Pollen Nation

Pollen Nation, a Microgaming video slots online game has made a splash in the domain of online video slots games. Play this game and get a real kick out of it. Lets start off with how this bees and honey game galvanizes you into action.

Get Buzzing with the Bees!

Pollen Nation with its honeyed soft timbre and an angelical baby tyke has taken its gamers onto cloud nine. You will be as pleased as punch with this rattling online video slots caper which with its bracing ambiance, rams the gamers straight to the honey pot. With bees droning in your ears and syrupy symbols, Pollen Nation is a breathless race to the finish every single time. If this sounds like smooth ride, wait till you actually plunge into this video slots online game.
Inimitably soaked in playfulness this game has riveting offers to floor you. This 5 reel online video slots game with 25 paylines, and side-splitting bee-hive and the assorted symbols has adds a zing to this delectable online adventure. In Pollen Nation every user goes dotty about the Wild queen, which is the wild symbol and the Scatter Bee which is the Scatter Symbol in this online wager.
Pollen Nation has a jokey theme with honey-filled apiaries that are clicked by the wagers, which then keeps feeding the hungry little babee until you are commanded to STOP.
Now, let me take you to chiselled guidelines, which are lucid and approachable.

Pollen Nation: Rules

The first rule of Pollen Nation video slots online is, knowing the maximum number of coin you can chance for one payline. At the maximum you can bet ten coins. Number two rule of Pollen Nation is that, if there are any malfunctions, all pay and plays will be struck down. Period.
The next rule is that the Wild Queen Symbol may replace any symbol, except two. And, these symbols are the Scatter Bee and Babee symbol.
Another rule for the Wild Queen Symbol is that, if, there is an active payline, and several symbols appear on that, then this Wild symbol can build its own winning combo. But, remember that in each payline, you will not be paid more than one tallying combination. But, in case you have sweeping combinations more than one, then the amount you will receive will be worth the highest combination.
Now, you must be speculating about how to play with the Scatter Symbol in Pollen Nation. Well, here, the winning recipe is that there must be more than three or at least three symbols on the reel. Your sweepstakes will be worked out by this formula:-
Combination payout of the scatter symbol * total regular bet coins
So empower yourself for a spectacular score!

Pollen Nation: Game Play

Pollen Nation beguiles you with striking features, jackpot and bonuses and various crafty symbols like the Royal Jelly, Worker Bees, Bees Wax, Honey Jars, Pollen Puffs, Honeycomb along with the Scatter and Wild symbols and the racy Bonus game. The goal of this online casino game is to create some thumping combinations out of the symbols that are regrouped when the reels spin.
At kick-off of Pollen Nation, the number of paylines has to be picked out. Next you set the bet and slam the spin tab. If you get a winning combination it appears on the reels, and the amount flashed in the Win box is yours—bingo! But, the game aborts if there are no such combos.
Betting may go up to $125. If, (hold on!) you can hit on the Honey pot, you may win up to $30,000. So jolly along and enjoy!
The regular mode of this video slots online game is devoid of any extra attributes, whereas the expert mode has the 5x plus the 10x facets. The 5x feature means an automatic uninterrupted spin for five times and 10x feature means an uninterrupted spin for ten times.
From the bonus game, with three or more babies you have a golden chance to win more than $6000! What a heady win—bottoms up all you gaming pals.
If Autoplay button is selected from the Expert menu, then the machine spins the reels on autopilot. Set the Stop and spin settings here. Now just shake a leg and start playing Pollen Nation.

Pollen Nation: Jackpot

The Jackpot in Pollen Nation will fetch you megabucks, a lump sum of 6000 coins. Grab the bag by hitting the max bet. And if you can get on with the five Queen Bee symbols, then you will win the Jackpot of 30,000 coins. But, don’t be demoralized if you are not able to win it. Just go for the bee hives and hang on.

Pollen Nation: Themes and Graphics

The awesomely peppy features of this Microgaming video slots online game like the dainties, combatants and workers will make you grin from ear to ear! And best of all these bees don’t sting! This game like Oriental Fortune and Twister can be savoured by the players not only at the casinos, but also from home. For a video slots online game, this takes you to the very zenith of droll entertainment.

Pollen Nation: Bonuses, Free Spins and 3x Multiplier

Here, the bonus symbol has been attached to the most cherubic symbol– the Babee Symbol. This Symbol of Pollen Nation is the icing on the cake. Once the bonus gets triggered you are set up for an exciting win or lose final. From this bonus game, a total number of 32- 250 coins can be won and what a win it is dear gamers! However you will not have any payout from it. And, to let slip the hit and miss bonus wins, you need to go on hitting the Honey cells until directed to stop. In regular wins, this bonus game is added and at game finish the winning amount is auto-collected, where the coins get converted into credit. Try it out for yourself, endless fun, endless cheer.