Star Scape

Microgaming video slots online games are some of the most popular online video slots. Being pioneers in this industry, they have created games with wild themes and even wilder wins! Starscape is one such games that will definitely transport you into a whole new galaxy!

Reach for the stars!

To have an ‘out of this world’ video slots online experience, you ought to give StarScape a go! This game is set in a great ‘Outer Space’ theme that gives you the feeling of being an astronaut who has embarked upon a special space mission. Mission to win more bucks, of course.
This game has the usual features of Microgaming video slots online games like the Wild Symbol and the Scatter Symbol. However, this game does feature an additional bonus feature as well. Of course, we are not spilling all the beans right away! If you are curious to know more, then real on!

Starscape: Rules

The possibilities in outer space are endless- the mystery and the infinite spread of galaxies are rather intriguing. Well, StarScape is almost similar with the endless possibilities and the infinite winning combinations that are possible. However, it is no real mystery that each time you play you win more!

To kick of a game of Starscape, you need to place a bet on any payline of your choice and hit the spin button. With the numerous symbols, there are many winning combinations that are possible for this game. However, only combinations that appear on winning pay lines are valid. To activate a payline, you need to place a bet on it. However, you can enable multiple paylines. In case you have more than one winning combination when you do so, the one that gives the maximum payout is selected!

Starscape: Game Play

Understanding the rules of Starscape isn’t exactly rocket science. Get it? Starscape, sRocket Science. Oh well, never mind. Here’s the game play of this popular game.

StarScape has 5 reels and 25 paylines. This means you have five reels to create winning combinations. Of course, more reels mean more chances of winning and more pay lines mean more coins! The minimum coin value for StarScape is £/€/0.01 and the maximum coin value is £/€/$ 1.00. You can bet up to a maximum of ten coins per bet line. So, you see you can play this game whether you want to gamble less or you want to go for the jackpot. If you are an absolute beginner, you also have the option of playing this game for free. However, the payouts depend on the number of coins that you bet.

Starscape: Theme and Graphics

If you are a space buff, StarScape is the game for you. This game is set in an ‘Outer Space’ background. You will see a screen speckled with a million stars. In addition to that, planets, satellites and comets complete your space journey. However, you cannot begin your journey without a cool space shuttle. Well, even the creators of this video slots online game understand that and have therefore installed special space shuttle symbols.
The best part about this game is the space themed sound effect that completes that whole experience. If you are one who fantasizes about how it would be to float around in space, the closest you could get is this excellently designed game!

Starscape: Jackpot

Starscape does not offer a progressive jackpot. However, with the many paylines that this game has, the jackpot ought to be great. And well it is. You can win a maximum of 70,000 coins as your jackpot! So if you are aiming for the jackpot, well, place the maximum bet and spin away. If your stars are right, you will have a lot to take back home.

Starscape: Bonuses, Free Spins and 2x Multipliers

Starscape offers almost all the features of a regular online fruit slot. The only draw back in this game is the lack of the Free Spin feature. This is, of course, compensated with a great bonus round that allows you to bet and win more!

The Wild Symbol is very important in these slot games. The reason is that this symbol can substitute other symbols to complete winning combinations for you. In this game, the Starscape Symbol acts as a wild symbol. It also acts as a multiplier. When the Starscape wild symbol completes any winning combination, it doubles your prize money for that combination. The Wild Symbol however cannot replace a scatter symbol to complete a winning set.

Scatter symbols are unique because they can even appear on pay lines that have not been enabled to complete your winning combinations. There is a particular paying schedule that determines how much you win when a scatter card creates a winning combination. In Starscape, the spacecraft symbol forms the scatter symbol. When three or more spacecraft symbols appear anywhere on the five reels, you unlock a Match Bonus Feature Game.

The Match Bonus Feature allows you to win almost 37,500 coins! The moment you unlock this round, your galaxy gets divided into 24 blocks. Behind these blocks are six symbols that have been repeated four times each. Your challenge is to click on these blocks until you find four symbols that are matching. Now, behind one of these blocks is a 3x multiplier. If you get this multiplier, your prize money gets triples as soon as you match any four symbols!

There are two special features that are available with this online video slots game are; autoplay and stop play. Autoplay option lets the game to automatically play a number of spins. Stop play allows you to control your winning combinations by clicking on the reel and making it stop.

If you found this game interesting, you should try games like “Santa Paws”, “Secret Admirer”, “Retro Reels” etc. that will let you experience unique themes! So are you all geared up to play Starscape? Well, the countdown has begun. Three, Two, One, Blast Off!