Stash of the Titans

The themes that you will witness in Microgaming video slots online games are totally uncanny! Who would ever imagine that an online video slots game can actually be based on a feature film that turned out to be the Epic Drama of its season? Wait till you play Stash of the Titans that adds a little madness to this drama to create a very entertaining fruit slot!

Of Greek Gods and Goddesses!

Stash of the Titans is a whacky take on the 1981 film- “The Clash of the Titans”. You will find all the characters from this Greek myth- mainly Greek Gods, Goddesses and Demons! Although the theme may sound grim, it is very unlike the actual tale itself. Well, we’ll look at that aspect in detail a little later. What you ought to know is that this game offers great chances to multiply your bet amount.

Stash of the Titans, like all Microgaming video slots online games like Santa Paws, Retro Reels etc, to name a few, features Wild Symbols, Scatter Symbols and interesting bonus features. All these features have been added to increase your chances of making more money.

Stash of the Titans: Rules

Stash of the Titans is designed to suit both beginners in the online video slots game world and the experienced players. So, quite obviously, the rules are simple to understand so that even beginners can enjoy this online fruit slot. You will be able to get the hang of this game within a few spins.

Like all online slot games, this game begins when you enable a pay line by inserting a coin in the slot. You are given a wide range of coin values to choose from while placing the bet. This allows you to play with minimum and maximum stakes. The fact remains that you can aim for a jackpot only when you place a maximum bet!

Stash of the Titans: Game Play

Stash of the Titans has 5 reels and 20 paylines. This means you have five reels to create winning combinations. Of course, more reels mean more chances of winning and more pay lines mean more coins! The winning amount is directly proportional to the amount that you bet!
Like we mentioned before, all rules are convenient for newcomers and experiences players. Therefore, this game offers you many betting options and even allows you to play free games for fun if you are a beginner. But then, what fun is an online video slots game if there isn’t a tad bit of risk involved?

The minimum coin value to bet in Stash of the Titans is £/€/0.01 and the maximum coin value is £/€/$ 0.2. You can bet up to a maximum of 10 coins per bet line. Remember, the payouts depend on the number of coins that you bet. Also, the multiple paylines can create more than one winning combination. However, only combinations that give you the maximum payout are valid.

Stash of the Titans: Theme and Graphics

Stash of the Titans is based on the Greek myth of Perseus who battled Medusa and the Kraken monster to save Princess Andromeda. In saying that, you would expect the game to have classic symbols and representations to suit the game. Of course, the characters are the same. You will see Perseus, Medusa, the Kraken monster, Satyrs and all other characters who were part of this myth. However, these characters seem to be extra happy and in a way, compelling. For instance, Medusa is a curvaceous creature who makes you want to look at her, quite unlike the original! You will see incessant grins on all these characters’ faces. However, the animation and the design is undoubtedly exquisite and is quite the master piece.

This Greek myth experience is complete with lute music playing in the background accompanied by fanfares when you win! This video slots online defines the mastery and skill of the artists at Microgaming and is perhaps one if their best creations.

Stash of the Titans: Jackpot

Stash of the Titans does not offer a progressive jackpot. However, the multiple pay lines make up for this by allowing you to bet more and, consequently, win more. You can win a maximum of 50,000 coins as your jackpot! All you need to get in your spin is 5 consecutive medusa symbols to win the Jackpot! However, to be able to play the jackpot, you need to place the maximum bet.

Stash of the Titans: Bonuses, Free Spins and 50x Multipliers!

Stash of the Titans is all about magnitude of the bets and the wins. Of course the movie that it is based on itself has a larger than life feeling to it. And when you are talking about competitions between Gods and Goddesses, the rewards should be worthy of them.

Wild Symbols can substitute other symbols in order to complete your winning combinations. In this game, the Stash of the Titans symbol acts as the wild symbol. The wild symbol cannot replace a scatter symbol in order to activate free spins.

Every time, a wild symbol completes a combination, the payout gets doubled. In this game the payout is doubled for every wild symbol that completes the combination. This means if two symbols complete the symbol, the payout is 4 times, if three symbols complete the combination, the payout is 6 times and so on. So the wild symbol also acts like a multiplier which can multiply your prize money by 10!
The wild symbols, however, can not activate the ‘Free Spin Bonus Round’ by replacing the scatter symbol.

Scatter Cards are useful in completing combinations and in activating a free spin bonus round. When they complete a winning combination, the payout depends upon the fixed paying schedule. The “Medusa” symbol is the scatter symbol in Stash of the Titans. There is no fear of turning into stone when you look at this Medusa. In fact, the more of her you see, the better! These symbols can appear on pay lines that are not enabled and still complete a combination.

The highlight of Stash of the Titans is the Free Spin Bonus Feature. When you get three or more Scatter Medusa symbols anywhere on the 5 reels, the free spins get activated. Each time, you are awarded 15 free spins. With the free spin rounds, you can accumulate more spins if 3 or more scatter symbols appear during the bonus round. All the wins in the free spin bonus rounds get tripled. Since the free spin round is cumulative, your value of your prize money is actually infinite! The initial betting amount is the same as the game that activated the Free Spin Bonus Round.

If you found this video slots online game interesting, you should try games like “Santa Paws”, “StarScape”, “Retro Reels” etc that will let you experience unique themes! So good luck with this game. Are you ready for the some cash?