Winning Wizards

Play Winning Wizards to master new ways of winning at Video Slots Online. Enjoy the new range of Microgaming Video Slots Online to render you fun and provide you lots of money!

Play Winning Wizards, to discover your winning ways!

Winning Wizards comes from the gaming paradise of Microgaming, in the domain of online video slots. Winning Wizards is sure to take you on a trip to a different magical world, you have never experience before. This game offers you 5 paylines, 5 reels, to provide you the ultimate satisfaction in making more money! Online video slots having just 5 paylines is a sure win-win scenario for any slot game addicts. Likewise, the aura of this game being magical makes it a gaming pleasure. Coin denominations come in different sizes ranging from $0.25, to $5.00. The game provides you a maximum bet of 5 coins. The highest bet you can enjoy making is $25, whereas to be in a conservative mode, you can also make a minimum bet of $1.25. This game has one of the highest winning combinations in all the video slots online games.

Winning Wizards: Rules

There are no wild card symbols in the game. However, with only 5 paylines in the offering, what more can one ask for? Unlike all the other Microgaming slot machine software, Winning Wizards is unique in its mode of operation. In other words, this game not only pays you wins from left to right, but also avails you wins for right to left patterns. Without any stringent rules or criteria to be followed, this game is sure to entertain you with loads of money! You can also use the game’s ‘AutoPlay’ feature if you do not wish to use the game features. Moreover, any queries regarding your payout can be looked into the payout table, at the bottom of the gaming interface. There are nine prominent Wining Wizards symbols, which will guide you in winning the money you have always wanted!

Winning Wizards: Game Play

Winning Wizards is a unique inclusion in the domain of video slots online, rendering you the best value in entertainment along with an authentic insight into the world of the paranormal. Winning Wizards is embodied with certain unique features, offering you awesome fun and great prizes. In this game, you are enabled another payline in return of every coin that you play in this game. The symbol combinations on each enabled payline gets automatically checked by the computer, on halting of the reels. The enabled paylines which depict the appropriate winning combinations, in tandem with the pay table, dictates the win payout ought to be made to you! You just have to select your cash denominations and the Winning Wizards interface will provide you your winnings. Also, if you wish to change your denomination anytime in between your game play, all you have to do is to press ‘+’ or ‘-‘, as per your desire. It is optimal if you use ‘BET ONE’ to enable you to choose between one and five coins. However, ‘BET MAX’ could be used in case you are sure about your betting amounts, and also when you wish to play the maximum betting amount each time.
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Winning Wizards: Themes and Graphics

The theme associated with this game is magic. Display of symbols such as a ring, blue potion, spell book, magic staff, the wizard, are all matching the game’s ambience. Even the faces of the card deck in gold lettering is attractively done. Moreover, the graphics are very well done, in exactly similar manner as being interpreted in every other Microgaming casino slot. The animations of the ring glinting, and the magic rod glowing, are simply superb. Sound effects are very well adapted to the theme. In a nutshell, the games graphics as well as theme are well portrayed.

Winning Wizards: Jackpot

Winning Wizards renders you higher chances of receiving payout. This game pays you wins from left to right as well as from right to left, providing you 29 winning combinations in total! The main highlight of this game is its huge jackpot. Winning Wizards allows you to win $50,000 on a mere bet of $5. Apart from its jackpot, you can receive payout of 5,000 coins when five wizard symbols appear on the enabled payline. Similarly, for five rings, you can get a payout of 1,000 coins; and for five magic books get ready to be rewarded 2,500 coins; all in all, a profitable scenario.

Winning Wizards: Features

Although there are no scatter symbols or any free spins in Winning Wizards, the game makes up its loss comfortably by a high-end portrayal of a magical kingdom in the game. The depiction of magic by itself is the highlight of the game’s features. The aura surrounding the game is simply ecstatic! More so, the paranormal ambience fits them to perfection. The best features in Winning Wizards are mostly non-tangible. However, in my opinion, the game’s simplicity coupled with easy to be followed instructions, are its most outstanding features. The AutoPlay and Quick Spin features render you the convenience needed in executing its game play. The game has all the ingredients of a Microgaming online slots game, which include high level of safety and security for you to play this game for fun as well as for cash, in real time!
Winning Wizards is a class act! Winning Wizards provides you with tension-free simple instructions, with which you can enjoy the game much better. Moreover, it includes a much lesser requirement of winning combinations, which in fact gives you a higher chance of winnings. To play this magical wonder, all you have to do is get registered at Microgaming Video Slots Online. After you do that, you can log-in and start playing this amazing game so as to get entertained as well as to make loads of money!