Pure Platinum

Microgaming video slots online has been waiting on the gamers hand and foot with its top-drawer creations one of which is Pure platinum. The amazing sheen of the themes and eye-catching features will take you into high gear and turn you wacko.

Land on your feet with the shimmery glints

Pure Platinum is a video slots online game with a chirpy environment, making you batty with joy. The pricy platinum twinkling at you, oozing attraction at every point of this online video slots game, is a knockout. The kit and caboodle is way out cool, which is why every gamer try’s a hand at this hit or miss prize. Mellifluent music adds to your gaming pleasure.
The symbols in Pure Platinum are a rare treat and the rules are as plain as day which spurs every single gamer for a crazy whirl at the slots.
Pure Platinum has in total 40 payline, and sure as shooting every possible feature you can think of- the Bonus game, free spins, and even a Gamble feature. So start playing with the sparks and twinkles without a minutes waste of time.

Pure Platinum: Rules

Right off the bat let me tell you about the general rules of Pure Platinum. Per payline you can lay a wager up to ten coins. And, if by chance the game goes kaput then all your plays and pay will be annulled.
The Insignia of the Wild Symbol in this online video slots game is the Pure Platinum logo. This symbol does not replace the scatter symbol and when several symbols appear on the activated payline the winning combinations get created. Several Wild symbols appearing on the spool concurrently will create a symbol stack with chances of replacing other symbols and offering you winning combinations on the table.
The Record symbol of Pure Platinum is the Scatter Symbol, which completes a winning combo when two or more than two is displayed on the lurch.
Rules for Gamble feature is that, any win can activate it. You have the option of either choosing it or skipping it.
Other than the Scatter wins, on each combination the winnings are paid on the highest combo. Combinations of winning scatter can appear in the left, right and centre.
At minimum one symbol must appear on the first slot lurch. Symbol combinations are not paid pot if they are in any other position. On an active payline the symbols must lie side by side.
Regular wins are calculated by-
Number of coins won* number of coins played per payline.
Your winnings are converted into credit after the game ends.

Pure Platinum: Game Play

For playing Pure Platinum, at first, select the number of paylines which can go up to 40. Then have a flutter and Spin. You can adjust the speed, settings and sound of the game from the Options menu.
If Scatter Record symbol appears for three or more than three times then the bonus game gets headed out. The wins from this are calculated by the following formulae-
Combination of scatter symbols payout *Total number of regular coins waged
The wins from this are totalled with the regular wins. If you have both the Scatter and regular wins, then you are paid for both of them.
You have two modes in this online video slots game like it is in their – Expert and Regular. With Expert mode you can access the Autoplay, Spin 5x facets and Spin 10x facets. This automatically sets the number of spins and the durations when you set them from the Stop and Spin settings, available in the AutoPlay feature. Before starting this you have to set a betting value.
You have in total three combinations which will help you to play with the Free Spin Feature:
1. 10free spins+ 5x multiplier 2) 25 free spins+ 2x multiplier 3) 50free spins+ 1x multiplier.
The betting range can go up to max 0.05. And, you have the opportunity to win the jackpot worth 10,000 coins.

Pure Platinum: Jackpot

In this Pure Platinum video slots online game you have a precious opportunity to win a jackpot of 400,000 coins. If per payline you have placed the gamble of 10 coins, and if your coin size is $.05, then the maximum jackpot amount that can be won is a thousand coins. You can win the logo of 5 Pure Platinum for a value of $500. The Second jackpot will fetch you 750 coins, and you can win 5 Stamped/Stacked Bars or a total of 5rings with $375. You have a third jackpot in Pure Platinum as well which will give you 500 coins, where you can get 4 Platinum logos or 5 watches for $250.

Pure Platinum: Themes and Graphics

The theme of Pure Platinum is that of the glittery platinum metal. The bells and whistles which includes the Watches, Platinum Bars, Rings, the playing card like A, K, Q, J, 10, 9 recalling the essence of a pure card game, will make you gaily nostalgic. Just like any other Microgaming video slots online game like The Rat Pack or Liquid Gold you are left wondering with bated breath to learn how electrifying the game actually is, so take the dive.

Pure Platinum: Bonuses, Free Spins and 3x Multiplier

In Pure Platinum when the Record scatter symbol appears for three or more than three times then the bonus game gets initiated. You are awarded with a total of 50 free spins and you can win a value worth 5x multiplier value. These multiplier prices and free spins can be chosen in the bonus game. With the gamble feature in Pure Platinum, if your winnings are more than the limit of the wager, then this gamble feature cannot be initiated, but if it is not, you can continue playing as long as the limit is not attained. You will be asked to make a correct speculation for either the card colour or card suit. Guessing the right card colour doubles your winning amount, and a correct guess of card suit will quadruple your winning amount. The limit of the gamble is either the amount limit or per game the five gambles.
So why dally? Riot your way through to the end with a fast-paced chutzpah.