Sun Quest

Sun Quest is a great game that, along with pleasing visuals assures you really great bonus prizes. Like all the Microgaming video slots online games, even this game has some great features that increase your wins every time you play. If you enjoy simple video slots online games, then you will surely love this game!

Brighter than the Sun!

Sun Quest is a great game if you are a beginner. It is simple without any confusing rules and a complicated game play. The game has a great fresh appeal that feels like a bright summer morning. Of course, even with all the simplicity, this game also favours the big players because of its grand jackpot and other bonus features.

Like most online video slots, Sun Quest, too features the Wild Symbols and the Scatter Symbol. Sun Quest is one of the simpler Microgaming video slots online games and evidently lacks the free spin option. However, the special symbols form unique arrangements that can win you great bonuses and even increase your payout. Read on to know more about the rules and the gameplay.

Sun Quest: Rules

Sun Quest is played like any other online video slots game. To start playing, you need to choose a betting amount that is feasible for you. You can place your bet on one or more bet lines. The moment you place a bet, you enable the payline of your choice. This game too is solely dependent on the number of coins and the value of the coins that you place in the bet. However, the range of betting options makes this game convenient for newbies as well.

It is necessary to enable a pay line because only winning combinations on the enabled paylines are valid. Remember, Sun Quest is a multiple pay line game which means that there are a number of winning combinations that are possible with each spin. However, only the one that gives the maximum payout is counted in you game.

Sun Quest: Game Play

The game play in Sun Quest is extremely smooth. Since it has a simple theme, simple design and very easy-to-follow rules, this Microgaming video slots online game is popular amongst all online video slots enthusiasts.

Sun Quest has 5 reels and 9 paylines. This means you have five reels to create winning combinations. Of course, more reels mean more chances of winning and more pay lines mean more coins! The minimum coin value for Sun Quest is £/€/0.25 and the maximum coin value is £/€/$ 5.00. Since the highest denomination is quite large, you are eligible for big wins!

You can bet up to a maximum of nine coins per bet line. So, you see you can play this game whether you want to gamble less or you want to go for the jackpot. If you are an absolute beginner, you also have the option of playing this game for free. However, the payouts depend on the number of coins that you bet.

To begin playing a game, click on bet line and decide how much you will play for. In case you are playing for the jackpot, select the maxbet option and proceed.

Sun Quest: Theme and Graphics

Sun Quest is a beautifully designed online fruit slot. The colours chosen are deliberately bright to give the game a very summery feel. The most common fruits that you can buy during the summer season, like watermelons, limes, juicy strawberries and oranges feature in this game. These brightly coloured fruits are somehow captivating, almost appetizing and therefore keep players hooked on. The occasional diamond symbol and gold biscuit remind you that you are here for fun and games but with the clear objective of making maximum moolah!

Sun Quest: Jackpot

Sun Quest does not offer a progressive jackpot. However, with the many paylines that this game has, the jackpot ought to be great. And well it is. You can win a maximum of 10,000 coins as your jackpot! So if you are aiming for the jackpot, well, place the maximum bet and spin away. If your chances are bright, you will have a lot to take back home.

Sun Quest: Bonuses and special symbols

Sun Quest offers almost all the features of a regular online fruit slot. The only draw back in this game is the lack of the Free Spin feature. This is, of course, compensated with special symbols that allow you to bet and win more!

The Wild Symbol is very important in these slot games. The reason is that this symbol can substitute other symbols to complete winning combinations for you. In this game, the Sun Quest Symbol acts as a wild symbol. The wild symbol in this game appears only on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd reels. The Wild Symbol however cannot replace a scatter symbol to complete a winning set. This means if a combination consists of two scatter symbols and one wild symbol, it is not valid. However any other symbol like the watermelon or the orange can be replaced by the Wild symbol to complete the winning combination.

The Scatter symbol is unique because they can even appear on pay lines that have not been enabled to complete your winning combinations. There is a particular paying schedule that determines how much you win when a scatter card creates a winning combination.

This game also features the Autoplay option. Autoplay option lets the game to automatically play a number of spins.

Whether it is the simplicity of the game or the great visuals, there are a lot of reasons for you to be smitten by this game. If you are playing just for fun without risking any betting amount, you will definitely find this game very endearing. However if you enjoy video slots online then you may want to play games that are a little more complex. You could try games like “Santa Paws”, “Secret Admirer”, “Retro Reels” etc that will let you experience unique themes!

However, you should start off with Sun Quest and then move on. Good Luck! Start Spinning!