Secret of the Sword

The Microgaming video slots online game Secret of the Sword is a spectacular online video slots game with 5 reels and 30 pay lines. It is a sequel to the Tomb Raider slots game. Slot junkies are already in love with this game of Tomb Raiders. Surely, they will find this game action packed and great to play.

Step into the world of adventure

You can play this game with Lara Croft. She will avenge evil. She fires her way through, so will you, when you get to see the wild; as it is a pay off opportunity. As we all know Lara Croft has been declared by the Guinness Book of World records to be the most successful human video game heroine. So in this Microgaming video slots online game of Secret of the Sword, you will be delighted to have her as the icon. Enjoy!

Secret of the sword: Rules

Like all other video slots online games, this one Secret of the sword too has wild and scatter symbols. The wild symbol is represented by Lara Croft herself and replaces any other symbol to create winning combinations. The scatter symbol is the Excalibur key and if you manage to get more than three on the reels, you will get 10 free spins along with 5x multiplier. The payouts will come out with the symbols. So be prepared. There is a super mode feature that gives you 5 free spins which is random completely.

Secret of the sword: Game Play

There is adventure and excitement in this video slots online game of Secret of the sword. There are treasures that you have to search for in this video slots online game of Secret of the Sword. The attraction of this new video slots game Secret of the Sword is the number of bonuses this game offers. The stunningly beautiful Lara Croft will help you get the top jackpot in this game of gold. With Excalibur as the scatter symbol, you can multiply your total bet by 2,3,20 or 100 times. If luck favours you, you can get $6,000 in each spin.

Secret of the sword: Theme and Graphics

The superb graphics in this online video slots game helps you enjoy Lara Croft in different characters. You will have symbols like Lara croft’s portrait, Guns bike City, Passport, Ace, King, Queen, Ten and Jack. The sound effects in the secret of the Sword are exemplary and they are in sync with the theme of the game.

Secret of the sword: Jackpot

In this online video slots game Secret of the sword, the different denominations of coins will help you decide on the stakes and select the present bet. Those who are not ready to bet a large amount can start with the minimum which is $.30 and the maximum is $60.00. You should play this video slots online for its biggest jackpot of 7,500 coins or$15,000. You should take the risk of choosing the maximum bet to win the best prizes available.

Secret of the Sword- Bonuses, Free spins and Multiplier

After the player starts this online video slots game, his consecutive wins are rewarded till he reaches a 5x multiplier. If he fails to achieve consecutive wins, it returns back to the 1x multiplier.
The potential pay out in this online video slots game of Secret of the sword is the Global Adventure Bonus game. A passport centre emerges at the centre of the reel. The reels get activated and stay so. When all the five reels are activated, the Global Adventure Bonus game starts. This is a unique feature of this game.
In the secret of the Sword, the player, travels all around the world in a virtual fashion to five locations. In each of these stops there are six artefacts. Behind these artefacts are varied results. The player will get to see a fragment of the sword, but at the same time, you might fall into a trap. The main aim of this Microgaming video slots online game Secret of the sword is to identify the fragments and avoid the traps. If you can find two traps the game is completed. If you can find all the fragments, you are entitled to get a special jackpot prize. All along, the bonus amounts can be accumulated.
Hunting for hidden treasure, also brings forth the opportunity to get involved in the Shoot-out-bonus game. After you have found the disc symbol, it gets activate on its own. You are given 15 disc symbols and the challenge is to locate the disc with h highest bonus value. Lara Croft will shoot at the disc you have not picked. At the end, you receive the bonus value of the disc that you have selected.
You can also find that you are in the super mode in this video slots online game. It is not under the control of the player, but it comes as an opportunity in course of playing the game Secret of the sword. You are enabled five free spins of the machine, with several wilds that are activated and which will stay activated during the five spins. This really boosts your opportunity to win.
So the video slots game –The secret of the Sword, is a fantastic opportunity to win. It is vibrant, full of life and above all there is the ravishingly beautiful Lara Croft who deserves special mention. She will assist you throughout the game and you will be delighted. It is a considerable improvement over the previous game. There are plenty of chances to win and become prosperous in the secret of the Sword. You will adore this game.
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