Reel Gems

Microgaming video slots online has created the cat’s meow through Reel Gems. This online video slots game pours a rush of diamonds with every big win. Amazing animations and ornate effects have made this game the be-all, end-all in the domain of Microgaming games.

Bathe in a diamond fountain; Put Sparkle in your Spirit

Reel Gems is a video slots online game which with its Olympian features has amazed gaming nuts right from its launch. The racy ambiance streaks a glowing trail every time you play. You will surely delight in the finely honed graphics and the scads of glittery stones which fall over each other and produce temptingly plush sounds.
Reel Gems is crawling with corking features and symbols in a nifty package. All the assets and visual effects in this video slots online game are quite addictive and draw you in irresistibly.
Reel Gems has no payline, but 243 distinct ways instead to win the game and make a killing. Seize the opportunity and cram your sack full of the opulent crystals. There are other Microgaming games that you can also try while you are playing this one, like Prime Property, Reel Thunder, Santa Paws and others.

Reel Gems: Rules

Following the basic rules of this lush online video slots game will do the trick. The first rule is that, the two hundred forty three pays are undyingly activated. Per spin you get a multiplier to bet which is as big as 25. You can gamble in each spin with 20 coins. Any kind of breakdown will nullify your game.
Your Wild symbol in Reel Gems is the Reel Gems symbol itself. It does not replace the Diamond ring Scatter Symbol. Per pay multiple winning combos are paid, and you will be paid for all wins when there is a probability of winning more than one winning combo.
When on the spools three or more than three Diamond Ring Scatter Symbols appear, then it completes a winning combo and the windfall Free Spins game gets enabled.

Reel Gems: Game Play

The goal of this online video slots game is to form winning combinations by rolling the reels. Depending on the winning combination your payout is made.
To place bets choose the coin size and numbers. Hit on Bet Max to gamble with the greatest number of coins.
To roll the spools in Reel Gems hit on Spin. The win gets highlighted on the spools when you have a winning combo. But, when you do not have the combo, the game dies out.
These online video slots games have a duke’s mixture of positions where you can adjust Autoplay, sound and speed settings which you prefer. From the Options menu you can change these settings.
With the AutoPlay option you can select a number of games that will be played automatically without interruptions.
You will have two modes in Reel Gems – Expert mode and Regular mode. With Expert mode you can avail the Spin 5x feature and Spin 10x features. This gives you the opportunity to play with a definite number of spins without even clicking the Spin button.
Regular wins are calculated by this formula-
Number of coins won* Number of coins bet.
Scatter wins in this game are calculated by the following formula-
Payout of Scatter symbols combination * total number of regular coins that have been put on bet

Reel Gems: Jackpot

In this Reel Gems video slots online game there is an opportunity for the gamers playing the Real Play to win progressive jackpot which increases with each appropriate gamble. The minimum bet per line of 1¢ should become appropriate for the progressive jackpot, and if it succeeds to become so then 4.5% of the player’s total gamble will be added to this jackpot. This jackpot can be won in the round of Jewellery Box Bonus game. When you win this jackpot, if there are other gamers who are playing Reel Gems will be at the same time be informed about the value of the new jackpot, and they can they nullify the present stake. Well, it is pertinent as long as in the new value the jackpot appearing in the game has not been updated.

Reel Gems: Themes and Graphics

The theme of Reel Gems game is the sparkling gems. This game is a luscious escapade played with a smart panache. While completely sodden in precious stones you are magnetised by their exquisite beauty. There are sparkling sapphires, rubies, and diamonds, topaz gems and emeralds juxtaposed with the card numbers 9,10, J, Q, K, A which is very similar to Pure Platinum, Rings has gone full tilt to get you some kicks. Feel the magic of Reel Gems with stones that shimmer like fractals.

Reel Gems: Bonuses, Free Spins and 3x Multiplier

In the Free Spin Bonus game of Reel Gems, you are swamped with a fifteen free spins feature, during which your regular wins get tripled. During the Bonus Game when free spins get re-active, then you are offered some bonus free spins.
To automatically start with the Bonus Game, you have to hit on Start Free Spins tab. After the rolling ends, the Bonus amount gets added up in the win box.
During this bonus round, if in the three boxes three diamonds are displayed, then this progressive Jackpot is won. The bonus round would persist and from this round the gamers can still get the normal wins, which will be added once the game ends.
There is a re-spin feature in this Microgaming video slots online game: Reel Gems, which gives you the chance to roll the spools, although you are allowed to make use of this feature with some extra cost, calculated in terms of credit. You are charged separately for each re-spin. Although, this cost doesn’t decide your winning in the game. The re-spin feature is rendered inoperative until the next spin if you change the coin size. Re-spin can be done several times. If out of re-spin any new winning combo is produced then you will paid out for that. However, this feature is not available to the gamers during free spins and AutoPlay.
Why not get cracking and lose yourself in treasures? You’ll love every moment.