Sure Win

Microgaming video slots online games are some of the most popular online video slots games on the internet. Being pioneers in this industry, they have created games with wild themes and even wilder wins! Sure Win is one such game that assures big wins with great features that have you galloping away with big bucks. The name tells it all!

It keeps your heart racing!

The derby is all about trying your luck. You place your bet on your favourite horse and hope that he gallops to the finishing line in grace to finish first. Well, the common thing before horse racing and Sure Win is, of course playing your luck by placing bets. However, this game offers you greater chances of winning than any derby!

This is because Sure Win may feature horses but that has nothing to do with your bonus prize. With great features like wild symbols, scatter symbols and free bonus rounds, who needs to watch running horses?

Sure Win: Rules

With Sure Win, the bonus games and special features, you will definitely be able to make loads of money! Every game in Sure Win depends on the coin value and the number of coins that you bet per pay line. Each time you insert a coin, you enable a pay line on which the winning combinations will win you money.

One feature that makes you win more with this game is the fact that slots are independent of each other. Although they may have features that are similar, they cannot be compared and increase all your wins. To kick of a game of Sure Win, you need to place a bet on any payline of your choice and hit the spin button. With the numerous symbols, there are many winning combinations that are possible for this game. However, only combinations that appear on winning pay lines are valid. In case you have more than one winning combination when you do so, the one that gives the maximum payout is selected!

Sure Win: Game Play

Sure Win is a 5 reel and 25 payline game. This means you have five reels to create winning combinations and 25 pay lines to place your bet. This game gives you a wide range of betting options! The minimum coin value to bet in this game is £/€/0.01 and the maximum coin value is £/€/$ 0.25. You can bet up to a maximum of 20 coins per bet line. However, if this is the first time for you with an online video slots game, you also have the option of playing this game for free.

This game totally lives up to its name! Everyone who plays is sure to win something. But the one who plays wisely and strategically chooses free spins can win up to $/£/€ 200,000 in cash!

Sure Win: Theme and Graphics

Sure Win is a Microgaming video slots online game, based a crazy horse race themed game. You will be taken on the ride of a life time when you play this game. Goofy looking horses, cunning bookies and the smart jockeys keep you entertained throughout your gaming experience! The game is set in a race track to give you a feeling of being in the middle of the Derby, betting on your favourite horse! The colours used in this game are bright and cheerful and the loony characters are indeed endearing!

Sure Win: Jackpot

Sure Win does not offer a progressive jackpot. However, with the many paylines that this game has, the jackpot ought to be great. And. Well, it is. You can win a maximum of 7000 coins as your jackpot! So if you are aiming for the jackpot, well, place the maximum bet and spin away.

Sure Win: Bonuses, Free Spins and Multipliers

Sure Win offers almost all the features of a regular video slots online game. This is, of course, means great bonus features and special symbols that will help you win more!

The Sure Win wild symbol is a blessing while playing this game! It can substitute symbols to complete winning combinations. So the presence of a wild card means that your chances of winning are greater. The best part is that the wild symbol in this game acts like a multiplier. Each time the wild symbol creates a winning combination; your prize money gets tripled! Now that’s what you call a great bonus!

A derby without a bookie? Now that is not even imaginable! While bookies are not really appealing in their appearance and behaviour, in this game the bookie scatter symbols comes as a great relief, if you can ignore the smirk on this bookie’s face. Eh, while you’re making so much cash, what’s a tiny smirk anyway! The Scatter symbols do two things- it completes winning combinations even when it appears on a pay line that has not been enables and it unlocks a Free Spin Bonus Game! When the Bookie symbol completes winning combinations, the prize money is calculated according to a standard payout schedule.

The Free Spin Bonus feature is activated when three or more bookie symbols appear anywhere in the five reels. In this game, you get to choose the number of spins and the multiplier for each round. You have three options-
• 24 free spins and double the prize money
• 16 free spins and thrice the prize money
• 12 free spins and quadrupled prize money
Since you can choose your free spins, you have the liberty of strategising your game and making it more interesting. However, the free spin bonus round is not cumulative which means that if you get three or more bookie symbols during a free spin, no extra spins are added. The bet amount that you play on is the same as the game that activated your Free Spin Bonus Round.

Another feature in the Sure Win is the gamble feature. This is activated whenever you get a winning combination on an enabled pay line. You need to guess the right colour or suit of the card that appears on the screen. If your get the colour right, the prize money is doubled and if you get the suit right, it is quadrupled! The gamble option is an additional feature to make you win more!

If you found loved playing this video slots online game then you should try games like “Gopher Gold”, “Hitman”, “Isis” etc., which will let you experience unique themes! Sure Win is a game that totally lives up to its name. You don’t even have to wait for a gunshot or a whistle to kick of this race. So what are you waiting for, gallop away!