Reel Strike

Reel Strike is a hip Microgaming video slots online creation. Reel Strike with its husky wavy sound of the ocean keeps reverberating throughout the game. You can double your enjoyment of this game which allows you to bet and go fishing at the same time. So dip into the water and race with the agile fish.

Play the game and blow away the cobwebs

Reel Strike cranked out by Microgaming video slots online has so many features coming your way like the feeling of choppy sailing on an ocean liner and offers you an adventure in deep water fishing. Whenever someone plays the game they are totally hooked to play. So just have a whale of time cavorting with the beauties of water.
Reel Strike is loaded with peachy features whose graphics and background music will make you bright-eyed and angling your fishing line. Play this online video slots game of five reels and add more to that with a total of 15 paylines, to take you overboard and help you to rake in money with its rolling spins.
If you are smacking your lips to start off just get hooked to the rules before you throw your bait.

Reel Strike: Rules

Reel Strike online video slots game has cut and dried rules. At first, let me tell you that in each payline you can at max bet up to 10 coins. And, any kind of malfunction will simply cancel all your pays and plays.
The Wild symbol and scatter symbol are easy to identify with the words written so distinctly with a silvery fishy hue. These attributes will make you red gilled and breathing mouthfuls of excitement.
The Scatter symbol or Bonus Symbol cannot be substituted by the wild symbol.
When several wilds are displayed on an active payline in Reel Strike, the game will fete you with a winning combo. For each payline you are paid only one such combo, but with more than one combos, then the value worth the highest combo will be rewarded to you.
The scatter symbol with three or more than three of it appearing on the spools will fetch you a winning combo as well.
Combination of symbols starting only from the first slot is paid out. These symbols must sit side by side to give you the payout.

Reel Strike: Game Play

The objective of this online video slots game is to create winning combos. The spools are gyrated to generate this combo, and on this combo depends your payout. Choose the number of paylines, place the gamble by increasing or decreasing the coin size and by choosing the number of coins you want to wager, and then by hitting the Bet Max button. After you are done with this, just hit on Spin and start playing the game.
You will have two modes in Reel Strike – Expert and Regular. Regular mode does not have any kind of sophisticated feature that you might expect. But, the other mode will give you all that are right up your alley. From Expert mode you can avail the Spin 5x feature which gives you five successive spins and the Spin 10x feature which gives you ten successive spins.
If you multiply the coins that you have won in the game by the coin size that you have plumped for, you actually decide your credit amount.
Thus, to convert your coins into credit, the formula is-
Number of coins * whatever is the size of the coin you played for= your total amount in terms of credit
The Scatter winning combos can appear at anyplace on the spools.
Scatter wins are calculated by the following formula-
Payout of scatter symbols combination * total number of regular coins you have put on bet.
Regular wins are calculated by this formula-
Number of coins won *on each payline the number of coins
Scatter wins gets added up to your regular wins. With both scatter and regular win you make a mint and get paid for both. The scatter wins gets added up to your regular wins at the end of this Reel Strike game.
You have an AutoPlay option in Reel Strike which will let you play the game more comfortably by automatically playing the chosen number of uninterrupted plays.

Reel Strike: Jackpot

In this Reel Strike game the Jackpot is a money spinner. You can win up to 10,000 coins in the Jackpot round! The second jackpot can shower with you 1000 coins! The first and maximum jackpot amount is $50,000 which is a walloping gain- right? And also with five wild symbols you get a further bang for your buck by winning the jackpot. So, enjoy the anchovy flavour of the game.

Reel Strike: Themes and Graphics

The theme of Reel Strike video slots online game is full of marine life and you can enjoy the fishing voyage here- with fins ahoy! It is filled with yachts waiting to give you a joyous ride, the yellow Fin Tuna and gambolling Flying Fish diving into the water hoping you would play with them, while the Red Snapper and Barracuda rummaging around for you. Reel Strike is unique and different from the other video slots online games like Pure Platinum or Reel Gems for its out-going frolicking bent.

Reel Strike: Bonuses, Free Spins and 3x Multiplier

In Reel Strike with five Bonus Symbols in on an active payline facilitates the Bonus Game, where you have the chance to win a total of seven free spins plus up to a 6x multiplier value.
You need to choose stuffs so that you can bag an arbitrary number of the free spins and multiplier value in this video slots online game. A sure-fire win is there for you for each spin, although it doesn’t have a winning combo along with it. When you are busy with the free spins let me tell you at that time you won’t be able to reactivate the bonus game.
The wins from the bonus game get added to your normal win.
Make the world your oyster; drop your bait for a big bite hook line and sinker in this online video slots arena.