Thunderstruck 2

This new Microgaming video slots online game Thunderstruck-2 has been considered the most successful game ever made. It is an improvised version of the previous video slots online game of Thunderstruck devised by microgaming.

This new slots game of Thunderstruck 2 is amazing!

This online video slots game of Thunderstruck2 has retained few of the original characters of the original game of thunderstruck. But it has better graphics and high resolution and some superb new features which have made this Microgaming video slots online game of Thunderstruck2 is very different and much more thrilling.

Thunderstruck 2: Rules

The characters and symbols that appear in Thunderstruck 2 are already there in the previous game. There is Thor – the God of Thunder, the lightning, long ships, the iron fist of Thor, and Asgard – the capital city of the gods of Norse.
In this video slots online game of Thunderstruck there are 243 different ways to win. In lieu of the set pay lines this game offers 5 spinning reels wherein you have to match the symbols on the reels. Thunderstruck2 has a unique progression chart where the achievement of each player is noted and the more number of symbols that you have in winning lines, the more you move towards the golden board. When all the symbols are changed to golden symbols you are given bonuses. This is in addition to the free spins and progressive bonus games on offer.

Thunderstruck 2: Game Play

As in the case of online video slots game, this game of Thunderstruck-2 offers wilds, scatters and bonus games. However, there are some features in this game that sets it apart from the rest. There is a random bonus round known as the Wild storm bonus where the lightning of Thor strikes and can turn anything from 1-5 of the reels wild, therefore assuring the player of fair chances to win extras. The three reputed hammer fists of Thor will help you gain entry into the Great Hall of Spins. This Hall is not a single chance of free wins, but an entire multi-level free spin feature where you have to work your way through the various levels to achieve the highest level that fetches you the Golden achievement award.
In this Microgaming video slots online game of Thunderstruck-2, there is a new addition called the Great Hall of Spins. Each level off this hall is the trigger level and starts at one and works on till the 20th level which is indeed to golden achievement award. After every entry to the free spins, your level is marked and noted in the progression bar. Each of the free spins is signifies by various Norse Gods or character. When you take the 5th trigger, which is Loki – the god of mischief, you will get 15 free spins and a wild magic random wild transformer in the course of the free spins. Odin, the ruler of Asgard –the Norse city will appear at the 10th trigger and offers 20 free spins and two birds flying around. All depends where the birds will land. This will fix the value of your multiplier for that trigger which can range from 2x to 6x if the birds land altogether.

Thunderstruck 2: Theme and Graphics

In this novel version of the online video slots game of Thunderstruck2, you will get to see Thor again. This time along with him there are Loki, Vaalkyrie and Odin. These characters are part of the Nordic myths and the Thunderstruck 2 does justice to all of them. The features incorporated in this game gives the player 243 chances to win. The players really liked this game of Thunderstruck2. They are bewildered at the features.

Thunderstruck 2: Jackpot

The Golden achievement award is the unique feature in this online video slots game. You can attain a gold status by obtaining an entire range of payouts on a particular symbol.

Thunderstruck-2: Bonus, Free Spins and Multiplier

In this game of Thunderstruck 2, there are several chances to win. It has long boats, the rainbow city Asgard from the Nordic sagas and the kings. The video slots online machine covers a vast range there are wild symbols for making wining combinations. Scatter symbols to activate free spins, multipliers that range from 2xto6x and several free games.
You have to watch out for free spins. Along with them there are Loki, Thor, Odin and Valkyrie. Let us examine how they affect the free spins in this game of Thunderstruck-2.
When you hit three of Thor’s hammers you go to the Great Hall of Spins. With every visit you will go closer to unlocking the chamber of the gods. They protect more features and rewards. Also the fact is that the more of bonuses the more you can go after. The maiden of Valhalla Valkyrie will offer you 10 free spins that go with 5x multiplier, which offers lots of cash. Loki the Norse god of mischief can give you 15 free spins. With the crack of lightning, the Wild Magic feature triggers, this result in random symbols morphing and getting converted to extra wilds. Odin, the ruler of Asgard can offer you 20 free spins. In the course of the free spins, his two black ravens Huginn and Muninn fly all over the screen and swoop down to morph random symbols into 2x or3x multipliers. If they land on the same spot, it gets converted to 6x multiplier. Thor will give you 25 free spins and he triggers the Rolling Reels. You also get a 5x multiplier with these spins of his.
It is fun playing this video slots online game of Thunderstruck-2. However, you have to play with real money. There are countless free spins to be gained as you progress through the slots game to gain the golden achievement award. Thuindersrtuck-2 is a game that has received acclaim from the players. The brand new features make it worth playing. The players are excited with this new game of Thunderstruck-2 from microgaming. Other Microgaming online casino games like Ho Ho Ho, Moonshine and Pollen Nation amongst others will let you have a fabulous time playing casino games and making big money, so get on it, right away!