Santa Paws

Microgaming video slots online games are known for their unique themes and interesting game play to make sure that every player takes home something. If you are someone who just loves the Christmas season and the spirit of this festival, Santa Paws is ideal for you. This online video slots game brings a unique twist to the Christmas Season.

Rudolph the red nosed… whale??

Christmas season is the season of generosity and Santa Paws lives up to this completely! There are great ways to make big bucks and the game also offers superb bonus rounds that give you guaranteed big wins. Not just the theme of this video slots online game, the whole game play is designed to sweep you into the magical land from where Santa Claus functions. And needless to say, Santa means surprises and you will never having one boring moment while playing the game.

Read on to know more about Santa Paws and all its features!

Santa Paws: Rules

A good virtual slot game is one that has the ability to keep players hooked on to it. And the only way a player will continue playing these games if he wins more with each spin. Santa Paws ensures this with special bonus rounds and the jackpot is to drool for! One feature of this Microgaming video slots online game is that all regular players should have observed is the fact that your wins and games depend on the coins and the coin values that you bet per pay line. Your winning combinations are valid only on the enabled pay lines. Each time you insert a coin, a pay line gets enabled and you can start playing.

Santa Paws has wild symbols and scatter symbols are well to increase your chances
of completing those winning combinations. Oh and there’s one more thing you need to remember, you can have more than one slots but the one that gets counted is the one that gives you the maximum payout, of course!

Santa Paws: Game Play

Santa Paws offers a very simple game play. With big wins, yet simple rules, this game attracts both newbie’s and experts! Santa Paws is a 5-reel, 20 payline, online video game. The advantage of multiple pay lines is that you get more chances of getting winning combinations. More winning combination chances are directly proportional to the cash you make. We all know that!

To begin to play any online video slots game, you have to first place a bet. Santa Paws allows you to bet a range of coin denominations which lets your either place a risky bet or a safe one. You can bet coin with values ranging from 0.01- 0.50. These coin denominations can be in dollars, Euros and Pounds. You can bet a maximum of 10 coins per payline. So to begin playing, choose your betline, place a bet and spin the reel. When the reel stops, the combination that you get determines how much money you make. And yes, there is a big jackpot too!

Unfortunately, this is not a progressive video slots online game. If you are into progressive jackpot games, you must try Totem Treasure, Tomb Raider Bonus Slot and Vinyl Countdown amongst others, offered by Microgaming.

Santa Paws: Theme and Graphics

Santa Paws is a Christmas themed online fruit slot. The name itself indicates that twist that awaits you! When you begin to play this game, you will see that all the Arctic Creatures have taken over the Christmas Season. Instead of a jolly man with a while beard and an adorable pot-belly, a goofy- looking Polar Bear plays the role of Santa Claus! And here’s the best part, you will see a whale sporting antlers and a bright red nose. Sounds familiar? Well, of course. He’s Rudolph, the red nosed Whale!

The graphics and sound effect of Santa Paws are great and very endearing. Not forget the animation that is so adorable that you will feel like a child when you kick off this game.

Santa Paws: Jackpot

Everyone spins a fruit slot with the hope of thousands of jackpot coins flowing out. Well, the drama of collecting a thousand coins is definitely missing in the virtual world but the big wins are the same! Santa Paws allows you to win a jackpot of 4000 coins and a value that goes up to £/€/$ 20,000! Now that’s another reason for you to absolutely play your luck and give Santa Paws a shot!

Santa Paws: Bonuses, Free Spins and Random Multipliers

Like we said before, Christmas spirit is all about giving! And that is what Santa Paws is all about. Here are different ways that your money can get multiplied so you feel the joy and cheer that this season is supposed to spread. So what are the special features of this Microgaming video slots online game.

To begin with, you have the luxury of Wild symbol that complete your winning combinations. In this game, the Santa Paws symbol is the wild symbol. It can act as a substitute to all symbols except the scatter symbol. What’s more, you also have an extra wild symbol. This is the whale wild symbol that can complete winning combinations only when you are playing a free spin.

The Penguin Scatter Symbol allows you to complete winning combinations even when the symbol appears on the pay lines that have not been enabled. Three or more scatter symbols appearing anywhere in that five reels activates the free spin bonus round. You are awarded 12 free spins during which your moolah can be doubled or multiplied seven times depending on the random multiplier!

Ever heard of win some, win some more? With Santa Paws, this is possible. Every time you strike a winning combination, you activate the Gamble Bonus Feature. You can choose to play this feature or not. There are two ways of winning more cash- by guessing the colour of a card or by guessing the suit of a card. You can choose between the two. While the former doubles your win, the latter quadruples it!

Now there cannot be anything stopping you from trying this game! After all, more money gives you more reasons to be jolly during Christmas time. So, Spin Away! Good Luck!