Prime Property

Prime Property is a whale of a Microgaming video slots online game, which is quite ahead of the curve in the world of online video slots games. Jazz up yourself to play this real estate property stake. The features of this nifty game literally raise the roof. So rise to the occasion and delve into some big time gaming.

Have slotfuls of fun with this High rise Romp!

Prime Property is a video slots online game with crystallized rules and soothing music played in the background, which amps you up like a dog with two tails. The ambiance is very high-rise and the medley of mansions adds to the pizzazz. The beautiful young lady flinging a cheesy smile your way jacks up your adrenaline, as you speculate on your Prime Property. Win an arm and a leg. Get steeped in property deals without tying up your money, in this online casino game. Lever a profitable enterprise with your tittering agents.
You will feel impelled to play this wet Prime Property online video slots game. With its strange agents and other cranky symbols this risky online slots venture easily takes the crown over other speculation plays. The colourful, robust symbols make every gamer wax lyrical over real estate wins. Rather like Monopoly; do you recall the high-pitched fun?
This game has five reels and a total of 40 paylines which will reward you an ante of 200 coins. The assorted symbols like the Wild Joker, Morning Paper symbols, etc will get you juiced up and raring to go. There is an opportunity to win the bonanza of 12,000 coins.
So, read the rules which are as easy as falling of a log. Thereafter, move into Prime Property and add tycoon to your profile, as you hot-foot your way through this world of online video slots.

Prime Property: Rules

The main rule of playing Prime property is that per payline you can bet up to five coins. But, one point must be remembered that all pay and play will be annulled if there is any kind of malfunction.
The Wild Symbol of the Prime Property does not substitute the Move it Scatter symbol and the Morning Paper Wild symbol.
The Wild Symbol creates its own winning combination when on one line a number of symbols appear on an activated payline. And, per payline only one winning can be paid out. The worth of the highest winning combo will be waged out when more than one scoring combination appears.
The rule about playing with the Scatter Symbol in Prime Property which is symbolized by the Move It symbol is that, when three or more than three becomes visible on the reels a winning combination is formed. The gains from this will be added to your regular win. If you are lucky enough to tally the scatter and regular sweeps together, then you will take the cake for both wins. The modus operandi for reckoning scatter win in this video slots online game is –
Scatter symbols combination payout * total number of regular coins bet.

Prime Property: Game Play

The payout of this Prime Property game depends on the winning combination.
In this video slots online game you will have the following symbols- Prime Property , Double Storey Jo-Anne (2000), Mike, Single Storey ,Villa, Summer House, Lily Mansion and Peter to add up to the X-factor of the game.

The game will start when you select the number of spins and place a bet and initiate spin. There are two game modes- expert and regular, with expert modes having spare features. These are 5x and 10x. 5x feature gives you an automatic spin of five times and 10x feature gives you a spin of 10 times.
To create a winning combination, the Wild Joker of Prime Property can substitute any other symbol.
A point to keep in mind is that in Prime Property, the scatter Move It symbol may not appear on the line of an activated payline, it may appear anywhere.
Autoplay in Prime Property can be accessed in expert mode, where you can set the spin and stop settings. Autoplay will let you off you from pressing the spin button every time, because when you set the positions about the number of spins to be played and the durations, it will automatically begin the game with a hit on the start button.

Prime Property: Jackpot

The jackpot of this video slots online game will yield you a total of 12,000coins for five Prime Property symbols in an activated payline. There is also a chance for every gamer to win the second jackpot worth 750 coins if you get four of the symbols. Thus, you can see that victory is all over hell’s half acre. So without lickety-split, pitch yourself into the game and take a shot at the prize. The rewards will keep you smiling and you just got promoted to business tycoon!

Prime Property: Themes and Graphics

The theme of Prime Property is that of real estate, in which it is much easier to play and win, than in the real housing industry world. The panorama is awesomely breath-taking, every single symbol giving you a real feel of the real estate world, where winning is far more bounteous. Like all others Microgaming video slots online games like Oriental Fortune or say Adventure Palace this game also has some unique iconic symbols like the gluttonous politician, which adds a spicy zing to the game.

Prime Property: Bonuses, Free Spins and 3x Multiplier

In this Prime Property game when three or more than three Morning Paper Symbols appears on the reels, then your bonus game gets activated. And, with this you will be feted with forty spins and with 8x multiplier value. Now, the number of free spins and multiplier value depends on the number of symbols that turned on the bonus game, and the values are added to the original value. When the free spins are still on, there is no way to re-activate the bonus game. For the Morning Symbol combination there is no payout. Here, also wins from the Bonus game will be added to the regular wins just like they get added for Scatter Wins. So find your way round this game with the eye of a realtor and make a stupendous win!