,000 and if lady luck’s on your side this money can increase up to 16,000 with the singular Free Spins attribute.

In the small flick at the beginning you get acquainted with the symbols of this video slots online game which you recognise with a great deal of elation as the game opens. The Grandma is Wild and can stand in for any symbol except the Sherrif and the Bonus. The Scatter denotes the Sherrif and you need him to be at any place on the reels which number one to five.

In the Bonus feature the name of the Free Spin is Moonshine Jugs. When on the five reels of Moonshine, the three jugs are visible at any position; the Bonus is sparked off with a bang.
In Moonshine the value of the coins jackpot is 8000 maximum. You get to play with a maximum of 125 coins. While range of betting is from $0.01 up to $125, the coin wager ranges from $0.01 up to $1. You can play with up to a maximum of 125 coins.

Moonshine: Game Play

While the moonshiners play out their antics, you can take a shot at this slot machine by Microgamming and wager the specified number to tempt fortune your way. This is not a download game. It needs no exceptional software to join the game either.
The smallest place bet is 1 cent per payline. The biggest ante is 1 dollar per payline. The wild symbol in the Moonshine slot machine game is the sharp eyed Grandma. She can take the place of any other symbol excluding the scatter ‘Sherrif’ icon to roll into a winning alignment.
The ‘Sheriff’ needs not be visible in a row on an empowered payline to snap up a winning configuration .If three or three plus ‘sheriff’ images pop up any place in the 5 reels, you are awarded a smashing win. ‘Moonshine jug’ represents the Free Spins trait of the game. According to the rules if there is a display of the correct pattern of alignment the Bonus feature comes into its own and holds you in its thrall.

Moonshine: Jackpot

Brought to you by Microgaming software, this popular slots game with its grow-rich- quickly scheme in illicit Moonshine mode, takes you straight to the mark with a charismatic jackpot in the wings, simply waiting for you to take it. The slots game brings you a top jackpot worth 8000 coins and a 2nd jackpot of a consolatory 1000 coins. This takes the pressure off playing just for a single stake that may or may not be yours for the taking. All the funny food items make sure that you don’t have to eat humble pie at any rate.

Moonshine: Themes and Graphics

The Hillbilly theme of the unlawful manufacture of booze at night to cloak the smoke from the rustic ‘country factory’ impregnates the game from start to finish. Gamer or just onlooker, you will be fascinated by the film that unreels a quaint story of Grandma, Sheriff, and motley other blokes in fancy dress doing their thing in Hillbilly style. Moonshine is colourful- yes, full of comic action and food-yes and to top it all has a happy ending to the booze-makers tale. So throw in your lot with the sulky Indian, the jovial banjo player, and Sam who sounds the pipe. Remember, though you’re staking bets for the Moonshine, it’s the foods that will lead you to up the pathway for a good win.

Moonshine: Bonuses, Free Spins and 3x Multipliers

This is the crème de la crème of Moonshine and it occurs when you see three or three plus bonus bottles at any place on the video display. This results in being taken to a fresh screen which is partitioned into a grid with bouncy music in the background. Each square on the grid has a moon in it and you pick each moon to discover what is unearthed. To stock up on free spins you may select as many moons as you like until ordered to stop. The stop command tells you that your free spins lay triggered. The free spins go into autoplay in a showy screen like the first one with the characters slightly altered. For instance you will notice that the bobby is disrobed and bound. Thereafter a screen appears which looks into a saloon where all the graphemes huddle together waiting for Grandma with a gun to exit the saloon and shoot. As she does this, the sum total of winning coins in the free spin are told.
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