The Microgaming video slots online gaming has another game to its credit – Twister. This game is highly addictive. The players love to keep on playing it over and over again. It keeps the players engaged in the game for long hours.

Keep playing and winning in Twister

In this online video slots game, you can gamble after every win whatever is the amount of win. It also has scatters, bonus rounds, free spins with features of double winning and much more. This machine will never allow you to get bored. After each spin, that wins, playing at $1.50 a spin, you can win $15,000 I real money. Isn’t it amazing! Everyone will go on trying to achieve feats like this. It will not tire you. After all, everyone wants to be rich with little investment. This online video slots machine has everything one wants to have in a video slot.

Twister: Rules

Every game is governed by certain rules and regulations, this video slots online game is no exception. Twister is the ideal slot machine for gamblers who love to play the game, have fun and win at the same time. They do not want to wait. Twister is endowed with certain features like – trailer; outhouse and also the folks from the talk shows are present here. However, when the Twister really hits, you can see yourself winning you will witness all the money flying around the Twister. It is all there for you to win. Keep an account of the mew updates which are really informative.

Twister: Game Play

After knowing about the rules of the online video slots game Twister, you have to actually start playing the game. If you do not get an expected return by playing the Twister video slot, you can try the gamble option to gain complete control. The local news might inform you that Twister is soon approaching and you will find that you have won 20 free bonus spins. And all of them are paying double.
This microgaming video slots online game of Twister is considered to be one of the best games. It is a 5 reel, 15 pay line slot and accompanied with a jackpot of $ 15,000.This online video slots game will keep you preoccupied for a considerable period of time. You can become rich after a spin worth $ is a fascinating and tempting game. Twister has cash flying all around. Grab it to become wealthy.
In this video slots online game you can earn up to 10 coins very line and the coins can be of value 0.01-0.50. You can also play for free. The more coins you can bet, the more of pay lines are activated.
There is a wild symbol in this video slots online Twister. It is to your amazement the twister itself. This can morph itself in to any icon, except the scatter symbol to form winning combinations.
The TV is the scatter symbol. If there are 2 somewhere on the screen you have won. If there are 3 or more of these TV then the free spin bonus round game is triggered.
When you get the opportunity to play the Free Spin Bonus Round game you get 20 free spins and whatever you win on those spins gets doubled. If you are lucky enough to see 3TVs during your free spin bonus round game you will win 20 extra spins again.
There is another aspect of the game called the Gamble Bonus Feature Game. You can play this after the completion of your free spin bonus round game. You have to click on the gamble button to initiate this part of the online video slots game of Twister. When you have done this you will see a single playing card, face down. You have to decide if you will; bet on the colour or the suit. You can then win double of your jackpot. If you bet o suit and guess it correctly, your previous winnings will get multiplied by 4.
There is another option by which you can play this game of Twister. It is the Autoplay mode. You can use this option if you want your computer to take over o your behalf a few spins. Decide on the number of spins, your earning and how much time gap you want in between spins and relax, you will see the coins piling up.

Twister: Theme and Graphics

This Microgaming video slots online game of twister is a fun filled experience. The graphics are such that you can manipulate the music, speeds, sounds and music of this game. The sizes of the wagers can be increased or decreased in between each spin ad you can be the controller of the game play. The jackpot in this game is $15,000coins.

Twister: Jackpot

In this online video slots game, you can win a jackpot of $15,000coins. What are you waiting for? Cash is scattered all over in this game. Win and become rich in no time.

Twister: Bonuses, Free Spins and Multipliers

In this game, there is a unique gamble bonus feature. This is initiated by pressing the gamble button. The wins are double the jackpot. You have to guess the colour or the suit of the card. If it is right, you are really lucky. There are 20 free spins. If you see 3or more TVs during your free spins, then you win extra 20 spins all over again.
Twister is a quality video casino game conceived by microgaming. They have added interesting twists to this game of Twister. The hilarious characters of Laverne, Zeke, will keep you entertained when you reach out for the max payout. If you have not played this game yet, you are missing something. Play it to know the fun and excitement of getting rich. You will not be able to leave this game for a moment. It is a mind-blowing superb game. You can try some other games from microgaming like Vegas Fortune or Twin Samurai. A few other are Summertime, Tally Ho and Thunderstruck as well. They are equally good and absorbing. Wait no further and get steering on with your favourite game!