Remember Scrooge – the Miser, who had this great change of heart during the Christmas season? Yes, the popular Charles Dickens character. Well, this Microgaming video slots online game is inspired by this character and more importantly the lesson of generosity that he learned!

Scrooge the miser, says who?

The whole theme of this online video slots game, is set in a mid 19th century theme. Every player will witness the transformation of sting and heartless Scrooge, while playing this game. This is one ‘Scrooge’ who will not turn down any dinner invitations or any chance to be generous. With a simple, yet fun game play, this game will keep you counting your days until Christmas, so that you can take home a cart load of cash!

Read on to know more about the unique features of this game that will make 25th December the most awaited day of your life!

Scrooge: Rules

The novel “ A Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickens was written to teach its readers lessons on generosity and kindness. Well the creators of this online video slots game, need lessons on neither. The game has rules that have been created to ensure that when you play more, you win more.
Like all Microgaming video slots online games, like Wasabi-San, What a Hoot etc, this one, too, controls the payouts based on the amount that you have placed as a bet. Whether you are into high-risk gambling or are a newcomer who just wants to give it a shot, you will find betting ranges to suit you. All you need to do in order to begin spinning is activate one or more paylines. A payline gets enabled as soon as you insert a coin. Winning combinations on these paylines will determine the cash that gets added to your kitty.

Scrooge: Game Play

A simple game play attracts more players. That is the thumb rule. This video slots online game lays out a unique, yet simple game play so that you can easily multiply your moolah.

Scrooge is a 5 reel, 50 payline online fruit slot! 50 paylines allows you a variety of winning combinations and actually increases your chances of winning a lot more than other video slots online games. Since you can have multiple winning combinations, this game picks the one that gives you the maximum payout to add to your winning amount.

Scrooge allows you to place a range of betting amounts. The minimum coin value is £/€/$ 0.01 and the maximum is £/€/$ 0.5. You can bet 10 coins per pay line. So, after doing all the math, we know that you can bet up to 500 coins per bet line. Needless to say, the jackpot, although non progressive has got to be huge! Keep reading to know more about the jackpot!

The game offers Wild Card, Scatter Cards, Free Bonus features and other special bonuses to add that element of interest to each game!

Scrooge: Theme and Graphics

Scrooge, like all online fruit slots powered by Microgaming is a visual treat! Everyone should have read the novel “A Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickens. This novel is the story of Ebenezer Scrooge who magically changes from a rude and selfish miser to a warm-hearted generous man. Ah, no. This isn’t a review of the book! But this is the theme of this great online fruit slot.

The game displays some great work of animations, especially with the Christmas ghosts of the past present and future. In addition to that you will also witness Tiny Tim and Jacob Marley attempting to transform Scrooge. The animation is almost realistic and the sound effects compliment it too. This whole package makes
this game a great visual experience!

Scrooge: Jackpot

More paylines mean more coins, which in turn mean bigger wins. With 50 payline and a maximum bet of 500 coins per spin, the jackpot never disappoints the players of Scrooge. The jackpot in this game is that of a whopping £/€/$ 30,000. Now who says Scrooge wasn’t generous enough!?

Scrooge: Bonuses, Free Spins and 2x Multipliers

Scrooge cannot live up to its claims of big wins without having unique bonus features and symbols.

The Scrooge logo represents the wild symbol. This symbol can substitute other symbols to create winning combinations. This symbol also acts like a multiplier and doubles all the money you win when the wild symbols substitutes a symbol to complete a winning combination. The Wild Symbol cannot replace the Scatter Symbol to activate bonus rounds.

The Scrooge door knocker forms the scatter symbol. Scatter symbols can create winning combinations even when they appear on pay lines that are not activated. The cash that you win with scatter symbols is calculated using a standard multiplier table.
Multiple scatter symbols in most games unlock the “Free Spin Bonus Rounds”. If you have played “Santa Paws”, “Retro Reels” or “ Starscape”, you would know.
However, in this game, getting three or more scatter symbols anywhere on the reel send you into the ‘Xmas Dinner Bonus Feature”.

In this bonus round you will find 5 meals that you should serve to 5 hungry characters that appear on the screen. You drag a meal and drop it in the plate before the character. When you have finished serving all 5 characters, they begin to flash one after the other on the screen and finally stop at one character. The multiplier that is fixed to the character will be applied to your cash to get you great bonuses.

The most interesting feature is the Free Spin Feature that this game offers. All the winnings in this round are doubled. However what is more interesting is how you actually unlock a free spin bonus round.
Whenever you strike a winning combination, you can click any one of the symbols in this combination to reveal an “Add a free spin” or “Add an extra Day” option. Depending on what option appears, a free spin gets added to the Free Spin tab or an extra day gets added to the “ Christmas Countdown Calendar”. When this calendar reaches the 25th of December, you enter the free spin bonus round and the number of free spins that you have accumulated will be awarded to you.

The bet amount that you play in this round is a weighted average bet that is calculated by dividing the bet amount in the game that activated the free spin by the number of days and then multiplying it by the number of pay lines that you have played so far.

Don’t worry, the game is programmed to do this automatically. All you need to do is spin and collect your booty!!