Vinyl Countdown

Microgaming video slots online is ready with another of the exciting game the Vinyl Countdown. You will feel the adrenalin rushing when you play this game.

You will love to play it over and over again!

Vinyl Countdown is an online video slots game. It can be described as a classic slot machine game with 5 reels and 9 lines. You can play it for free. It has scatters and wild symbols like any other video slots online game.
Let us see the rules, the game play of this game and also the features of classic online video slots.

Vinyl countdown: Rules

In this game, there are five spinning reels from which you can form winning combinations. For each coin that you insert, you enable another payline. As the reel stops, the computer verifies the symbol combinations along every enabled payline.
The wild symbol in this online video slots game is the jukebox. This implies that this jukebox can be substitute for other symbols to complete winning combinations. This symbol only appears on Reels 2, 3 and 4.
This jukebox symbol however, does not substitute for the Glitter Ball symbol to complete the winning scatter combinations. One a single combination is paid out every payline. If there happens to be more than one winning combination on a pay line, you are paid the out the value of the combination which is the highest.
The glitter ball symbol in this video slots online game of Vinyl countdown is the scatter symbol. This means that there is no need for the Glitter ball scatter symbol to manifest itself in a line on an enabled pay line to win.

Vinyl countdown: Game Play

Let us see how this game of Vinyl Countdown progresses. The glitter Ball scatter symbol can be present scattered anywhere on the five reels to complete winning combinations. If only there are three or more Glitter Ball scatter symbols manifest themselves.
Winnings are calculated by multiplying the symbol of Glitter Ball combination pay out as demonstrated in the Regular Payout schedule. By the total coins bet.
If you manage to get scatter and regular win, you are paid for both of them. Scatter awards are separate from pay line awards. The scatter win is added on to the pay line win.
The Microgaming video slots online game Vinyl Countdown is equipped with symbols like Disco man, Dancing couple, Pudding and cocktail, Strawberry ice-cream, Some special symbols are Disco ball, Vinyl record and Vinyl countdown.
The winnings that are paid out in this online video slots game are dependent on the symbols exhibited on the pay line when the reels have stopped.
There is an autoplay feature which you can use if you want the machine to play automatically for several spins. You can make use of this feature by clicking on the expert button at the bottom of the slot machine. From here, you can choose the number of spins you want to play, time gap between each spin and several stop settings. After you have done this, choose the autoplay features, click on the start button and the game will start automatically.

Vinyl countdown: Theme and Graphics

This video slots online game of Vinyl Countdown is a classic video slots game. It has wild and scatter symbols and is a game of 9 lines. It has good pulsating music. You can rock the reels and get wealthy. Everything is dancing in this disco atmosphere of Vinyl Countdown. Life is a merry making ceremony in this game of Vinyl Countdown.

Vinyl Countdown: Jackpot

In this video slots online game, the maximum payout is 1,000 coins per line bet. The jackpot is $2000. It can be played for free or real money. In denominations of 0.25 to 2.00 every line bet. The minimum bet amount is 0.25 and the maximum is 18.00 per spin.

Vinyl countdown: Bonuses and Features

In this online video slots game Vinyl countdown, you have to play 1 to 9 lines. You can earn 0.25 to 2.00 per line bet. The average return to each player is 95.56%. The highest win is given on each chosen pay line. The coinciding wins on various pay lines are summed up. There is a pay table given and the pay outs are made on the basis of that. Winnings are handed over on the highest combination on each enabled payline, with the exception of the Scatter win. Scatter game wins are added on to the pay line wins. Watch out the payout table. It gives all possible details of wins. It is very useful and important at the same time. Go through the details properly before starting the game of Vinyl Countdown.
Enjoy this Microgaming video slots online game of Vinyl Countdown. It is a typical classic slots game. Get ready to hit the slots. You may be lucky today. Your chances of winning could be high. Get started, you have to play to win. It is an interesting game that will keep you busy. You will start getting addicted to it. Play and on winning, you will be encouraged to play further. Refer this game to your friends who are avid gamers. They will enjoy it too. It is a game where you will be totally absorbed into it. At the end of the game, you will feel ecstatic with the money that you will walk away with. The Vinyl countdown online slots are something that no one should ever miss. It is really entertaining. You must play it if you have not played it yet. Or else you are really missing out a superb game.
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Good Luck Gaming!