Reel Thunder

If you are looking for a thrilling video slots game, Reel Thunder is obviously the right choice for you. This Microgaming powered game offers players, the excitement that is expected from any popular online casino game. Strike out for big stakes and let the thunder roll.

Have a Thundering Good Time!

Microgaming powered online video slots game, Reel Thunder has been especially designed for you gamers out there, who are looking for undiluted, sheer fun and excitement, crafted to keep you on tenterhooks while you contemplate a breathtaking wager. The game comes with a wide number of features to hold the interest of the players from beginning to end. Not only is the game loaded with an array of features but also the attributes are managed in such a way so as not to overwhelm newbie’s to the game. In this Microgaming video slots online game though there is no bonus feature incorporated, it is not a great drawback as the game is fascinating even without it.
Any casino offering video slots online games has the exciting Reel Thunder game and you can play well by just learning the rules and tricks of the game. It is extremely important to learn the rules of the game before making a bet as many veteran players are quite attracted to this slots game. Playing the veterans can be challenging so rev up your engines as you dive in to play. If you are new to the game, you can easily access this on the online casino sites, which offer the game for free.

Reel Thunder: Rules

Reel Thunder online video slots game is undoubtedly one of the best slot games available these days. Yet, before proceeding to the intricacies of the game, it is always advisable to understand the rules of the game properly. The online game has nine play lines and players can select any of them according to choice. The wager starts from 0.25 and is up to 2.00 for each payline bet. The RTP or the average return to each player on theoretical average is 96.65%. Highest win payouts are offered on selected paylines and all the coinciding wins are added on the different paylines.
Players will receive their payout based on the paytables they select for playing the Reel Thunder game. Apart from the scatter wins, the winning amounts are paid out for every highest combination on all the enabled paylines. Depending on choice, one can play for the regular symbols, or the very popular Motor symbols and even for the scatter symbols. Wild Heart symbol is also a good choice for playing the game.
Motor symbol pays at any point while the regular symbols pay from left to right order and follows a consecutive order. Scatter payouts are completely independent from the payline awards. Generally, all the features are available on the paid sites. Yet, some features may not function in the games selected in the mode of playing for fun. To enjoy the game, it is always a better option to select the sites, which have been certified for authenticity. Always remember, malfunctioning of the site or the software can completely ruin the charm of the game.

Reel Thunder: Game Play

Reel Thunder online video slots game has received immense popularity among players for its thumping good features. The game uses Microgaming software, which allows for high level speed for playing. You can play the game in different types of slots, viz. multi-denominations slot, multi-coin slots, multiline, video slot machine, wild symbols as well as scatter symbol slots, depending on your choice. The game uses instant play downloadable platform for every move conducted. Therefore, one can enjoy uninterrupted fun from the game quite smoothly.
Reel Thunder has five reels and nine paylines for playing the game. One can use one coin per payline for playing the game. To allow users from different countries to play the game, one can use three different denominations- GBP, EUR and USD. As it is an auto spin game, there is the least chance of any sort of fluctuations in the game. Though the game, Reel Thunder can be opened in all standard screen resolutions, it is best to play the game in 1024 x 768 screen resolution.

Reel Thunder: Themes and Graphics

Reel Thunder online video game is one of the most engaging casino games available these days. It is the features of the game that makes the game so popular among the players and to make every feature attractive, the game has is created with excellent visual appeal. The symbols have been designed in such a way that they can be easily distinguished, leaving hardly any scope of disappointment or confusion while playing the game. The display of Reel Thunder is not at all flashy and players can remain engaged in the game for hours. To help the new users play the game simply and without glitches, useful information is made available online on the screen. Though there are only nine paylines, one can bet up to 45 USD for playing the game. Therefore, the veterans are expected to love the experience and exhilarating effects of Reel Thunder.

Reel Thunder: Jackpot

Reel Thunder has everything that can make an online video slots game really thrilling. Someone who has the luck and knows the skills of the game can win a jackpot of not less than 10, 000 credits. The second jackpot score is also not at all disappointing and is set at 1,000 credits.

Reel Thunder: Free Spins, Bonuses and 3x Multiplier

Once you are through with the rules of this Microgaming video slots online game, you can easily start the spin and try out your luck. There are nine paylines in the game and you can make the bet depending on your expertise of the game. Though there is no bonus reels or bonus features in Reel Thunder, one will never have to think about it as the power packed features will easily grab all the attention of the players. Play the game safely and intelligently so that you become successful at hitting the jackpot score for the greatest time of your life. Go on have a ball!