Oriental Fortune

You will be thrilled to bits to play this Microgaming video slots online game called Oriental Fortune. Get a taste of the exotic east in this exhilarating slots game. Here is a peek preview of what to expect when you choose to enter the realms of ancient fortunes to try your luck.

The Smiling Geisha Girl

Oriental Fortune is a terrific online video slots game with an easy on the eye background details, and shiny graphics and unbelievably easy to play. This game is beautifully designed to appeal visually and is accompanied by soothing musical sounds. Made to entrance you, this top- notch game with its wondrous symbols is a breath of fresh air inviting you to sink into oriental traditions and Asian ambiance.
This multihued game is mystical and wafts you away, back to ancient customs. The sorted nature of the game, without any extra attributes, has taken it to the top of the heap. You will be simply blown out of the water when you start playing this video slots online game.
Oriental Fortune has bridged the gap between the traditional and today’s vivaciously themed online games taking the gamer to a new dimension of a greater number of reels and superior animations in 3D.

Oriental Fortune: Rules

In Oriental Fortune there are a total of five reels. So, with these five reels, rather five spinning reels the winning combinations are formed, and every coin entered triggers a new payline. When the spin comes to a halt, symbol combinations along the new paylines are checked. You can play the Oriental Fortune game both for fun and for real money. So if you have a penchant for living on the edge, this is the name of the game.
Next, let’s see what the Geisha symbol in Oriental Fortune has in store for you. On an activated payline if you have the wild symbol, i.e. the Geisha symbol and one single Jack symbol it will payout 2 coins. And, if on the activated payline you have two Geisha symbols and one Dragon Symbol, then you can earn big bucks, a payout of twenty coins! Surely this is tempting enough! A few more rules to learn and you can launch into play.
Another awesome feature of the Oriental Fortune game is AutoPlay. With this feature the game starts automatically and continues until 25 spins. Winnings will depend on the symbols that appear on the payline once the reel comes to a halt. The winning combination will not be produced unless the symbols lie side by side. And, among them at least one has to be first that is first reel slot or the last that is fifth reel slot. The other two, three and four reel slots will not payout.
To know what determines your winning amount look below for the simple answer-
Winning amount = number of coins you have won * number of credits bet per payline.
You are sure to have the ropes by now.

Oriental Fortune: Game Play

Oriental Fortune brought to you by Microgaming video slots online games has provided gamers with the opportunity to play from home just like real players, but free of cost. And, you can play the Oriental Fortune game both live gambling and also for free money.
The wild symbol of the video slots online game is the Geisha symbol. Interestingly the Geisha has the power to replace every other symbol in the activated payline to bring out the winning combination, thus making way for you to bag the rewards. There is a total number of fifteen probable winning combinations and a huge jackpot payout of 5,000 coins and a second payout of 3,000 coins. To maximize your winning chances, you have to bet with the maximum number of coins. And, to do that simply press the “Bet Max” button.
The Auto play button in the Oriental Fortune game is accessible in the “expert button”. At first, you have to select the coin that you would like to play for and the number of paylines which ranges from level one to level five. Then, select the AutoPlay settings. A small box will appear in front of you, where you can set the Spin and Stop Settings, number of spins, and the time between each spin. Similarly, set the Stop setting as well. After you are done, you will find at the bottom of the box there are three options) “save and close” two) “Start” 3) “close”. To start, hit the Start tab. After that you don’t have to do anything, as the game starts automatically. After 25 spins the reel will stop. Then, you are shown the amount you have won and the demo credits. On your payline you will be able to see some symbols. Your winnings will depend on these particular symbols.

Oriental Fortune: Themes and Graphics

This online video slots game will exhilarate you with its five reels and five paylines with an alluring Japanese theme, giving you ample chance to catch all the marbles. It has no scatter symbol. The regular symbols of Oriental Fortune other than the Geisha symbol are- the Fish, the Lion, the Landscape, the Dragon and Ten. Three other symbols which will jog your memory about card games are the Jack, the King, and the Queen.

Oriental Fortune: Jackpot

Yet another important element of Oriental Fortune game is its Jackpot. The jackpot symbol is the Oriental Fortune Logo symbol. And, you can win up to 5000 coins to 25,000 coins, if you succeed in obtaining all the five symbols. However, this depends on whether you play one coin per line or maximum coins per line. In this game if you play for 25 cents then you can win a jackpot worth $250.

Oriental Fortune: Bonuses, Free Spins and 3x Multiplier

Now, you might think that without the scatter symbol and bonus feature this Oriental Fortune game might not be on par with the other video slots online games like Adventure Palace, Break the Bank Again or the Wheel of Wealth Special Edition. But, don’t be in low cotton. The Geisha symbol as you can see is the perfect substitute for these symbols.
Take a pot-shot at your fate in the Orient, spoil yourself silly and enjoy!