Totem Treasure

Microgaming video slots online has created a game called Totem Treasure. You will be happy to see that this game gives you great money making options that you have never experienced before.

Let the slot machines give you immense pleasure

This online video slots game Totem Treasure is a money making machine. You have to simply click on the amount you are betting. Then you go.

Totem Treasure: Rules

This video slots online, is different from other typical slot machines. Totem Treasure enables you to place bet on your winnings on a spin and help you to make even more. When you click on the gamble feature, you will be able to bet on the suit or colour of cards. You can this try to double and quadruple your winnings.

Totem Treasure: Game Play

In this Microgaming video slots online game of Totem treasure, you can also play the Roulette feature after every winning spin. And you can win up to 34x or even more. Great isn’t it? You can also get some special pictures on a spin and get into the Dreamcatcher mode. You will be able to get 14 free spins to win a huge amount of cash. If you manage to get the special tepees in Dreamcatcher, you can get into another special mode that will really make your winnings a lump sum amount.

Totem Treasure: Themes and Graphics

This online video slots game is a slot machine with a difference. If you are among those individuals, who love playing slots but hate losing money, then Totem Treasure is the game for you. It is merely stimulation, no real money is there. You can enjoy the fun without taking any risk. There are a host of symbols like the peace pipes, dream catchers, tepees, and eagles. You have to aim to hit the jackpot with Wild, scatter and multiple bonus features. This video slots online Totem treasure is devoted to one topic. This time, Microgaming has decided to delve on the sensitive issue of Native Americans. This slot is completely Indian in spirit. It has 5 reels, 20 paylines and winning combinations 36in number.

Totem Treasure: Jackpot

This online video slots game of Totem Treasure the coin denominations vary between $0.25 and $5.00. There are several options to play with and it starts from the minimum bet of $1.25 that enables you to cover all the 5 line. If you are eager to get the best treasures from Totem, then you can play with the coin size of $5.00 which is the maximum size. This covers all 5 lines with a maximum bet of $25.
In order to win the top jackpot, you have to catch 5 Eagles on the pay line. The top jackpot for this combination is 12,000coins or $60,000 to win this huge prize.

Totem Treasure: Bonuses, Free Spins and Multiplier

This microgaming video slots online game of Totem Treasure has Tribal drums as scatter and the Indian Squaw as the Wild. You will embark on a dream ride with winning combinations and lots of rewards. More than three scatters across the reels helps you get 11 free spins and a potential 6x multiplier in the line for the purpose of coining.
This game of Totem Treasure amalgamates with the Golden Goose set of games that enables you to choose four bonus features when the opportunity comes. The first one is the random credits which give you 200 surplus coins, with the Golden Goose Egg-picker allowing you to select one of the fifteen golden eggs. Each of these promises a boost to your bankroll. The third of the bonus games is the Money or Egg. It allows you to choose between either 1000 coins or selecting an egg instead. This can give you 50 free spins and a 3x multiplier. Last of all, you can pick a Card bonus game and give the chance to win 11 free spins and a 6x multiplier.
You have to dig into this Totem Treasure to make it big. There are certain advantages of this online video slots game the full version price is very low, the customer support is remarkably good, there is an option of a backup CD, it is a slot machine that does not involve real money, it is an easy to play game minus any learning curve. There are additional options where you can be a winner are the Roulette and the Gambling features. In the Dream catcher feature, you can win $1,074,567.
When you play this video slots online game of Totem Treasure, you will also get access to liquid gold jackpots, surround slots such as Treasure Nile, Inca Gold, Gold Coast .You will be spoilt for choice. It will be difficult for you to decide on which one game to play. Why only one? Play as many games as you can- gladiators, goblins, dragons are all there to offer you heaps of riches. It is like getting wondrous wealth by magic. Play Sun Quest, Diamond Glitz and other games from Microgaming and you will enjoy them as much as you will enjoy playing Totem Treasure.
In this 5 reel, 5 pay-line game you can get some personal gains with magical mysteries like arcane tomes, crystal balls, wands. When the four time bonus is triggered, each one of these brings in incredible amounts of cash.
In this video slots online game of Totem Treasure, you will travel places not to explore places, but in search of treasure. This game will be admired greatly by the game lovers. You will also enjoy playing it as there are four bonus rounds. The chances of winning are multiplied with these options. Play it as there are no risks involved in playing this game. It is a game where you are comfortable that you do not have to lose money if you do not win. Relax and play this game. It is intoxicating and fun playing this online video slots game. Narrate your gaming experience to others and let them have a rollicking time!! They will thank you for referring such a marvellous game to them. They will love the experience of having fun without the associated risks.