Wheel of Wealth

Wheel of Wealth is no doubt noted among the best online casino games introduced in recent days. This online video slots game has received high ratings and excellent reviews from the experts for its features as well as theme design. If you are looking for an online slot game that can really test your casino luck as well as casino skills, you can surely try your hands on this one.

Wheel your Way to a Whopping Fortune!

Wheel of wealth has received immense popularity among the online casino game lovers. Since its introduction of the game in the online casino world, the game has caught an immense craze for new players as well as the veteran players of the game. The Wheel of Wealth is available on the Microgaming platform, which is undoubtedly a leading name in this field. This Microgaming video slots online game comes with five reels. However, compared to other five reel online slots games, like Retro Reels and Reels Thunder, it has twenty five paylines. Reels Thunder, another popular online five reels slot game has nine paylines and Retro Reels has five paylines. Yet, they are also exciting and engaging like the Wheel of Wealth.
The Wheel of Wealth although one of the most popular slots games available on the internet these days, the rules of the game are really interesting and also quite simple. Therefore, one can easily get a complete understanding of the game without much effort. The symbols can be identified at ease, which makes it easier for the players to place their bet. The game allows a maximum bet amount of two hundred and fifty coins. Therefore, there is no risk of losing a great lump sum in a single spin. Unlike the Reel Thunder game, this online video slots game has bonus features too. If someone tries out his luck in the bonus game and secures a win, he can easily hit a payout of 10, 000 coins too.
The masterminds, who have designed the Wheel of Wealth game, have taken care to make sure that the game gives players, the real feel of the casino house. This Microgaming video slots online game is supported with a chat facility so that the players can interact with one another while playing the game. Yet, if someone gets distracted with the chatting facilities of the game, he may not use it. For veterans of the game, spinning the wheel of luck and chatting with fellow players is never very tough.

Wheel of Wealth: Rules

The video slots online game, Wheel of Wealth has been designed on the popular television show with the same name. Available on the Microgaming platform, the game offers a minimum coin size of 0.01 for placing bets while the maximum coin size is 0.50. One can place maximum bet of 250, which makes it a good choice for the veteran players of the game, who are interested in rolling a higher amount of money to hit the jackpot total.
Someone who has just been introduced to the Wheel of Wealth game needs to know that the bonus feature of the game is the most power-packed feature of the game and by concentrating on it, one can easily win during a spin. However, one should note that the base game and the bonus Wheel of Fortune features are completely different, except for the need of hitting the appropriate combination to activate the bonus round of the game.
The activating system of the bonus spin might not be same for all slot machines and one should check out the rules clearly for hitting the right combination. The rules of the game are available on all online gaming sites offering Wheel of Wealth. Therefore, someone who is new to the game or is confused with the rules of the game can check it out before playing.

Wheel of Wealth: Game Play

Wheel of Wealth has different versions and once after selecting the game, players will be transferred to rooms that are full of fellow players engaged on that particular slot game. The players not only have the chance to win a spin but also have the chance of hitting the bonuses. Learning the tricks of the game and applying it bang on time is necessary but most of the factors related to the win are based on the wheel of luck. The online video slots game is available for players across the globe and one can interact with fellow players at ease while playing the game.

Wheel of Wealth: Themes and Graphics

Though the theme of the game and the graphics used for making the symbols are not distinctly apart from the other online video slots game of these days, the bonus spin deserves mention. The chat facility introduced in the theme is also a noteworthy factor.

Wheel of Wealth: Jackpot

The online slots game, Wheel of Wealth offers a jackpot amount of 10000, which is reason enough for the immense craze of veteran casino players. Yet, compared to Retro Reels, the jackpot amount is a little less. The second Jackpot 10000 amount of the game is also quite high and is set to 1000. Therefore, even if someone fails to hit the first jackpot, he can try out his luck on the lesser one.

Wheel of Wealth: Free Spins, Bonuses and 3x Multiplier

The game, Wheel of Wealth can be played with adjustable speeds, which is not available in many other slot games of these days. Not only that but also the adjustable speed feature makes it easier for the players to select the spinning momentum depending on their skills at the game. The game also offers auto play features for enhancing the excitement and thrill of the game. The free spins and bonus multiplier features of the game is a reason good enough for attracting more players than many other online slot games. If someone is interested to try out his luck on the Wheel of Wealth, he should visit an authentic gaming portal offering this video slots online game.