Retro Reels

There is no doubt about the popularity of the video slots online game, Retro Reels. The top class casino online game has been designed by none other than Microgaming and offers outstanding preciseness to the players. Whether someone is a veteran of the online casino games or has just come to the world of online games, this game will be praised by one and all.

Have a Thrilling Experience with a Retro Appeal

These video slots online games have introduced an all new excitement packed game, Retro Reels for real casino lovers. The online game has been designed in such a way that one will always get the feel of real casinos. The game has everything right from tricky challenges to powerful music for increasing the excitement of the players.
Retro Reels is a five reel online video slots game, which has been again supported with twenty pay line slots for enhancing the thrill of the game and engaging the interest of the players for a longer period of time. Apart from these, the game offers 25 Free Spins with 2x multipliers. Not just that, the game also offers an outstanding mix of Scatters and Wilds. Some of the Re-spin features that are being offered in this game cannot be found in any other online casino games, which is also a reason behind the immense popularity of the game. Yet, when compared to the Wild feature of Real Thunder slot game of Microgaming, the Wild feature of this game might appear to be a little weaker. However, that is not a major flaw indeed, as the other features of Retro Reels are good enough to engage anyone.

Retro Reels: Rules

If you are someone who is interested to try out your luck on the spinning wheels of the Retro Reels, you should at first start by understanding the rules of the game. It is necessary to know the tricks and tips involved in the game so that you can make the right move at the right time and hit the jackpot amount. The online video slots game using the very popular retro theme comes with five reels and has five paylines. Compared to Reel Thunder, the maximum bet amount of this game is set higher to 100.00. Therefore, the veteran players of the game are expected to like playing it. The minimum bet starts from 0.01. Thus, someone who wants to play safe may not put a huge amount of money on stake.
Scatter is the bonus symbol of the Retro Reels game and players will require having 2, 3, 4 or 5 scatters for the Free Spin feature of the game. Players will get to play with a maximum number of 25 Free Spins in which all the wins will be doubled. The game has a re-spin button and someone who wants to try out his luck and get better chances of winning the game can spend some extra bucks for re-spinning the wheel.

Retro Reels Game Play

Retro Reels is one of the most popular online casino games. The game has five reels and five paylines but the excitement of the game is not less than Wheel of Wealth, which has five reels and 25 paylines. The betting range of Retro Reels is only 100.00 while Wheel of Wealth has a limit of 250.00, which makes it a better choice for the veterans of the game.
Apart from the intrinsic features of the game, the high quality graphical quality of the game and the outstanding sound system of the game, make the game more attractive for the players. The symbols of Retro Reels are easy to understand and one will get an idea of the game at ease. Like Reel Thunder, the symbols of this game can also be easily distinguished from one another. If you are really interested to get the thrill of the game, you should play on an authentic site that uses high quality software. Depending on your choice as well as your expertise on the game, you can go for the free versions or the paid versions of the game. The paid versions of the video slots online game offer each and every feature while the free versions have restricted features.

Retro Reels: Themes and Graphics

The theme of the game is highlighted on the name of the game Retro Reels. The game uses a Retro theme and boasts of high quality graphical detailing. Whether it is the symbol of the game or it is the spinning and re-spinning button of the game, everything is clearly distinguished. Like the other Microgaming games, like Reel Gems, Pure Platinum and others, Retro Reels has a bright but not flashy display. The game gives a classic retro feel, which is major reason for the popularity of the game. The jackpot amount offered for Retro Reels is also quite high and the simple rules of the game make it easier for players to hit the jackpot.

Retro Reels: Jackpot

The Microgaming video slots online game has different jackpot amount for holding the interest of the players. The base game has a maximum jackpot amount of 200,000, which is quite higher than many other games using the same platform. The free spins jackpot is also quite high and is set at 400,000. Therefore, someone who will be able to hit the jackpot amount can really enjoy great luck at playing Retro Reels.

Retro Reels: Free Spins, Bonuses and 3x Multiplier

Retro Reels game can be a good choice for anyone who has been recently introduced to the gaming world. Not only that but also it is a popular choice for the veterans of the game. The Re-spin feature of the game is considered to be the best feature of the play. The slots have higher betting range, which makes it an excellent choice for the higher rollers. To make the game even more interesting, the free spin feature of the game has been triggered with the use of a couple of scatter symbols. With the presence of different symbols and signs, this Microgaming video slots.