What on Earth

What on Earth is pure gaming fun on Video Slots Online. Join the gaming excitement at Microgaming Video Slots Online, to enliven your money buds!

Play What on Earth, and just be Rich!

Microgaming gets you yet another exciting space jam aptly called as What on Earth in the video online slots domain. The game is built on the backdrop of an outer space, wherein you will find several interesting characters in form of rockets, spaceships, and even policemen and gangsters! This sturdy online video slots bonanza features 9 paylines, 5reels to offer you a descent jackpot of 7,500 coins! What on Earth makes you an exciting offer by lowering down the number of complete winning combinations in the game. By doing so, What on Earth offers you much more chance of winnings than ever before. All you have to do is to have fun, while raking in lots of money availed by the game’s unique gameplay options!

What on Earth: Rules

What on Earth can be played free for fun, or you can play it in real time, to rake in loads of cash! Cash denominations required to play this video online slots game is within budget of all the game addicts of Microgaming software. What on Earth allows you per line bets ranging from $0.01 to $1.00. Moreover, you can bet up to 5 coins for each enabled payline. Your maximum bet per spin here is $45.00 per spin, while 0.01 can be your minimum bet, in case you prefer a safer mode of experiencing fun. You can avail its ‘AutoPlay’ option, in case you prefer to automate your spins. All you have to do is, choose your coins for play, as well as the payline number of bets, so as to launch this function. What on Earth displays extremely fluent and easy rules. As aforesaid, you can play lines ranging from 1 to 9. In case of more than one combinations appearing on more than one paylines, your payout would be denoted by the highest win. The pay table incorporated in the gaming interface will be the reference parameter to deduce your winning combinations. The scatter symbols can be scattered anywhere on the reels, without any necessity to make appearance on a specific enabled payline. Excepting the scatter symbols in the game, all other symbols choose the left to right pattern, while making payouts. The payout wins will also contain any other wins from the games bonus or scatter symbols. Most importantly, this game is fully secured from intrusions and very high on safety levels. So be at your best and enjoy this moment of playing for maximum cash!

What on Earth: Game Play

The game contains, wildcard symbols, scatter symbols, and all such ingredients and top features required to make this game an entertainment blockbuster! To keep it simple, this game chooses the What on Earth symbol to depict the wildcard symbol in the game. In completing a winning combination, What on Earth can replace any other symbol. Excepting the scatter symbols, the What on Earth logo can give you the win, by replacing other normal symbols of the game. For instance, the Rocket symbol, the Shuttle symbol, and the Saucer symbol, which are the game’s scatter symbols, cannot be substituted by the What on Earth symbol. Scatter symbol winnings to you is the total number of credits betted by you, times the denomination of each scatter symbol, as depicted in the payout table. Scatter symbols trigger the game’s bonus feature, which in turn enhances the size of your winnings!
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What on Earth: Themes and Graphics

As the name suggests, What on Earth is space oriented. The characters sync well with the theme, which garners more fun into the game. The graphics do a great job at detailing. Being space oriented, it could completely fizzle out devoid of good graphics. However, an extraordinary interpretation of graphics in the game makes it a sheer pleasure to watch. The soundtrack aptly gel with the graphics, so as to get a better feel of the outer space. However, you can turn off the sound if you want to enjoy the game without any sound.

What on Earth: Jackpot

What on Earth offers the highest jackpot of 7,500 coins. 1,000 coins being the second highest payout you could get from this spacey entertainer! Your coin size in playing this game could range from $0.01 to $1.00 per bet for each payline. For each spin you could play a maximum bet of $45. The game suits all types of player for winning money. Whether you happen to be an aggressive player or whether you like to play the game conservatively, this game will satisfy you optimally!

What on Earth: Bonus Rounds

What on Earth activates its Beam ’em Up Bonus Feature when the scatter symbols, namely 3 Saucers or Shuttles make an appearance anywhere on reels 4, 3 or 5. Similarly when the reels 3, 4 or 5 of the game depict 3 or more than 3 Rocket symbols, Beam ’em Up Bonus Feature activates. A multiplier value can be assigned to you if in the Beam ’em Up Bonus Feature, you are successful in choosing the right ‘Alien.’ You shall be represented by this very ‘Alien’ that you have just selected in the game’s Contest Bonus Feature. If the ‘Alien’ beams up a Global symbol, Destination Bonus game gets triggered. All the values that would be your winnings from the respective bonus games are systematically presented in the payout table. There also exists a multiplier table, in which shows you the winnings obtained by you for the appropriate combinations completed.
The game comes free as well as for the purpose of providing you cash benefits. However, you have to get yourself initially registered at Microgaming Video Slots Online, after which you can enjoy the game at your fullest by logging-in anytime you want. So get yourself readied for the launch of your lifetime, which will certainly garner you a hefty load of money!