What a Hoot

Microgaming video slots has conceptualized another game called what a hoot. It is a classic online video slots machine with a truly different theme. It is set in a forest backdrop. You will be able to find all features you want to get in a good video slots machine. It has graphics that are crisp, inventive and colorful symbols. All of these combine together to create the action that you are looking forward to in a perfect video slots machine.

Wander into the forest and play what a hoot!

In this unique video slots online game, you will come across innovative symbols –partying owls, mixed fruits. You will feel cozy in the newly formed slots of the Vegas style. It is easy to play. Soon you will know all about the payouts, targets to win. Simply place your bet and start spinning the Vinyl countdown slot.

What a hoot: Rules

This online video slots game What a hoot , is a 5 reel , 9 line game designed by microgaming. You will be lead to a forest where trees whisper to each other when the dark blue veil of the night covers the sky and scatters are like golden peas on it. There are four wild owls who are indeed very wise. They will show you the way to win the jackpot of 5,000 coins or $25,000.You have to meet them to know this secret.
This game does not require downloading. You can play it directly on the net.

What a hoot: Game Play

This microgaming video slots online game –What a hoot as the name suggests has owls as the central character. There are 9 winning lines which can be constituted of three or more than three of the several symbols related to owls. From the studious owl to the party owl, to all the various types of vegetation and fruits that they consume.
The concept of what a hoot is to acquire the maximum number of matching symbols in a line as per the layout of the pay lines that can be viewed on the View Payout screen.
It is the character owls that pay out the meaty wins. The Party owl is the blue owl with large eyes. He is informing you that the game is what a hoot. If you have 5 of the party owls in one of the configuration of the winning pay lines, you have won the huge jackpot of 5000 multiplied by the nominated coin size.
This video slots online game is easy to play and anyone can start playing irrespective of their bank rolls. The minimum bet can be as small as 0.25. If you want to play big, then you can bet as much as $5 across nine lines totaling to $45. This will give you a big win of $25000 if you happen to hit the jackpot. With a meager investment, you can really win loads.
This online video slots game has wild and scatter symbols also. The wild symbol I What a hoot game is the Oak. This symbol has an important role to play in this game. It has the capacity to substitute other game symbols and help in making winning combinations complete. It is an alternative for lacking symbols in this game. The scatter symbol of what a hoot is the Magic Jag. This can appear in the reels in any position. So it is quite special. It can pay on its own on the active lines. The scatter win is $2,250 maximum.

What a hoot: Theme and Graphics

What a hoot is an adventurous game. It is set in the forest environment. Owls dominate the theme of this video slots online game. You will be able to hear the eerie sounds of the forest. You also get hooted at each time you win. This game what a hoot has cool designs, superior quality graphics, the symbols have been made attractive with bright colors.

What a hoot : Jackpot

This online video slots game offers various coin denominations wherefrom you can choose. Depending on the state of affairs, you can with ease increase or decrease them$0.25,$0.50,$1.00,$2.00,$5.00 . the minimum bet is $2.25 and the maximum one is $45.00 . If you play the maximum bet, you might be lucky enough to win any one of the following jackpots:
• Highest jackpot is of 5,000 coins or $25,000 for 5 of What a hoot symbols
• Second jackpot is 800 coins or $4,000 for 4 of what a hoot symbols
• Third jackpot is 600 coins or $3,000 for 5 Red Owl symbols.
What a hoot: bonuses, free spins , multiplier
There are extras in this microgaming video slots onlinegame apart from the pay line wins. This feature makes this game worth playing and extremely interesting. The wild symbols can take the place of other symbols and can assist in creating winning combinations. If a helpful wild symbol lands in any of the reels, you will notice a naughty owl blinking at you from the back of the wild word. There are scatter symbols along with the wild symbols. You need three or more than three on the entire screen to win. All depends on the number of scatter symbols you land on the screen. You win is then calculated by multiplying your total bet by two , ten or fifty. This is then added on to some other winning line you might have achieved in that particular spin round.
The video slots online game What a hoot is an exhilarating game. You will love it after you have played it. The forest atmosphere will be there in your own home. Owls are known to be wise. Take advantage of their wisdom to win mega jackpots. In this game the owls are everything. They are at the helm of affairs. Pay attention to their advice, you will soon be rich and prosperous.
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