Ramsses Riches

Ramesses Riches another absorbing Microgaming video slots online game has a strange mysticism about it, smart as a whip animations and graphics and an overall appeal that sets your pulse racing – and how!

Egyptian Intrigue keeps you ‘Ankh’–ored

An enthralling essence which is right as rain has invigorated Ancient Egypt. Gamers go gaga over the wonderful intriguing symbols and dulcet tunes of this clattering online jape. The features and graphics have added to the outlandishness theme of Ramesses Riches.
The unique symbols and bang-up facets captivate and thrill your senses through the beautiful Egyptian woman who makes this an online video slots game to die for. With five reels and a payline of 20, the game turns spectacular. Delirious gamers sense the curious aura of ancient Greece and the strange mystique of Ramesses the Great, jibbing with his secret enigma.
So keep enjoying the 20 free spin video slots online game – Ramesses Riches where you and Egyptian glamour merge together into a heady cocktail of mystery and enchantment.
Punch it with the rules and taste the excitement Ramesses Riches.

Ramesses Riches: Rules

The first rule of Ramesses Riches video slots online is that at each payline you can bet only one coin. Any kind of malfunction will nullify all pay and plays.
The Ramesses symbol in Ramesses Riches is the multiplier or rather it is the Wild symbol. It does not substitute the Scatter symbol. Payout gets doubled when this symbol replaces a winning combo.
The Ankh which is the Scatter Symbol can complete a tallying combination only when two or more of it appears on the lurches.
In Ramesses Riches the regular winning combinations are paid out from left to right. At minimum one of the symbols should appear on the first slot reel or else if it is there in any other slot, then chances are you won’t be paid out.
In the bonus game of Ramesses Riches a total of 20 free spins are rewarded to you. All through the free spins there is a tripling of the regular wins. In the bonus game the number of active symbols specifies the number of free spins you have won. During bonus game of this online video slots game the free spins gets reactivated.
So get ready for an extravagant notch up!

Ramesses Riches: Game Play

Ramesses Riches is a wonderful video slots online game with conspicuous graphics and 3D effects which clench you to attention Sway in the flurry once you adjust the settings of the game from the Options menu.
On an active payline when several Wild symbols are flaunted, then it generates its own winning combination. Per payline only one winning combo is paid, and with more than one of such combos, you are paid worth the value of the highest combo.
The objective of Ramesses Riches game is to roll the reels so that on a payline a scoring combination is formed. Depending on this combination you will be paid out.
If you hit on the Spin tab the reels start rolling. And, if you have a winning combo on the payline, your winnings will be shown and you will be able to see the amount you have won in the win box. Without the combination the game comes to an end.
You have an AutoPlay option in this slots online game. This option enables you to set the spin and stop settings, which will then start the play automatically, thereby making the game much easier for you.
Regular wins are calculated by this formula-
Number of coins won* number of coins played in each payline.
Scatter wins are calculated by this rule
Scatter symbols combination payout * the total number of credits played
The wins from the Ankh Symbol are added to regular wins. If you have both regular and scatter wins you will be paid for both. Free Spins Bonus game gets activated when three or more than three such symbols are dispersed on the lurches.

Ramesses Riches: Jackpot

The Jackpot in Ramesses Riches will flood you with, a lump sum of $ 10,000 and 5000 coins. Maximum value of the jackpot in Ramesses Riches is $75,000. With five Ramesses symbols on an active payline you will be defrayed an amount of maximum jackpot. To win the jackpot of maximum money value you must gamble on the maximum coin value. You can win a jackpot worth $50 if you stake for 1cent.

Ramesses Riches: Themes and Graphics

Realistic art and graphics are built onto a popular Egyptian theme. The hidden booty of the ancients must be found and Ramesses will lead you to it. A new game from Microgamming this is one that deliberately digs into the past and open some ‘Ankh’ to its magnetic quality.
The excruciatingly zippy features of Ramesses Riches like the stunning Cleopatra, Ace, Eye of Horus, Scroll, Bastet and card symbols which resembles the other Microgaming video slots online game like Pure Platinum, and Queen of the Jungle Review. No worries Slots has the King, the Queen, the Jack, ten and nine. No other game can match up to this video slots online game, so just get with the flow.

Ramesses Riches: Bonuses, Free Spins and 3x Multiplier

In the bonus game of Ramesses Riches the reels are whirled automatically. This completes your free spins, and the bonus amount gets totalled and you automatically get into the regular game play. After the bonus game ends you get an option to play the Gamble feature.
This feature gets activated with any kind of win. You can choose to play it or skip it. If your win is more than the gamble activation limit, then you will not be allowed access to this feature. Here correct speculations of the card colour will double your win and correct speculations of card suit will quadruple your win. You can continue playing Ramesses Riches until you reach the gamble limit.
This gambling venture is worth a run for your money and a tour of Egypt to boot. Enjoy the sun and sands trail to Ramesses’ gold. And bring in the moolah!